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After over half a year of set-backs, the period c-drama Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace (Ruyi Zhuan; Legend of Ruyi) is finally set to air this summer.  Viewers can tune in to Ruyi starting from August 20, 2018.  The drama will air Mondays through Thursdays online.  Ruyi was originally slated to air in the winter season of 2017-2018, but was postponed due to broadcasting restrictions.  Fan Bing Bing’s period drama Win the World filled up the quota of period c-drama airing time, thus making Ruyi unable to air. Needless to say, I was incredibly disappointed and spent half a year lurking online searching for news of Ruyi‘s revival.  😛  Boasting a star-studded cast including Zhou Xun, Wallace Huo, and Janine Chang, and the production team behind Legend of Zhen Huan, Ruyi could possibly be the next c-drama to take China by storm.  I have my fingers crossed that the drama will deliver!

Official Teaser (English Subs)

Extended teaser

This extended teaser combines all of the clips that have been released so far.

And lastly, here’s a magazine photoshoot that the Ruyi cast did a while back to tide you over:

Source: Jaynestars, JNNC News

Update: Air date changed from 8/14 to 8/20.


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Over half a year later…
Ruyi Drops Official MV and New Trailer
  • I am really looking forward to it!! I hope it will be available with English subtitles on Viki or Dramafever. I’ve been wanting to watch Zhen Huan Zhuan again, but other than the Netflix version, it’s impossible to find with subtitles.

    BTW, Heisui, I recently read your review of the first episodes of Princess Wei Young, and I was surprised to see that you didn’t like it that much. It’s one of my favorite dramas – maybe because I like Tiffany Tang so much, but I thought the acting and story were really good. I recently learned that (like Zhen Huan) it’s also based on real historical characters. The Tuoba family were the rulers of the Wei kingdom, and they did conquer the Northern Liang kingdom. The eunuch Zong Ai actually did kill the emperor of the Wei kingdom, and both Tuoba Yu and Tuoba Jun were emperors of the Wei Kingdom. Of course, the Wei Young story is much different than the history, but the real history is pretty interesting as well!

    • I am looking forward to it too. Lately I’ve been rewatching ZH to reminisce.

      Hm I started out pretty into Princess Wei Young but then I got tired of it quickly. It’s great that the story is connected to history. Recently I checked out Legend of Mi Yue and I liked how it connected to history too!

    • On youtube you can find Zhen huan with eng sub (CC) though the translation isnt always consistent with rank names. About 90% is translated, but sometimes a bit modernized

  • Thank you so much, Heisui for information on Ruyi… Hopefully I can find it subtitled someday. Also, thank you, Peter Young, for the information on Princess Wei Young. One reason I loved Nothing Gold Can Stay with Sun Li is that it is based on an actual historical character. I learned a lot about the end of the Qing and the beginning of the modern period and Empress Dowager Cixi and the last emperor…

    • No problem. Lately I feel like there are a lot of cdramas about extraordinary historical figures, though I don’t know how accurate they are. I love watching period dramas to get a sense of how things were back in those times.

  • Hi Heisui, what are your thoughts on the Story of Yanxi Palace? I quite like it so far, but am also interested to see how Ruyi will have a different take on the Qianlong Emperor’s reign. We’ve all waited far too long!

  • Confirmed international release on 20 August. Via Fox in the USA, local tvs in Asia snd you tubes on Australia, New Zealand… not about Europe. Waiting for official trailer and theme songs by Ah Mei and Sandy Lam.

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