5 Anticipated Period C-dramas 2017: Part I

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Including: Nothing Gold Can Stay, The Wind Blows in Changlin, Rise of Phoenixes, Win the World, and Lost Love in Times

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Nothing Gold Can Stay

Original Title:

Na Nian Hua Kai Yue Zheng Yuan, That Year the Flower Blooms the Moon is Full


Historical, period, Qing Dynasty, romance

Notable Cast Members:

Sun Li & Chen Xiao (leads).  Myolie Wu, Niki Chow, Peter Ho, Ren Zhong, Yu Hao Ming (supporting cast)

Predicted air date:

Sometime in 2017


I am a huge fan of Sun Li (Legend of Zhen Huan, Legend of Mi Yue), so I’ve been keeping an eye on Nothing Gold Can Stay.  What differentiates this drama is that it is about the silk trade, not about the harem or palace politics.  Sun Li plays the role of a silk merchant who takes over her husband’s family’s business and becomes the richest female merchant in the Qing Dynasty.  It seems that there will be some romance involved, with Chen Xiao starring as the male lead and Peter Ho as a supporting actor.  However, I hope that the silk trade will be at the forefront of the story.  This drama has the opportunity to show off lots of pretty silk and demonstrate the struggles of trade during the Qing Dynasty–I hope it takes advantage of that rather than just turning it into a love story.  Nothing Gold Can Stay has an extensive, solid supporting cast, particularly with experienced Hong Kong actresses Niki Chow and Myolie Wu.

Rise of Phoenixes

Original Title:

Huang Quan Yi Tian Xia


Period, romance, novel adaptation, revenge

Notable Cast Members:

Ni Ni, Chen Kun


To start filming in 2017.  Predicted to air in 2018.


The reason I’m hyped up for Rise of Phoenixes is pure and simple: THE CAST!  I have been a big Ni Ni fan ever since I saw her in her debut role in Flowers of War…and I’m not entirely sure why.  I suppose it’s because of her charisma?  To make things even better, Ni Ni and Chen Kun are the OTP.  Can’t wait to see how their dynamics are together!  The story sounds intense because it’s about romance and revenge.  The character stills (shown above) with dark shadows and red colors match the theme of revenge really well.

Lost Love in Times

Original Title:

Drunken Exquisiteness, Zui Linglong


Romance, fantasy, period, novel adaptation

Notable Cast Members:

Liu Shi Shi (Bu Bu Jing Xin, Da Mo Yao), William Chan


Although my impression of Liu Shi Shi‘s acting has not improved throughout the years, I nonetheless keep on getting interested in her latest period cdramas.  Go figure.  Liu Shi Shi is back in an upcoming c-drama, this time a fantasy with some parallel universes and magic involved.  She is the royal sorceress who must protect the royal family.  A romance ensues with the 4th prince (William Chan).  No trailers have been released yet, so I’m curious to see how the CGI effects will be and whether they will come up with some creative magic powers for LSS.  The costumes look a bit questionable in some stills, particularly in terms of the hairstyles.  Apparently both Liu Shi Shi and William Chan will be singing a couple songs on the soundtrack as well.  Sounds like they are putting in a lot of manpower into this production with some big names–people who have worked on The Grandmaster, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, and more.  I am keeping my expectations at a minimum for this drama, but I am keen to watch the trailer and perhaps check out the first couple episodes.

The Wind Blows in Changlin (Nirvana in Fire Sequel/Spin-off)

Original Title:

Lang Ya Bang Zhi Feng Qi Chang Lin


Period, politics, romance

Notable Cast Members:

Huang Xiaoming,  Tong Liya, Liu Haoran,

Tentative Air Date:



Nirvana in Fire fans, does the fire still burn inside you?  You may be happy to know that there is a spin-off/sequel that may be airing this year, 2017!  It features some big names like Tong Liya and Huang Xiaoming, which are sure to draw a lot of fans. Unfortunately, for those who are hoping to fangirl over Hu Ge and Wang Kai, the original cast members are not in this sequel.  Instead, the story takes place 40 years after the ending in NIF and focuses on the two sons of Ting Sheng.  Apparently the first half of the drama will focus on the first son’s story (featuring Huang Xiaoming and Tong Liya) and the second half will focus on the other son’s story (featuring Liu Haoran).

I know that many people are either scared that this sequel will not live up to NIF, or hoping that it will be just as great as NIF. Considering that this does not have the original cast, nor most of the original characters, it cannot be expected to be just like NIF.  I suggest going in without too high expectations.  I hope that The Wind Blows in Changlin will have its own unique flavor and charm to it.

Win the World

Original Title:

Ying Tian Xia

Notable Cast Members:

Fan Bing Bing, Gao Yunxiang, Yan Kuan, Ma Su, Dylan Kuo


Period, romance, Qin Dynasty

Predicted air date:



Fan Bing Bing is back with another period c-drama, this time about the wealthiest woman of the Qin Dynasty (not to be confused with Qing Dynasty).  The main reason why I am looking forward to this drama is mainly for superficial reasons–I want to see the costumes!  😛  After the extravagance of Empress of China, I want to see if the costumes in this drama will match up to it or not.

So, that sums up my round-up of 5 upcoming period c-dramas that I’m interested in.  Of course, there are many more to be mentioned, but I’ll have to save that for another time.  😉  Let me know in the comments which c-dramas you’re looking forward to.  🙂

Sources: Wiki (1) / A Virtual Voyage / Cfensi (1) (2) / My Drama List (1)

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I'm heisui, an Asian drama blogger and the creator of My Drama Tea. I love stories and writing, so I watch dramas and blog. I especially have a penchant for Japanese and Chinese dramas, and those hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered. Oh, and I'm Legend of Zhen Huan-obsessed!
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  • I’m waiting for the same ones! Because of Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, I’m pretty much grasping at anything that features the cast like The King’s Woman and Liehuo Ruge:)

    Also curious about Tribes and Empires.. omg actually my list is very long actually I will stop here haha

  • I share the same feeling as you in regards to LSS. I think the reason why I have an unexplained interest in her period dramas is because of the love and adoration I have for Ruo Xi in BBJX, despite not being impressed with her inability to be convincing in almost every other period drama role. Ruo Xi somehow was perfect for her in my eyes and I still think it’s the best job she did because it seemed the most natural and it’s the persona that I see repeated in the roles she played in afterwards.

    I do hope to see Tribes & Empires in your next list because that looks E-P-I-C!

  • I’m here for Sun Li.

    I’m still waiting for a Historical C-drama to reach the levels of The Legend of Zhen Huan tbh especially in terms of the acting. Maybe I’ve been too spoilt by that drama but everything I’ve seen since is just so amateurish and cheesy.

    • Ooh so I totally watched only the Netflix shortened version of Zhen Huan so I can’t really speak to that… but I have to gush about Nothing Gold Can Stay. I blogged about it, so you can check out my thoughts on the drama on theunderratedgems.wordpress.com. But yea… props to Sun Li for leading by example because the whole cast (including the idol actors) got super good at acting in this show!

  • omg y’all, if y’all are not convinced shishi is a good actress, watch imperial doctress & sound of the desert. I think she did better in imperial doctress, you can see her acting has improved since scarlet heart bc even though ruoxi (scarlet heart) and yunxian (imperial doctress) have almost the same characteristics (calm, empress/concubine, not much facial expressions, often humiliated), shishi brought out yunxian alot more! (this is just my opinion btw) Also in sound of the desert, her character is a wild, bold and carefree one, but she knows how to plan and think for herself. So you can fairly judge bc now you’ve seen shishi as both calm & wild characters. If y’all still don’t think she’s a good actress, then why do y’all keep rooting for her in period dramas, if an actor/actress is bad, then I just lose my motivation to watch lol. Ok maybe this is just my opinion but I really think shishi is a good actress. 😀

  • Watching Love lost in Times. It’s ok… I’m watching it because it is subbed… Definitely waiting for Nothing Gold Can Say to be subbed. Many folks watching it raw say it’s so good that they are watching it raw!!

  • Heisui, miss your blog… come back soon yah? 😀

    Funny you should mention looking forward to costumes. I also love historical dramas, sometimes superficially, because of the glamorous fashions and headpieces/jewelry. Recent obsession was with Ha Jiwon’s Empress Ki, about a woman brought from korea to China in the yuan dynasty.

    Recently, I’ve been working on the launch of my hair accessories brand called Braided Babes Club… and I purposely made my 2nd month’s theme none other than.. inspired by royal women from historical dramas lol. I wrote the background story behind the theme here: https://braidedbabesclub.com/

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