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Anticipated c-dramas & tw-dramas: fall/winter 2012-2013 TBA

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 Most of these dramas’ broadcasting dates have yet to be announced, so I just put these all together in a post since I have no clue when they’re airing.  However the cast & synopses of these dramas are AWESOME and I have reason to be expecting something from the upcoming c-drama and tw-drama seasons!  Have any c-dramas or tw-dramas that you’re looking forward to that I missed?  Let me know!

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SOP Queen: Trailer

Chinese DramasDrama News / Upcoming Dramas

So, for those of you who took one look at the lame promo poster for SOP Queen (or Queen of SOP), scoffed, and never took one look at it again like I did, THINK AGAIN.  I wasn’t interested at all in SOP Queen, which is another Chen Qiao En drama.  Ugh.  BUT JUST WATCH THE TRAILER..I think I’m hooked already!!  Just how many male leads are there!?!?!? 

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