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This is a collection of songs from 2016 drama soundtracks that I enjoyed.  Most of the songs are from c-dramas and tw-dramas.  I wish I could say all the songs are happy, but most are slow ballads. >_<  Take a listen, reminisce a bit about 2016!

Princess Weiyoung

If Heaven Has Compassion (Opening Theme Song) by A-Lin

I love A-Lin’s voice in this song.  This song is perfect for an MV of Tang Yan x Luo Jin’s characters! 😛

Imperial Doctress

Before Forgotten – Lala Hsu

Life Plan A and B (Tu Mi)

Rainie Yang is a Taiwanese singer and actress.  She not only took on the lead roles (Yes, roles is plural!  She plays two parts!) in Life Plan A and B, but she also sings the theme songs for the soundtrack!  The drama itself is slow and has many sad moments, so the theme songs reflect that.

The Lesson of Love by Rainie Yang

Traces of Time in Love by Rainie Yang


Rock Records in Love (Gun Shi Ai Qing Gu Shi)

I didn’t watch Rock Records in Love, but I checked out some of its songs from the soundtrack.  This is a unique Taiwanese drama in that each stand-alone episode has its own theme song.  The drama is pays tribute to classic Taiwanese songs–a great concept!

Love Me, Don’t Go by A-Yue

This song was also on the Mr. Right Wanted OST, so I’m pretty sure I already included it in some of my previous posts.  But I wanted to include it again since it’s on the Rock Records in Love OST…and I just love this song that much. 😉  I love the melody!

Juhan Shuttai

Echo (Theme Song) by UNICORN

This song isn’t usually the kind of music that I listen to, but I think it fits Juhan Shuttai really well.  It has a cheerful yet somewhat bittersweet “Life goes on” kind of feeling to it.  I love watching the clips from Juhan Shuttai with the theme song playing in the background:

What songs were your favorites from dramas in 2016?  Let me know in the comments! 🙂

Please let me know if any video links are broken.

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  • I’ve always been a fan of A-lin I think she’s so good even in her live performances and I’m in love with her voice. Rainie is great too, she’s been around for a long time now so she’s more nostalgic for me, though I prefer her older songs as compared to her newer ones. But Traces Of Time is soo nice!

    And Unicorn’s Echo is so unusual but Juhan Shuttai has given me a new appreciation for the song.

    • Yeah, Rainie is also very nostalgic for me. I’m impressed by A-Lin’s voice; I haven’t listened to many of her other songs before. Sometimes drama soundtracks help me discover awesome singers that I didn’t know about before!

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