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  • Dear heisui, I notice you have not reviewed the Korean series ‘My Love From the Stars’, now, the following advice is only for your own good:

    YOU HAVE GOT TO WATCH ‘MY LOVE FROM THE STARS’ or ‘You Who Come From the Stars’ (these asian dramas have so many names, one is enough, jeez). It’s as good as people say it is!!

    At first, I was skeptical and delayed watching it, thinking it was a typical romantic comedy, but, there is the drama too… and it’s… T_T The comedy is, without a doubt, hilarious, the romance is not bad. There is an issue with a the damn male lead holding back his feelings, but it’s not nearly as annoying as it usually is in other dramas, and it’s what makes the show funny, until things get serious.

    If you can get over the male lead’s Justin Bieber hairstyle, you should be able to enjoy it as much as I did. The male lead has quite the manly voice, so that should help, at least, that’s what made me forget about the hair hehehehe

  • Hi Heisui. I know how you’re Legend of Zhen Huan obsessed, so I wanted to suggest a few dramas that might be similar to that of the schemes in lzh. I wouldn’t say they are better or at the same level as lzh but they are individually good and similar to that of lzh.

    Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love (Korean) – The retelling of the story behind the scheming temptress known as Jang Hee Bin (Jang Ok Jung). Jang Ok Jung born with a slave background becomes the emperor’s concubine and must fight through the trials of the inner palace because of her background.

    The Moon Embraces the Sun (Korean) – A story of a girl who has her title as ‘Crown Princess’ stolen from her by another girl who covets the seat.

    Curse of the Royal Harem (Hong Kong) – A story of a prince’s consort who becomes the emperor’s concubine and enters the imperial harem. This drama is similar to that of lzh, examples being both in the Qing Dynasty, an empress who schemes against this new concubine, old friends who become new enemies, but now even the Empress Dowager plays a huge role in these schemes.

    Beyond the Realm of Conscience (Hong Kong) – A story of the schemes in the palace. These include schemes between palace maids for a higher rank and even includes power struggles for the throne and ALSO concubine schemings

    All of these are actually on Dramafever hehe

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