• Jdrama weblog: A popular and informative blog that provides synopses and upcoming drama descriptions.
  • Otherwhere: Japanese film reviews, news, and trailers.
  • Psycho Drama: Focuses on Japanese films, actors, and dramas.
  • Drama Mochi: A relatively new jdrama blog.  I especially enjoy the first impressions posts about multiple jdramas.


  • Cfensi: A must-follow for Chinese entertainment fans.
  • Drama for Real: Covers Chinese, Taiwanese, and HK dramas & movies.  Does both recaps & reviews.
  • Jayne Stars: A great source for HK and mainland Chinese entertainment news.
  • Jole Cole’s Station: A great site that has frequent updates on upcoming dramas, synopses for airing/past dramas, etc.


  • A Fairytale World: HK dramas, tw-dramas, and c-dramas.  A wonderful combination.  I put this under tw-dramas because this blog is my main stop for them!
  • Dramapot: Mainly focuses on tw-dramas, along with a few HK and c-dramas!
  • Give Me Dramas: Lots of tw-dramas!
  • Obsessions of Line: Reviews current tw-dramas, translates previews, and shares Taiwanese entertainment news.


Obviously there are myriads of k-drama blogs, but I only listed one that I actually follow here on wordpress.  O_O

  • The Talking Cupboard: Always has gorgeous photoshoots of Korean actors/models.  Also recaps k-dramas, and has an occasional post on Korean culture.  Has the best informative posts about Korean traditional clothing & history too!!


  • Asian Addicts Anonymous: K-dramas/J-dramas, and some tw-dramas.  Also covers some anime, manga, video games.  A diverse blog.
  • Orange Jasmine Purple Yam: Often talks about the experience of being a fangirl.  Also has interesting posts on Asian pop culture.

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What’s New?

-Quartet ep4: Seems like the drama is focusing on one character's story in each episode. Now that we've gotten to see each main character's background story, I wonder what direction the drama will take. Each episode leaves me still impressed with each lead actor...seriously. Matsuda Ryuhei is 100% Beppu here. I even forget that Beppu is acted by Matsuda Ryuhei when watching his character!

-Kamenashi Kazuya, Kimura Fumino, and Yamashita Tomohisa will be starring in an upcoming spring jdrama called Boku, Unmei no Hito desu. Kamenashi and Yamashita are reuniting again, after their popular roles in the high school drama Nobuta wo Produce.

-EVERYONE. I highly recommend watching the Taiwanese romance movie Our Times, starring Vivian Sung, Dino Lee, and Darren Wang. It is TOOOOO GOOD. It's your usual high school-first-love-story but it does it SO WELL. GOOO WATCH IT.

-On an indefinite hiatus.

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