• Jdrama weblog: A popular and informative blog that provides synopses and upcoming drama descriptions.
  • Psycho Drama: Focuses on Japanese films, actors, and dramas.
  • Drama Mochi: A relatively new jdrama blog.  I especially enjoy the first impressions posts about multiple jdramas.


  • Cfensi: A must-follow for Chinese entertainment fans.
  • Drama for Real: Covers Chinese, Taiwanese, and HK dramas & movies.  Does both recaps & reviews.
  • Jayne Stars: A great source for HK and mainland Chinese entertainment news.
  • Jole Cole’s Station: A great site that has frequent updates on upcoming dramas, synopses for airing/past dramas, etc.
  • Drama Panda


  • A Fairytale World: HK dramas, tw-dramas, and c-dramas.  A wonderful combination.  I put this under tw-dramas because this blog is my main stop for them!
  • Dramapot: Mainly focuses on tw-dramas, along with a few HK and c-dramas!
  • Give Me Dramas: Lots of tw-dramas!
  • Obsessions of Line: Reviews current tw-dramas, translates previews, and shares Taiwanese entertainment news.


  • The Talking Cupboard: Always has gorgeous photoshoots of Korean actors/models.  Also recaps k-dramas, and has an occasional post on Korean culture.  Has the best informative posts about Korean traditional clothing & history too!!
  • Korean Variety Recaps

A little bit of everything

  • Asian Addicts Anonymous: K-dramas/J-dramas, and some tw-dramas.  Also covers some anime, manga, video games.  A diverse blog.
  • Orange Jasmine Purple Yam: Often talks about the experience of being a fangirl.  Also has interesting posts on Asian pop culture.

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