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For those of you experiencing Nirvana in Fire withdrawals, you may want to listen to the OST to soothe your aching heart.  😛  Below are some instrumental fan covers of the OST.  Most of the covers are of Liu Tao’s song “Aging of a Beauty,” also known as “Faded Beauty,” which seems to be one of the most popular songs off of the OST.  Enjoy!

Erhu Cover: Aging of a Beauty

Guzheng Cover: Aging of a Beauty

Guitar Cover: Aging of a Beauty

Piano Covers

Aging of a Beauty

Improvisation of Aging of a Beauty

When Wind Blows

Which cover is your favorite?  🙂

Nirvana in Fire is English subbed on Viki.


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  • I loved Liu Tao’s song also. Was listening to the songs by Liu Tao, Hu Ge and Wang Kai when I was suffering from withdrawal symptoms. Ah sigh.

    Definitely planning to watch in detail again once my holiday comes in June.

    Btw I like the guzheng version. And I am so impressed by the OST? Like… this China drama has an OST?!?! That is dedication from the theme production.

    Btw do you know that the emperor is actually a director (or producer I forgot…) of LYB! It is SO CRAZY because many of Lin Shu’s comrades are also directors of LYB. Their acting is amazeballs, totally win many of the actors/actresses out there haha!

    • may i know what song wang kai sang for ost NIF???

      i watched this drama again last weekend, haha and really really love it 🙂 never get bored.. perhaps later hihi


        I LOVE his manly and deep voice. 😛

        But oh man this image totally tarnished when he went for a recent variety show (I think Hunan’s Run) and he SCREECHED. *face palm*

        Maybe he just can’t get away from his role as Jia Ming (he acted as a gay in that show and because of that, he was getting the same role and had limited offers).

        Hi *waves* 😀

        • sorry late reply. thank you for the link 😀

          hahaha i watch it, run variety show (not the running man version, right?) his scream hahahaha… funny tho. so human being actually. but last year, i totally so in love with him. just change my gravatar this jan 2016 for refreshing lols.. he’s gonna rock c-entertainment again this year, huaa.. wang kai fighting!

  • Thank you so much for the post 😀 Love this show so ,so much and listening to these covers makes my heart hurt. They sound beautiful. I am new to the Chinese drama world and I have been looking for something to watch, a drama like Nirvana in fire? What are your favorite Chinese shows? I started Prince of Lang ling but I couldn’t continue. Guess I need Hu ge in the show I am watching haha

  • I love the erhu and guzheng covers of Aging of a Beauty. With the osts, im sad that they didnt include the version of Aging of a Beauty where Liu Tao was just humming. I remember hearing that version during a few scenes and it was just so heartbreaking. I wonder if it’s possible to find that version online. XP

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