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Keizoku 2: SPEC – Special and Movie Trailers

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2012 is really THE year for movies, not just in America, but also in Japan and China. (will post about an anticipated C-movie later..)  There will be a sequel to SPEC with a special (airing in April) and an upcoming MOVIE!!!  It’s no surprise that there’s a movie because there was a little snippet at the end of SPEC that blatantly hinted at it.  Toda Erika & Kase Ryo are back for more SPEC!!

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Anticipated Jdramas: Winter 2012 Edition

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This last autumn/winter season of 2011 was an absolute bore for jdramas, with the exception of DOCTORS.  Last year I at least had some dramas to look forward to, like BOSS 2 and JIN 2.  But this year there’s nothing that’s really standing out yet.  The only thing I’m rabidly waiting for is the live action Rurouni Kenshin movie, which will be released this summer.

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