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Sometimes writing reviews of dramas isn’t enough.  There’s more to be said aside from just analyzing a drama.  Heisui’s Thoughts is a series in which I personally reflect on various drama-related topics.  I write about everything from drama-blogging to existential drama crises.  Below are all of the Heisui’s Thoughts posts, listed in chronological order:

  1. To All the Lurkers
  2. On the search for the perfect theme
  3. Wait…just why am I drama-blogging again?
  4. Drama Slang
  5. Watching frustrating dramas all for the sake of a favorite OTP, character, actor, or actress.
  6. The dramas I won’t shut up about
  7. Where are you from? (And of course, where am I from?)
  8. The Time it Takes to Drama Blog & the Drama-blogging Process
  9. Negativity in dramas – how much is too much?
  10. Happy Holidays & Looking Back on 2013
  11. The Dreaded Drama Slump (that I have to stop talking about)
  12. Confession–I know nothing about cinematography
  13. Escapism & Dramas
  14. Less (Dramas) is More
  15. Drama-Blogging Tips
  16. My Old Cringe-worthy Posts
  17. Drama-blogging Writer’s Block
  18. Social Media for Dramas / I Got a Twitter
  19. Thank you, D-addicts!
  20. Drama-blogging: What it takes to self-host + tips on how to find a host
  21. Why aren’t there many guy Asian drama fans?
  22. How I First Started Watching Dramas
  23. How to get Connected to the Asian Drama Community
  24. I Wonder…
  25. 10 Acts of Kindness for the Drama Fan
  26. Drama Detox: Signs that your drama addiction has gone too far
  27. 10 Questions to Reflect on Your Year in Dramas 2015
  28. Would I ever stop drama blogging? Is it worth it?
  29. 10 Asian Drama Resolutions for 2017


About Heisui’s Favorites

I have just started this section, so it will take me a while to accumulate some posts.  Basically, I am trying to compile my “favorites,” which mainly focuses on my favorite actresses & actors.  Also, for my favorite actresses/actors posts, I am trying to focus more on the less well-known ones for now.

Favorite Dramas

Favorite Actresses

Favorite Actors

Blogging takes hours, commenting takes minutes. Thanks for your comment.

What’s New?

-Quartet ep4: Seems like the drama is focusing on one character's story in each episode. Now that we've gotten to see each main character's background story, I wonder what direction the drama will take. Each episode leaves me still impressed with each lead actor...seriously. Matsuda Ryuhei is 100% Beppu here. I even forget that Beppu is acted by Matsuda Ryuhei when watching his character!

-Kamenashi Kazuya, Kimura Fumino, and Yamashita Tomohisa will be starring in an upcoming spring jdrama called Boku, Unmei no Hito desu. Kamenashi and Yamashita are reuniting again, after their popular roles in the high school drama Nobuta wo Produce.

-EVERYONE. I highly recommend watching the Taiwanese romance movie Our Times, starring Vivian Sung, Dino Lee, and Darren Wang. It is TOOOOO GOOD. It's your usual high school-first-love-story but it does it SO WELL. GOOO WATCH IT.

-On an indefinite hiatus.

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