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As usual, this year I’m thinking back to all of the great soundtracks we had in 2015.  Here is a round-up of all the songs that are most memorable to me from 2015 dramas.  (Not all of them are from dramas that I’ve finished–all dramas are fair game for this round-up!)

“What You Want” by JUJU – Gisou no Fuufu OST

Let’s start out with the most catchy and happy song since most of other songs aren’t that upbeat.  How could I not share a JUJU song?  I feel happy just by listening to it.  😉  The version below is one of JUJU’s live performances.

“The Place Has No Name” by the Straighteners – Fuben na Benriya OST

This is the opening theme song from the winter j-drama Fuben na Benriya.  The melody is really mellow and I love the lyrics:

“I wish I could say to you
That I don’t want to lose you
With all my heart of innocence
I’m lost without you

The same place as one year ago today

I’ll get myself back again
Now I feel the break of a new day
In the end I’ll find you
Where the place has no name”

“It’s All Good” by Karen Mok – Youth Power (Wah! Chen Yi Jun) OST

Although I ended up dropping the tw-drama Youth Power, I still thoroughly enjoyed its soundtrack.  This song by Karen Mok feels whimsical, bittersweet and optimistic all at the same time.  The point of the song is that we should have a positive attitude towards the happenings of life.  “Don’t sweat the small things” and “It’s all good” are the recurring messages that I need to remind myself of on a regular basis.

“Everything is all good. I know that.
How can everything appear all good? Don’t sweat the small stuff.
‘Not bad’ actually means good.
One day we’ll leave each other, but I won’t forget our time together.
The skills to say goodbye is something that we’ll eventually learn.
But I don’t want to get so used to saying goodbye.”

-Lyrics Translation by Viki

“Linger On” by Loga Lin – Marry Me or Not OST

Come on, who wouldn’t want to watch a music video full of Alice Ke x Roy Qiu scenes?  😛  I didn’t keep Marry Me or Not on my to-watch list, but I still like its official MVs.  This is one of my favorite songs off of its OST…of course, it’s a love song.  Lyrics can be found here.

“Even If” by Karen Mok – Youth Power (Wah! Chen Yi Jun) OST

This is another Youth Power song; this one is more like a break-up song.  It’s often played during the scenes with the ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend characters in the drama..

“If I got to choose again,
I’d live through this once more.
I can’t be without you.
You can’t be without me.”

-Lyrics translation by Viki

Update: The video link is broken.

“Marriage of a Girl” by Lin Yuan and Huo Zun – Hua Xu Yin OST

Time to get into the period c-drama OSTs.  Basically all of the period c-dramas that I watched have really sad songs that evoke angst in me whenever I listen to them.  This is one of the more peaceful songs (read: not too sad) from the Hua Xu Yin OST; not sure what the best translation of the title is.  There are various translations out there including “Marriage of a Girl” and “Young Miss is Getting Married”.  One of the singers in this duet–Lin Yuan–is the leading lady of the drama as well.


“Aging of a Beauty” by Liu Tao – Nirvana in Fire OST

This is one of the most popular OST songs from Nirvana in Fire, sung by Liu Tao who also played the role of Nihuang.  You can read the lyrics translations here.

“Pacifying the World for You” by Li Jian Qing – Da Mo Yao (Sound of the Desert) OST

Guhhh I can only stand listening to one Da Mo Yao song because I remember so much angst whenever I listen to it. T_T  You can read the lyrics translation here.

R.I.P. Yao Beina

Lastly I just wanted to include a Yao Beina song to honor her passing.  Yao Beina was a Chinese singer who sung the Legend of Zhen Huan theme song.  She died on January 16, 2015 of breast cancer.  I love her voice and was so surprised to hear of her death.  R.I.P Yao Beina, your voice lives on.

What’s your favorite drama song from 2015?  Share it in the comments! 🙂  (Please let me know if any video links are broken.)

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