A Moment of Silence for Kimi Qiao


By now you may have heard that the Chinese actor and singer, Kimi Qiao (Qiao Ren Liang), passed away on September 16, 2016.  His company released a statement after his death:


^Image credit: One Hallyu

I am very saddened to hear of Kimi’s passing.  I have not even seen many of his dramas, nor have I listened to many of his songs.  And yet, he still made an impact on me.  What do I remember most about him?  His smile!  I still remember his huge smiles in the drama Female Prime Minister (Legend of Lu Zhen), so much so that I can picture it in my mind even now.  Seriously, look at his great smile:


Sometimes, a person can have an impact on someone they don’t even know, halfway across the globe.  Kimi certainly did.  He touched many people through his singing and acting, as is evidenced by the outpouring of grief and shock over his death.  I wonder if Kimi ever knew that he had touched so many people all over the world during his lifetime.

It is at a time like this that I am reminded that what we must look past what we see on our screens, beyond what we see physically or virtually.  Kimi’s wonderful smile, acting roles and music videos did not necessarily show all that was underneath.  We often watch dramas and listen to songs to “get away from it all” and to forget about reality.  While it may feel like actors are immortalized and invincible on screen, the reality is that they are still humans, just like the rest of us.  Our words really matter, whether you can see their immediate effect or not.  The horrible rumors and comments had a deleterious effect not only on Kimi but also on all those who are connected to him.  Remember:

“Be kind; everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”

-attributed to various sources

Everyone, let’s take a moment of silence for Kimi Qiao Ren Liang.

Listen to some of Kimi’s songs:


You can also light a candle for Kimi:

  • See his candle here.

Sources & more about Kimi:

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  • Really sad. I didn’t really know much about him, but when anyone passes away at such a young age, it is a tragedy. I am reminded of the scandal and bullying rumors that follow the Korean girl group T-ARA to this day. Fortunately, it seems that they have been able to overcome the horrible things that have been said about them, but I still see nasty stuff being said about them online. I can’t understand what kind of satisfaction people get from being mean and lying about other people. “Do to others as you would have them do to you.”

    • Yes, what I find even worse is that the internet attacks and rumors continue after his death. In other words, the haters still didn’t learn to care about the effects of their hating.

  • i am crying so much. he didn’t even know me and would probably be like”bye girl” and laugh it off. it’s so hard to try to be funny in these situations… Kimi made me smile because of his smile and i loved that he didn’t hide who he was-who he is. I hate the color pink, but Kimi loves pink… everytime i see that color, i see him <3

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