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The Legend of Zhen Huan: Full OST!

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I decided to put a Ling Rong picture for the featured image since she is the most talented singer out of all of the concubines!  In case you haven’t noticed, most of the songs from the Legend of Zhen Huan’s soundtrack that are available online are not that good quality, and it is kinda hard to find the songs with English titles.  Thankfully a kind soul uploaded the entire soundtrack in pretty good quality!

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The Legend of Zhen Huan: Eps 45-52

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Before I sat down and watched these 8 episodes all the way through (rather than just skimming through), I thought that they would be really draggy and boring, because it’s more about events that happen outside of the Forbidden City.  However I was pleasantly surprised to find that they are more interesting than I thought they would be, and it’s a nice change of pace for once.   It turns out that the nunnery/17th story arc was not all that bad, although I did find myself wanting to get back to the Inner Palace.

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The Legend of Zhen Huan: Eps 41-44

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So, I have seen the “major scenes” of these episodes before, and although I knew they were sad somehow they didn’t quite register with me.  I think I was in denial or something.  But for some reason, when I rewatched them, I just lost it.  Every freaking thing that happened, I was tearing up and crying.  Omg.  There are some parts that are slow, like the scenes about the emperor & his political ministers, but overall a lot of crap goes down in these episodes.  Definitely tons of must-watch scenes.

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