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(Also known as: Eternal Love, Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms)

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I finally started watching the 2017 ancient fantasy c-drama, Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, also known by the English title Eternal Love.  I was pleasantly surprised by how satisfying episodes 1-7 are.  Fantasy fans will likely enjoy this drama with its expansive world, pretty costume designs, and action scenes.  And even those who don’t often watch fantasy shows will be drawn in by it.  Fans of the leads Yang Mi (Jade Palace Lock Heart, Interpreters) and Mark Chao (Black & White) are also in for a treat, as both of them are giving solid performances.

Some disclaimers: I only just found out that the drama is adapted from a novel written by Tang Qi Gong Zi, the same author of Hua Xu Yin (City of Devastating Love).  Now, there is a lot of suffering in ancient c-dramas.  But Hua Xu Yin was on a totally different level; it was so full of never-ending suffering and traumatic events that I had to drop it.  So, I’m very wary about the possibility of Eternal Love turning into “Devastating” Love.   I cannot guarantee anyone that I will continue watching this drama ’til the end.  There are also unscrupulous origins behind the story–Tang Qi Gong Zi allegedly plagiarized a preexisting novel (written by Dafeng Guaguo) to write 3L3W.  It is unfortunate that plagiarism is a big issue in Chinese novels and c-dramas.  🙁

3L3W follows the adventures of Bai Qian (Yang Mi), a 9-tailed fox and the daughter of the Fox King.  She is a younger fox and is very “fox-like” and youthful in her behavior–mischievous, free-spirited, and loves to break the rules. On the flip side, she’s also impulsive and often gets into trouble.  In episode 1, Bai Qian goes incognito with the name Si Yin and a spell that disguises herself as a male.  She becomes the 17th Disciple (basically like a student or apprentice) of the God of War.

3L3W accomplishes Si Yin’s “disguise” really well.  In other cdramas, heroines’ disguises aren’t convincing.  So, it’s refreshing that Si Yin just wears neutral makeup and male clothing.  There’s a time jump of 20,000 years (YES, you heard me right!) after she first takes on her new identity, so obviously she got the hang of living as a guy.  I like that Si Yin fits in well with her cohort of fellow disciples (who are all guys) and that there’s no big fuss over her disguise.  My only issue is that all the other men have the same hairline for their hairstyle (because of the wigs) whereas Si Yin clearly does not.  I think it would be more convincing if her hairstyle followed the men’s uniform look.

Yang Mi has really impressed me with her acting in 3L3W.  She has improved a lot since her acting in the Tiny Times movies.  Yang Mi feels much more natural here, not overacting or forcing herself to cry.  So, props to Yang Mi for delivering a solid performance!

Mark Chao stars as Mo Yuan, the God of War.  He lives in Kunlun Mountain, where he manages his 17 disciples and who knows what else!  What exactly does the God of War do?  Does he have a special power?  Is he is just super good at war strategies?  Does he influence outcomes of wars in the mortal realm?  If anyone knows, please let me know.  Anyways, Mo Yuan is a stoic, morally upright and loyal father figure.  Apparently he never lies.  Or so he says in ep1…we’ll see if that holds true for the rest of the drama!  😛  Although Mo Yuan seems like he’d be really strict, he’s actually a big softie who protects and dotes on his followers.  Seriously–he takes 3 hits from LIGHTNING bolts for Si Yin!

I have never seen Mark Chao in an ancient c-drama before.  He really channels his character in every single one of his scenes.  He also looks the part of the God of War (love his styling too!) and his strong aura is unmistakable.  Not much is revealed about Mo Yuan’s background, so I hope he’ll get more character development in the upcoming episodes.

^bottom right pic: Mo Yuan lookalike, lotus spirit?!

Mo Yuan and Si Yin/Bai Qian have a really deep bond in their master-and-disciple relationship.  While Si Yin adores and reveres Mo Yuan, that doesn’t necessarily mean she loves him romantically.  When Si Yin is told to be with Mo Yuan (as a couple), she looks incredulous and says “You dare to dishonor my master?”.  To Si Yin, insinuating that she and Mo Yuan should be a couple is disrespectful and insulting.  At first, I thought that Mo Yuan and Si Yin were going to be the main OTP but it turns out I was wrong.  So, their relationship remains that of a strong master-student bond, and that’s fine with me.

One confusing thing: the Mo Yuan golden lookalike (see bottom right pic).  It’s implied that he’s the spirit of a golden lotus because he talks about Mo Yuan in the 3rd person and he appears near the lotus pond.  Then…why does he look like Mo Yuan?  Why does he attempt to comfort Si Yin?

^Top pictures: Li Jing (Vin Zhang) / Bottom pictures: Xuan Nu (Zhu Xudan)

Si Yin has a short-lived romance with Li Jing (Vin Zhang), the 2nd prince of the Demon Tribe.  Li Jing spirals down into insecurity and reverts back to his philandering ways.  By ep7, Li Jing gets married to Xuan Nu (Zhu Xudan), the woman he cheated with.  I think they’re a good match because both are extremely insecure and have a distorted view of what a relationship should be like.  I hope that these two won’t become a villainous duo.

Xuan Nu’s villain-ness reaches truly WTF levels.  If you want to shield yourself from a toxic character, I’d recommend skipping Xuan Nu’s scenes.  3L3W depicts her as an insecure, jealous person who hates being looked down upon.  That does not explain why she has an affair with her friend’s partner, betrays her ENTIRE people (including her family), and lies to all the people who protected her without even blinking an eye!  What the heck?!  That goes way beyond mere insecurity and jealousy.

^Princess Yan Zhi (Dai Si)

Frankly, I am tired of female villains whose actions are motivated by jealousy and love.  Please, stop it with the cat fights and give me a strong sisterhood instead!!!  The only possible female character Si Yin can have a close friendship with is Princess Yan Zhi (Dai Si), the sister of Li Jing.  Yan Zhi is kind and brave, going against her father for the people she cares about.  So far there is no indication that Si Yin and Yan Zhi will be close friends though. >_<


There’s a lot of information that is thrown at the audience right from the start of episode 1.  There are no reminders about who’s who (such as showing their names on screen) or where’s where so it takes effort to keep track of everything.  I took some pretty detailed notes just to write this post!  😛  Thankfully, the wiki is pretty thorough, so check it out if you ever get lost!

Based on where episode 7 leaves off, I’d say we are in for a loooooong ride ’til the OTP gets to be together.  Is it worth watching to the end and going through three lives and three worlds for?  Let me know what you think!  Please no spoilers in the comments.

Lastly, I just wanted to say thanks for reading and for your continual support of your blog.  I cannot guarantee reviewing an entire drama, but I still enjoy sharing my first impressions of the c-dramas that I check out.  I hope that 2017 will continue to have some interesting c-dramas that I can write about!

© My Drama Tea, 2017. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to heisui and My Drama Tea with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.


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  • I think the drama’s quite worth watching!! I’m on episode 40 right now, and the drama has surprisingly not been draggy at all. I’ve never been a fan of fantasy dramas (this is actually my first one) and I find that the plot is quite intricate and interesting. Yang Mi and Mark Chao both play multiple characters, and they both give very solid deliveries of their different roles. Worth the watch.

  • Glad you took this up. It’s been consistently good up till ep50 and most of us are having withdrawal symptoms 😅
    They do explain why the Lotus spirit looks like MoYuan later (40’s). And MY is not the OTP with BQ. Hehe. You will get to know soon enough. 😆

    • I’ve only heard positive things about the drama so far, so that’s gotta be a good sign. 😉 Thanks for clarifying about the OTP; I’ll have to update my post. In that case I’m glad that Mo Yuan just has a platonic relationship with Si Yin/Bai Qian. I’m looking forward to getting answers about the lotus spirit!

  • The drama is pretty good! The plot is quite interesting and complicated, and Yang Mi and Mark Chao both give solid deliveries on the multiple characters that they portray. Definitely worth the watch.

  • oh sorry I commented twice because my internet was doing weird things and I thought my first one didn’t show up -_-
    you can just delete one of them lol

  • OMG, another blogger catching up with 3L3W! 😀 There’s a lot of characters and a lot of questions in the beginning but you need to persist to get the sweetest parts. It’s not far away, I think starting episode 11 or 12 we’ll see OTP together. And I didn’t even know Hua Xu Yin author ‘wrote’ this! But the ending is definitely not despondent like Hua Xu Yin. So you won’t break your heart over this 🙂 Please do continue your reviews!

  • I love reading bloggers’ takes on 3l3w10mopb – especially one who is unfamiliar with the story. There are funny moments, poignant moments, romantic moments all wrapped up in a pretty fantasy setting. Yes, the CGI is a bit dodgy but it fits the story. Keep on reviewing!

    • In the same way, I like hearing from people who have read the story. Lol. Yes the fantasy setting is gorgeous. The CGI has its ups and downs but overall, I think it’s better than some of the CGI in other c-dramas…

  • This is my favorite C-Drama ever. I read the English translation of the book in a day. Mo Yuan is not the male lead, but he is a large part of what drives Bai Qian throughout the story.

  • Beautiful costumes and very good acting. choice of actors in term of physical to maximise the drama romance effect is top, in particular the shooting and adverts photographical images are dreamy.
    However, story line is re-invented and borrowed from others like hua qiangu, for the deep bonding between master and disciple.
    Has anyone wonder the extreme behaviour of BQ? drinking lots to the limit of being alcoholic. Very detached mother or rather almost non-existing motherhood responsibility when letting a child over indulge of fruit liquor. while a riceball is drunk and slept over 24 hrs with sign of redness and heatstrock, BQ walk out of bedroom to soak in the therm leaving riceball sleeping by himself, without a maid nor informing the father!
    mmm actually at first it a beautiful and great drama having a fairy tale and ever happy ending but when looking into details things are opposite of dreamy fairytales and i can feel some disconnection in the storylines.
    certain behaviour are scary. The excessive drinking or rather alcoholic mother leaving the children to their own demise.
    The excessive selfish love obsession/behaviour and scheming from Xuan Nu to Bia Fengju, su jin make me think of Schemes of a beauty. Even Ye Hua character- there is an inspiration of Christian Grey in 50 shades of grey- extremy possessive male character with inner demons and rather rough sex addiction which is softened by the “being overly romantic”. one mind track and overly stubborn person. How did he learn to cook and where/when did he practice cooking dishes when maids are serving him all day/nt long.
    ricball being attacked by a monster, where are the bodyguards, maids following a royalty. no protocol nor registry/records of whom entering as palace maid for the princess Miao Qing to become a palace maids serving seducing the crown prince with a love potion where he can smell – how does he know that it is a love potion? had one before? being taught to make one before? does he need the art to recognise a love potion.

    The extreme naivety, candid and simple minded character of BQ is very sad and pathetic. it is very cynical and makes me feel that BQ is a country girl from a village lost in fond end of the world going to a capital. A queen? and goddess spending time to drink?!? no responsibilities of a ruler?
    and so many others things

  • This drama is great but what has always confused me was the reception of the relationship between Su Yin and Li Jing. To everyone else, including Xuan Nu, wouldn’t it be a homosexual relationship? Not that I have any problems with that, but wouldn’t this be a bigger deal to the other immortals since it would be unorthodox for the time and the culture? Idk maybe I missed something and Xuan Nu actually knows Su Yin’s real identity. I was just wondering if someone could explain why Su Yin and Li Jing’s relationship isn’t questioned more, or if I’m wrong and homosexual relationships are nothing to make a fuss about in the setting of the show.

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