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Soldier: Ep 24

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After posting about episodes 21-23, I watched episode 24.  This is the first time I’ve posted on only a single episode of Soldier…I just could not wait to post about it.  This episode definitely picked up the pace again with a great twist at the end, MORE awesome character development, everything I could want..

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Soldier: Eps 17-20

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Soldier has gotten so good that I seriously wanted to just plow right through episode 21 and include it in this post.  Even 20 episodes in, Soldier continues to be a solid drama.  I’ve probably used this word in every post about Soldier but…it is just epic.  There’s no other word to describe it.  After episodes 17 and 18, we get into the real meat of the drama–it’s not called God of War for nothing.  After several episodes of setting up the tensions between the Mongols & Goryeo, the Mongol invasion finally goes into full swing. 

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Soldier: Eps 11-16

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Ahhhh Soldier.  Every time, this drama makes me glad that I decided to watch it.  It is SO GOOD.  Soldier may not be that instant hit that has hordes of loyal followers even before it starts airing.  But this is the kind of drama that gets you right in the gut because it’s so full of awesomeness, heart, and a few doses of reality all at the same time. 

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Soldier: Ep 1-2

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Do not watch this if you cannot handle the following: torture, war, separation, crushed worlds, angst, slavery, oppression, and anything else that is painful.

This is a bleak, stark drama if I ever saw one.  I’m not into sageuks much, and the only one I saw was a fusion sageuk, CHUNO!  Surprisingly, Soldier tops all the sadness and tragedy in all of Chuno’s 24 episodes in just ONE EPISODE.  To make it even more daunting, it’s 70 episodes long.  I don’t even know if I can take this for 70 episodes.  However, Soldier (also known as God of War) is high quality with great acting and a great hero.  It has a lot of GRIT because it just thrusts you out into the cold cruel world of slavery and oppression. 

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