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I’m trying not to hype up Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace (Legend of Ruyi/Ruyi Zhuan) too much, but I can’t help it.  I was super excited to watch the recently released behind the scenes & teaser clip!  I love how it shows a little glimpse into what we don’t normally get to see–building the set, all the sewing and design that goes into the costumes, and awesome aerial views of the beautiful scenery!

Characters seen in teaser:

There are a few quick glimpses of various characters in the teaser, some of which you may recognize from some of the stills that were previously released.  Here is a list of the characters that appeared in the order of their appearance, along with their still(s).  There are still lots more characters that have yet to be shown!

Wallace Huo as Emperor / Hong Li

I’m glad that we got a couple clips of Wallace Huo that are different from his released stills.


Li Chun as Wei Yanwan; Imperial Noble Consort Ling

From Wei Yanwan’s attire here, she is clearly a high ranking concubine.  Perhaps she is gui fei or huang gui fei in this picture.  Wei Yanwan’s clip in the teaser makes me more curious about her character–and rightfully so, considering she is one of the major antagonists in the story.


Tong Yao as Gao Xiyue

I recently saw Tong Yao in the modern c-drama Customize Happiness, where she looks totally different!  So far, this character kind of reminds me of Qi Guiren (Tang Yi Xin) from Legend of Zhen Huan (LZH).  Gao Xiyue becomes the empress’ minion and schemes against Ruyi.  She’s even got the whole accusatory pointing thing going on.


Janine Chang as Hailan

It seems to me like Janine Chang’s character will play a big role in the story, but I don’t think the teaser does much justice to Janine.  Her part doesn’t make as big of an impression as some of the other supporting characters.  Another thing I’m wondering is, why is she dressed in white?  Is she wearing white for mourning, or is white just the usual color she wears?  One thing I like about her still is that she is shown doing embroidery, which connects back to her beginnings as an embroidery woman.


Dong Jie as Fucha Langhua

Unfortunately I couldn’t get a good screencap of Dong Jie.  She is another enemy of Ruyi’s.


Li Qin as Han Xiangjian, Consort Xiang

Han Xiangjian is based off of the “Fragrant Concubine,” which makes sense considering that ‘xiang’ means ‘fragrant’.  There are various accounts of the Fragrant Concubine, but I’m assuming the drama will go with the starkest story possible.  Basically, she wants to assassinate the emperor.  I’d definitely recommend you check out the wiki on the Fragrant Concubine because it’s really interesting.  I hope that this character will get a lot of character development!


Xin Zhi Lei as Jin Yuyan (Imperial Noble Consort Shujia)

IMO Jin Yuyan’s teaser clip makes it very obvious that she’s a villain.


Zhou Xun as Ruyi

AHHH!  I’m so sold on Zhou Xun in this role.  This is the part of the teaser that got me super hyped up for the drama.  And I pretty much only saw Zhou Xun walking and looking at something.  😛  So far it seems like all we’ve seen is Ruyi in her earlier, happier days when she and Hong Li are still on good terms.  I hope that we can see more of Ruyi in her later days–will her outfits undergo drastic changes like Zhen Huan’s did?


Other Thoughts

Yes, out of just one teaser and some stills, I’m able to extrapolate a whole post.  Just wait ’til a long trailer gets released.  😛  This may be hard to believe, but I’m trying to not to be too hyped or get my expectations up about Ruyi’s Royal Love.  Because I know I did that for Legend of Miyue and I ended up not even watching the drama!  (Other friends said the drama wasn’t that great.)

But…I think I’ll keep on writing about Ruyi’s Royal Love as more updates and promo materials get released.  I admit it: I feel happy when I get more news on Ruyi, even though I inwardly doubt whether I can stomach 90 EPISODES of tragedy, backstabbing and angst.

More on Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace:

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