Upcoming Period C-dramas Round-up: Part I 2016

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In this edition: Love Without a Trace, Chronicle of Life (Completed airing), Princess Weiyoung (Airing winter 2016)

Update: Only Love Without a Trace has yet to air.


Love Without a Trace

Alternate Titles:

Ai Wu Hen


Period, romance, war

Notable Cast Members:

Tong Liya, Yang Shuo, Tong Dawei, Peng Guanyin, and Guan Yue


Air date TBA

Short Summary:

With the end of the Tang Dynasty, warlords battle over the throne during the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms.  Tang Xiaocheng (Yang Shuo) goes to war, but loses his lover Shen Lianxing (Tong Liya) and friend Zhang Junxiang (Peng Guan Ying) in the process.


Out of this batch of c-dramas, I’m looking forward to this one the most.  Everything from the trailer to the costumes to the acting is on-point.  I love the color schemes they used for the costuming as well.  I’m hoping that Love Without a Trace will deliver!




Chronicle of Life


Period, romance, novel adaptation

Notable Cast Members:

Zheng Shuang, Hawick Lau


Completed airing winter 2016.  Subbed on Viki.

Short Summary:

A period romance between Emperor Kang Xi (Hawick Lau) and his concubine (Zheng Shuang).


This is the second time in a row that Hawick Lau and Zheng Shuang are collaborating in a romance period drama.  Most recently they starred in Cage of Love in 2015.   Sealed With a Kiss fans may be happy to know that this drama is adapted from a novel written by the same author.

I highly doubt that I will watch this drama because 1) I have never been impressed with Zheng Shuang’s acting 2) I wasn’t a fan of the story/characters in Sealed With a Kiss.  But I totally admit it…I enjoyed watching the trailer and looking at the pretty stills.  The costumes look so pretty!



Princess Weiyoung

Alternate Titles:

Princess Weiyang


Novel adaptation, period

Notable Cast Members:

Tang Yan, Vanness Wu


Airing winter 2016.


First Impressions episodes 1-11

Short Summary:

Xin’er (Tang Yan) was once a princess of the Northern Liang Dynasty.  When the Northern Wei attacked the Northern Liang, her life as a princess ended.  She secretly changes her name to Li Weiyang but gets involved with the prince of Northern Wei.


Let me know which dramas you’re looking forward to the most!

Sources: Cfensi, Jaynestars, A Virtual Voyage

Last updated: 12/3/2016


I'm heisui, an Asian drama blogger and the creator of My Drama Tea. I love stories and writing, so I watch dramas and blog. I especially have a penchant for Japanese and Chinese dramas, and those hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered. Oh, and I'm Legend of Zhen Huan-obsessed!
Happy 2016!
Nirvana in Fire: Eps 34-46 (Review)
  • At this point, I think I find myself watching more and more for the costuming and how pretty/historically in line they are. The plot is something that is still kind of up in the air. Although there are a couple dramas that are supposed to be starting production that I am still waiting on still and stuff for.

    The Legend of Miyue seems to have started picking up pace again but some of the slower middle segments and plot holes that are simply there seem to really pose a problem. I’m still waiting to finish it so I can reach a final verdict of some sorts.

    btw… just wanted to get your opinion since we’ve finished going through the general timeline for our Sinology Sundays segment and we’ve interacted a bit more online. I was wondering what era of clothing you liked best, which hanfu group, what you would like to see more of if I happen to stumble on it being available, etc. Anything would be helpful. 🙂

    • True, I generally like looking at the stills. Like with Empress of China, which I didn’t even watch. >_> I feel like it’s hard to find period c-dramas that are original and have a good plot.

      My least favorite is the Tang Dynasty clothing. I’m not sure I have a #1 favorite though. I like the silhouette in the Han Dynasty and the long “skirts” in the Ming Dynasty. Heh there’s a lot I’d like to see:
      -Embroidery: I love seeing the embroidery no matter what dynasty!
      -Old pictures: I thought of doing this one before but I think it’s kinda hard to do because of copyrights. It’s cool seeing old pictures; I know Empress Ci Xi took a lot of them.
      -Undergarments: LOL…continuing our discussion on underwear…
      -Clothing for ethnic minority groups

      • Thanks for the response. Old pictures are kind of hard but on some of the other things I will definitely see what I can do. 🙂

  • I noticed you really like plotting/palace dramas 😉 Out of the three, I would want to watch Princess Weiyoung the most since story wise, it sounds the most exciting. However, I also need the trailer to confirm my interest. Palace drama wise though, I will be expecting the Ru Yi Legend drama that will start filming this year. It has Zhou Xun as the main protagonist!! 8D very tempting~~

  • Happy New Year heisui 🙂
    I like period dramas more than modern ones, hoping Love Without a Trace gets subbed though 😛
    Don’t know the cast for the drama.
    Like you, I’m not a fan of ZS and do not really like Qing dynasty so will skip Chronicle
    The summary fro Princess Weyoung sounds interesting, just worried about Tang Yan’s acting XD
    I actually FF and skipped episodes of Perfect Couple, Lady & Liar is sitting in my hard drive because I realised after I downloaded, it seems similar to Cruel Romance which I didn’t like the last 10 episodes?

    There are so many drams in 2016, wuxia being my favourite, I hope they get subbed *fingers crossed*
    At least Legend of Qin is being uploaded quite fast, and I look forward to MiYue.
    Currently, I am watching Love Yunge from the Desert, actually struggling and stuck at episode 18!
    I actually enjoyed and liked Hua Xu Yin, such a shame it seems under rated 🙁

    I hope you will do some reviews for a few dramas XD

  • Tong Liya looks so pretty in your featured photo! Looking forward to Princess Weiyoung for one reason: it’s Vanness’ 1st C-drama hihi! Filming ends in March just in case you want to know the status of the drama 😀

  • hi heisui! so, ive never watched any period c drama before so i went and got nirvana on fire based on your recommendation since i like political intrigue and stuff.

    BUT i want to try a good period romance with a pretty female lead, nice costumes, and maybe fighting. do you have any suggestions of good ones i can try? (i know about bubu qing xin or whatever that one people were raving about but i took a look at it and i got bored, meanwhile that fan bing bing one i didnt like)

    • Hm I feel like not many period romance dramas have a lot of fighting scenes. If you like action/romance then you might want to try out some wuxia dramas which have fantasy, costumes, action and romance. But beware of bad CGI in some of them. There are a lot of wuxia listed here and also here.

      • aaaww that sux. i kinda never liked wuxia, because it wasnt historical plus the effects, are not good. i was hoping to find another period gem like nirvana in fire, that has the high production values, historical background, good story, and good looking cast 😛 (also i hate ming dynasty costumes. and the bald shaved heads and just one china. for me the multiple kingdom era of china was much more interesting)
        thanks anyway for your help heisui!

      • I will be blasted by the NiF fans (which probably account for 30% of the total earth population LOL) for saying this. I started to watch the 2010 The Three Kingdoms after finishing NiF, and I couldn’t help but think that NiF began to feel a little juvenile. Maybe because I got to see how the warlords and their political strategists made all the calculations, trying to predict what their adversaries were thinking or going to do, how they were going to counter them, etc. Nobody was above all, everyone had multiple layers. Cao Cao was not the devil reincarnate, and Zhuge Liang was not necessarily the genius without selfish ambition nor was he without any failure. Of course it’s not fair to compare those two for complexity of events or the writing of characters, because Three Kingdoms was based on actual history, while NiF was purely Hai Yan’s imagination (which is highly commendable). But even production-wise, to me TK is superior. NiF is the best Cdrama this year, but calling it the best one in a decade is a perhaps little far :).

        • hmm thnx i’ll try it. wasnt really thinking about that since everyone knows the story of 3 kingdoms, and i hate watching something where you already know how it will end.

        • Haha on AVV I had the same discussion with shimo. I’m definitely NOT going to blast you. I think I’m about as obsessed with Nirvana as Heisui is with Zhen Huan. So far I’ve already watching through Nirvana 3x and I talk about it all the time. However, I definitely don’t deny that there have been a LOT of high-quality, undervalued period dramas, and Nirvana is NOT without flaws. I’ve heard hat production quality, sophisticated-ness wise, Three Kingdoms is arguably far above Nirvana. However, I personally love Nirvana because of its flaws, in a way. While I often laud the high quality and attention to detail and awesome acting of Nirvana, that’s not exactly why I adore Nirvana so much more than all other dramas. It’s a certain quality and feel Nirvana gives me. Maybe it’s my age or the mindset I have at this period of my life, but I really like the borderline unrealistic edge, the almost-fantasy quality, the fictional, novel-esque aura, the not-quite-mary-sue-ness of Mei Chang Su, the rose-colored romanticism and strong tones of heroism. It’s not quite as realistic or 3D, perhaps as many other high quality historical dramas, but I quite like the romantic edge it’s straddling. It’s not quite serious or realistic or complex and layered enough to be true political/historical, but it’s also not quite carefree enough and romantic enough to be true wuxia either. As someone who’s favorite genre is wuxia, having grown up watching classic 1980’s TVB JingYong adaptations, I really really LOVE that ambiguity. Nirvana has PLENTY of flaws for serious hardcore historical lovers, for others who maybe have higher and standards or an eye for detail. By all means it’s not perfect. But personally I think the attraction lies in those flaws for me. Just wuxia enough to have the larger-than-life, almost-perfect hero, the themes of sacrifice and patriotism and justice and integrity, yet just historical enough to have a comparable level of plot complexity, detail, intrigue. It’s wuxia that bring an edge of elegance and muted colors and somber atmosphere that is so lacking in the Yumama-dominated, neon-bright colored, romance-heavy, and cliche-filled wuxia/fantasy world.

    • Can I suggest you try Cuo Dian Yuan Yang, best romance in a period drama, my drama buddy and I love lot and I have rewatched several times XD

      Episode 1 opens with a fight scene which got me hooked right away!
      I suggest you watch the first 25 episodes only though 😛

      • why? did it become terrible after? i might try it, but i dont want to start watching something and not finish it. also i dont really watch dramas for romance. im more for the story acting and production values or unique storylines. thanks for the suggestion though! ill check out the first few episodeds

        • It wasn’t terrible but I just found it boring because it was about the politics and trickery of trying to catch the bad guys. And it moved on to 2nd and 3rd brother’s love line.
          Another thing was, I had to watch the last 25 eps on Youtube because the other sites only have the first 25 eps available.

          A good historical I suggest you try Heroes in Sui & Tang Dynasty, pretty close to real history!

  • hi, new reader of the blog here! (was searching for info on NiF and found your summaries – super helpful, thank you.) i’m looking forward to watching love without a trace, for the cinematography/costumes/general eye candy if nothing else.

  • Chang Ge Xin, when are you going to air EVER??? I have been waiting too long for you… Huhuhuhuhuhu…. I can’t understand why is the postpone necessary???
    Legend of Mi Yue seems interesting too… Is it airing now?

  • hi all, any idea where to watch woman in a family of swordsman and the love without a trace with english subs? i can’t seem to find one which actually has english subs :(((
    please help

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