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SOP Queen: Eps 8-13

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I actually dropped SOP Queen a long time ago, but I’m picking it back up because I really need a cute rom-com to brighten up my day.  I was worried that SOP Queen would get draggy in the later half, but up until episode 13 it is still fresh and fun.  I would definitely recommend episode 13 because Ming Dao’s character is a riot!

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SOP Queen: Eps 1-3

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Honestly I didn’t have high expectations for SOP Queen (aka Queen of SOP) despite the awesome trailer.  All too often I think a drama’s gonna be really good but it ends up sucking.  So this time I was trying not to get my hopes up and I doubted that SOP Queen would deliver.  BUT THANK GOODNESS, I WAS WRONG.  I LOVE IT.  It’s fresh & quirky, and full of fun characters that don’t seem larger than life.  Surprisingly SOP Queen offers a great balance between life & romance, cliches and reality. 

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SOP Queen: Trailer

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So, for those of you who took one look at the lame promo poster for SOP Queen (or Queen of SOP), scoffed, and never took one look at it again like I did, THINK AGAIN.  I wasn’t interested at all in SOP Queen, which is another Chen Qiao En drama.  Ugh.  BUT JUST WATCH THE TRAILER..I think I’m hooked already!!  Just how many male leads are there!?!?!? 

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