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Also known as: Eternal Love, Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms

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I am now 13 episodes into Three Lives Three Worlds (3L3W) and am still enjoying the drama.  I have only heard positive things about it so far, and I agree that it lives up to the positive reviews so far.  I like that the drama has a steady pacing and is quite balanced; it’s sprinkled with humorous moments, action scenes, romance here and there, serious politics, and more.  There’s always something new and interesting happening!

^bottom right pic: Memory-less Bai Qian, Su Su

There’s a whopping 70,000 year time jump in episode 8.  Bai Qian left behind her old life as Si Yin and started living in Qing Qiu again as the new fox queen.  The mystery about Si Yin and Mo Yuan’s whereabouts continue to shadow over the story, so I wonder what the fallout will be when people find out the truth.

Bai Qian changed a lot–she is all mellowed out and has a lot more self-control.  I used to get annoyed at Si Yin’s hot hotheadedness, but I admit that I miss her old self now!  I like how Si Yin was so full of life and had an adventurous spirit.  Bai Qian’s demeanor now is that of someone who has been through a lot; she definitely seems like someone who has 70,000 more years of life experience.  One thing that doesn’t change is Bai Qian’s devotion to her duties and her master Mo Yuan.  She secretly seals the demon lord Qing Cang (Lian Yiming) again, but suffers a huge punishment during the fight.  Her punishment 1) sends her to the mortal world 2) wipes her memories and 3) represses her powers.  How is Qing Cang still so strong even after 70,000 years? O_O

So now we’re on Bai Qian’s third identity–she’s eventually named Su Su.   I thought that Su Su might revert back to her younger personality…instead she becomes a peaceful animal lover who goes around rescuing injured animals.  Su Su still retains her fearlessness though…for instance, she comes across an injured snake and decides to pick it up, take it home, and…even kisses it without a second thought.  I applaud your guts, Bai Qian/Su Su.

Mark Chao starts his 2nd role as Crown Prince Ye Hua of the Celestial Tribe.  He was raised under such strict standards that he became completely rational, frank, and devoted to his duties.  Ye Hua sees everything in practical terms, believing that marriage is simply having an additional person sleeping next to you on your bed.  LOL.  Ye Hua is in for a huge surprise…

“Do you think you won’t bleed if you change your choice of clothing?  It will only be covered and hidden from sight.  Your inclination to suffer in silence will only bring yourself anguish.”

-Consort Le Xu

Ye Hua has a stoic personality, but likely has a lot of pain beneath his calm exterior.  Since he was a youngster, he has been wearing black so that his mom won’t be able to see if he’s hurt.  Ye Hua’s choice of clothing is pretty much an analogy for himself–he hides his struggles from others and maintains an unaffected persona.  And to address the elephant in the room, yup, Ye Hua is a Mo Yuan look-alike.  There’s only a speculative explanation for it so far.  I just decided to accept that he looks like Mo Yuan and move on.

Random question: How does Ye Hua know how to cook if he likely never cooked when he was living in the palace?

Ironically, Ye Hua, who boldly declared that marriage is just having another person sleep on your bed, and survived thousands of years of being crushed on by goddesses, falls in love with Su Su within 3 human months (less than 1 day in the immortal world).  And he can’t stop grinning whenever he sleeps next to her.  LOL.  He is so taken by Bai Qian that he tries to win her heart by playing the pity card, pretending to be injured so that she will nurse him back to health.  Omg!!!  I wasn’t expecting this at all!!!  And Ye Hua’s  transformation is huge, especially since he changes within less than 1 day!

There’s a side story that gets a substantial amount of screentime about a romance between Shao Xin (An Yuexi)–a snake spirit who was saved by Si Yin and became a servant to Si Yin’s mom–and Second Prince Sang Ji (Wang Ruolun) of the Celestial Tribe.   Although Prince Sang Ji is engaged to Bai Qian, he falls for Shao Xin instead.  He persuades her to come with him to the palace, promising that he’ll give her a proper status later on.  The whole time I was thinking “Don’t do it Shao Xin!”.

Shao Xin gives in and everything unfolds the way I predicted it.  It is sad watching Shao Xin getting tortured and accused of “stealing and seducing” Prince Sang Ji and disgracing Bai Qian.  Everyone laments over how Sang Ji is giving up his whole future just for “one woman,” while Shao Xin’s sacrifices are unacknowledged.  To Sang Ji’s credit, he eventually saves Bai Qian from getting tortured, refuses to deny his love for her, and gives up his title as prince.  Good on him.  However, he also brightly decides that if his dad doesn’t approve of the relationship, he and Shao Xin can just die together.  What the heck dude?!  Go elope!!!

This story serves a warning to Ye Hua and Su Su about the challenges that face them.  How is Ye Hua going to handle his relationship with Su Su when he knows fully well what the consequences are?  Will they be able to stay together despite all of the hurdles ahead of them?  The ironic thing is that if Ye Hua knew that Su Su is actually Bai Qian, this whole issue would be solved!  x_x

Despite having lived for thousands of millennia, the immortals have not made much progress in gender equality.  When first starting 3L3W, I liked how there was a strong heroine like Bai Qian and supporting characters like Goddess Yao Guang (but she died already) who are skilled leaders and fighters.  It quickly became clear that characters like Bai Qian are the exception, and that many of the  female characters are just centered around male characters.

A new character, Princess Su Jin (Maggie Huang), enters the story.  Su Jin was adopted into the palace because she is a descendant of the tribe that sacrificed itself during the war with the Demon Tribe.  She grew up with Ye Hua and developed an unrequited love for him.   Thankfully Consort Le Xu (Liu Xiaoye) is a voice of reason, urging Su Jin to let go of her unrequited love and choose someone who will treat her well.  Yet Su Jin is still set on winning Ye Hua’s heart.

From the moment Su Jin appears, it’s quite apparent that she will likely become the next antagonist driven by jealousy.  I promptly looked it up and confirmed my prediction.  T_T  I wish that Su Jin wouldn’t become Xuan Nu 2.0.  If she has to be an antagonist, then why not have her plot to overthrow the heavenly lord and become the heavenly empress?  Or better yet, why not keep her as a good character who overcomes her heartbreak and unrequited love rather than giving into jealousy and hatred?


The story in 3L3W just keeps on getting more and more complex.  I’m always staying alert so as not to miss any of the new information and characters that are constantly being added.   I need a character relationships chart! I’ve tried my best to include as much as I can, but there are still more characters, events, and new info that have gone unmentioned such as Dijun, Feng Jiu, and Goddess Cheng Yu.  Maybe they’ll make it in the next review, so stay tuned.   T_T

I think there will come a time when Bai Qian’s identities catch up to her.  Imagine how intense it’d be if everyone found out that Su Su is Bai Qian and Bai Qian is Si Yin all at once!  Also, I hope that Si Yin’s fellow disciples from Kunlun Mountain will reappear in the future episodes because I miss them a lot.  >_<

No spoilers in the comments please.

© My Drama Tea, 2017. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to heisui and My Drama Tea with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.


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  • I already finished watching the drama, but enjoying your reviews anyway. Since I can’t get over it, I’ll continue reading every single thing about it, until I can get it. So addicted, I know. I’m hopeless.

    I’m pretty sure you’ll continue until the end, and of course, I believe you won’t regret it.

    Talking about the review… I specially enjoyed the analysis of Bai Qian and Ye Hua’s characters. It’s pretty much what need to be said about them at this moment. And it’s the same with the other relationship that you mention… It’ll be hard for both, Su Su and Ye Hua… A really painful future ahead.

    Talking about Ye Hua… I had forgotten the issue about the time difference between the mortal/inmortal realm for a moment, so I got shocked when you made me realize that he fell in love with her in such short period of time. Of course, I knew it was short but… less than a day? How did I miss that little detail?! Bai Qian is indeed, unique.

    • I heard there’s a movie version in the making, so that may give you something more to look forward to! 😉 And yes, it’s hard keeping track of the timeline especially with all the time lapses and the time difference between the 2 realms. I need a timeline of the plot too. T_T

      • Of course I know about the movie version! In fact, I watched the drama because of that.

        The thing is… I been almost a decade in asian drama land but mainland china dramas/movies weren’t on my favorite list… until I watched “Love O2O”, the latest aired drama of Yang Yang. Who, I’m sure you know, will play Ye Hua’s role in that movie. So… I started to read about all the related stuff and… I ended watching the drama version, turning addicted to and, of course, I fell in love with Ye Hua / Mark Chao. So unexpected.

        Anyway, since I love Yang Yang and I’ve enjoyed his previous works … I know he isn’t just a pretty face, he is talented and also hard-working. So, I’m looking forward the movie version.

        Also, I’ll be looking forward to your next review too 😉

        PS. My writting english skills aren’t the best but I’ll keep trying to comment until the end.

    • I always felt that he bonded with her long before. Now that you completed the drama, you then knew his real identity from before his rebirth. So technically, other than Mo Yuan, he is the second love interest to know her the longest. lol. He mentioned when he saw her human form that he felt that he had found something he had lost, which is believe is his connection with her.

  • “How does Ye Hua know how to cook if he likely never cooked when he was living in the palace?”
    In the novel, it explained that he doesn’t cook. it wasn’t until he meets Su Su that he kinna self taught himself, which is not hard with his IQ and knowledge. lol. Plus, he can use magic to make it if he wants. However, it wasn’t until Su Su became pregnant that his cooking improved by a lot. She even mentioned it eventually in the drama.

    • Ok, thanks for the explanation. I was curious because I thought he wouldn’t know how to cook, but he seemed pretty knowledgeable about it. Good point about the magic too, lol.

  • Welcome aboard the ship! I loved the drama too but like you mentioned, Ye Hua falling for Su Su was a part I found pretty forced (because it was afterall, less than a day!) Besides that, I do love the story and plot development (even though there’s all these angst about arranged marriages and whatnot).

    • 1 day in the Heavens is equal to one year in the human world. So he technically spent every night in the human world with her for a full 2 months, so I think the time gap is less funky if explained this way. Also he said that he when he met her, he felt that he had found something that he had lost which explains why he suddenly felt so connected to her. But I think also because he was the spirit in the lotus plant and Bai Qian technically had been caring for him since then, so maybe that’s why he felt connected to her and fell in love with her so quickly? haha just some thoughts.

  • i think ye hua was always kinda connected with bai qian (there are hints early on — even before he’s born into the nine heavens) so him falling in love so fast didn’t feel like much of a stretch. atleast not to me? the moment they meet as mortals though and him pretending to be fatally injured… swoon!

    • i second you here. I always felt that Ye Hua is the second longest male love interest that BQ knew the longest. After all, she meets Mo Yuan when he took her in as a disciple, then she took care of the golden lotus after she moved into Kunlun Mountain, then meet Li Jing, then meet Ye Hua again (now rebirth into the celestial palace). So I don’t feel like he fell for her fast. Also, the whole day thing, I feel like it wasn’t like that. Ye Hua spent like three months with her in the human world (while he was a snake), which technically is still 3 months worth of bonding time and making memories despite the fact that is it less than a day in heaven.

  • I’m glad you’re reviewing this drama! This is the only C-drama this year that I watched consistently as the new episodes came out on Youtube.

    I remember reading the novel way back when it was first published online ?8-9 years ago and I really enjoyed it then. When I first heard this was getting adapted, I honestly wasn’t too hopeful…recently they’ve been adapting a lot of the online novels to screen and most of them were bad. IMO, TangQi’s other adaptions (Twice Blooms the Flower, Hua Xu Yin) were drastically different from the novels and that’s disappointing to fans of the novels.

    I think the most endearing aspect about 3L3W is that it’s highly identical to the novel, keeping the original lines but also improving it with changes that make sense. Honestly I think the most successful novel adaptions so far (Hua Qian Gu, Bu bu jing xing) all followed this rule!

    Anyways, I hope you’ll enjoy this drama. There are some heartbreak and sad moments coming up soon. 😛

  • Okay, totally leaving a comment because I value the time you took to put these reviews out!
    Here’s the thing. This show is fleepin confusing but I will press on and keep watching. I love the drama “The Princess Weiyoung” and “Ashes of love” (which is very similar in some ways to this story line🤔)
    This is interesting so far but the characters are getting me so mixed up…. 😭
    Thanks for explaining what you can!

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