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Tiger Cubs: Eps 10-13 (Finale)

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What in the world happened to Tiger Cubs?  I really wanted it to get its act together but unfortunately it couldn’t save itself on the final stretch.  If you haven’t watched through all the last four episodes yet, I’d advise you to pick and choose which parts you REALLY want to see. (i.e. I loved Man Keung’s episode) It will save you a lot of pain.  And I mean A LOT.  That being said, I don’t really regret watching TC because, despite its flaws, it was full of awesome characters and I really love the team bond in the SDU.

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Tiger Cubs: Eps 6-9

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I powered through these four episodes in one day but unfortunately the feeling I got afterwards wasn’t “Oh wow that was epic” was more like, “what did I just watch?”.  I REALLY don’t want Tiger Cubs to go this route but unfortunately these last few episodes have been all over the place.  Hopefully Tiger Cubs will get its act together and focus more on its strengths *cough* BROMANCE *cough* and less on cheesy cases.

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Tiger Cubs: Eps 4-5

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Since demand for Tiger Cubs has been so high, they switched to airing two episodes per weekend!  I thought this meant they simply split up each episode into 2 episodes, but it seems that’s not the case since episodes 4 and 5 are around the same length.  Meaning we pretty much get double Tiger Cubs per week!!!!! YESSSS!!

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Tiger Cubs: Ep 3

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I’m still loving Tiger Cubs, especially now that the love triangle..or soon to be love square is almost established.  My favorite characters are Chun Hin and Chuk Yeun, sorry Hon Tou!!!  Also this is the episode where Man Keung (Mandy Wong) gets a bigger role!!! And she’s AWESOME! 

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