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Love Forward: Ep 10

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EPISODE 10.  IT’S EVERYTHING EPISODE 9 SHOULD’VE BEEN.  The break up in ep 9 wasn’t nearly as moving as it should’ve been, but episode 10 made up for it.  The “drunk breakup” in episode 9 wasn’t really necessary and obviously it didn’t keep Tian Ze from trying to rekindle his relationship with Jing Jing.  This is where the true fall out of Jing Jing’s decision begins.  So far Love Forward has done pretty well with its darker tone.  I think this is one of the most solid episodes so far. 

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Love Forward: Ep 9

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Episode 9 went into darker waters but still satisfied me because there were major developments in Jing Jing’s character and in Tian Ze/Jing Jing/Ren Wei’s relationships.  I’m still a bit iffy on whether Love Forward can handle being more angsty and less humorous, but so far it’s been alright.  The thing is that everyone knew the breakup was coming so when it actually happened it didn’t have as much impact as it could’ve. 

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Love Forward: Ep 6-8

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The past few episodes of Love Forward have begun to tone down the humor a bit as we make our way into Jing Jing & Tian Ze’s REAL test of love.  Overall I felt like these episodes were not as fast-paced, but they did a good job of setting the groundwork for the big twist in ep9.  Again, not recapping, just reviewing.  For some reason I feel like my overall tone is kinda a downer in this post and I really don’t know why.  These episodes still had a lot of cute funny scenes but I guess after ep8, I’m focusing more on the darker side of the plot.

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Love Forward: Eps 3-5

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I marathoned Love Forward up to the latest episode yesterday. Love Forward is a pleasure to watch because it’s HILARIOUS.  There are a lot of scenes that try to be serious, but the scenes that really stuck with me are the funny ones.  I cracked up so many times throughout all of these episodes and I’m growing to like it more and more. I will be reviewing this drama, not recapping it.

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Love Forward: Ep 1

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I just started watching Love Forward, starring Amber Kuo, Chen Yi Rong, Tony Yang and….LEROY YOUNG!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH.  For most of you, this drama was probably on your radar mainly because of Amber Kuo, easily a recognizable name after the very memorable Invincible Shan Bao Mei.  But to me just Amber Kuo alone didn’t really persuade me to watch it.  Now that I know LEROY YOUNG (from Who’s the One) is in it, I’ll definitely watch. (at least the first few episodes to see where it’s headed..)


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