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Love Forward: Ep 10

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EPISODE 10.  IT’S EVERYTHING EPISODE 9 SHOULD’VE BEEN.  The break up in ep 9 wasn’t nearly as moving as it should’ve been, but episode 10 made up for it.  The “drunk breakup” in episode 9 wasn’t really necessary and obviously it didn’t keep Tian Ze from trying to rekindle his relationship with Jing Jing.  This is where the true fall out of Jing Jing’s decision begins.  So far Love Forward has done pretty well with its darker tone.  I think this is one of the most solid episodes so far. 

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Love Forward: Eps 3-5

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I marathoned Love Forward up to the latest episode yesterday. Love Forward is a pleasure to watch because it’s HILARIOUS.  There are a lot of scenes that try to be serious, but the scenes that really stuck with me are the funny ones.  I cracked up so many times throughout all of these episodes and I’m growing to like it more and more. I will be reviewing this drama, not recapping it.

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