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The upcoming period c-drama Legend of Mi Yue (Mi Yue Zhuan; MYZ) is set to start airing on November 30th, 2015.  (according to most sources)  Time to pump out lots of promo stills, a 26-minute long trailer, and music videos, right?


The drama finally released a more polished official poster.  From the poster we can tell who the most important characters/cast members are:

  • Mi Yue (Sun Li)
  • the emperor (Alex Fong)
  • Huang Xie (Huang Xuan)
  • Mi Shu (Liu Tao)
  • Wei Yan (Ma Su)
  • Yi Qu (Gao Yun Xiang)


Since the drama seems like it’s going to be really intense, I want to start off by sharing these fun  lighthearted chibis of the Mi Yue Zhuan characters!  Too cute, eh?  I like how each character has his own color & unique background symbol!  The actual drama has none of the cuteness resembled in the chibi stills, of course.  I watched the 26-minute spoilery trailer and WOW there were so many crying scenes, political power plays, sisterly strife, love triangles, etc. etc. etc.  I feel like the plot is even more complicated than Legend of Zhen Huan because the heroine in Legend of Mi Yue is involved with THREE love interests and her own sister becomes one of her rivals.  Omg.  Am I really ready to tackle an 80 episode drama of angst?!


^Favorite still is the middle left pic, of Sun Li in the snow

Will new Liu Tao fans give Mi Yue Zhuan a try?

This year has seen a lot of successful and popular c-dramas; perhaps the biggest hit so far in 2015 is Nirvana in Fire. As you may know, Liu Tao played the role of the leading lady in that drama.  Other main cast members such as Hu Ge and Wang Kai gained legions of new adoring fans who like them so much that they sought out their other 2015 dramas.  I’m curious to see if new Liu Tao fans will do the same for MYZ.

Nirvana in Fire vs. Legend of Mi Yue vs. Legend of Zhen Huan

And on the same topic of Nirvana in Fire, of course I’m wondering if Legend of Mi Yue will match up to it…just like how I’m wondering if it’ll live up to Legend of Zhen Huan.  But…can we really compare apples to oranges?  All of these dramas, despite sharing the common period genre, are quite different from each other.  Sun Li herself as well as the director Zheng Xiaolong have stated that MYZ and LZH are two different stories with two unique heroines.

“But Zheng says the new tale, set on a bigger political stage, does not have plots, scenarios or palace intrigues which resemble those from the earlier series [LZH].

“Mi’s semi-biographical tale is based on real history, while Zhen Huan’s story was from the namesake novel,” he says.”

– China Daily

I find it interesting hearing Sun Li’s own opinions on the differences between Mi Yue and Zhen Huan:

“Actress Sun Li, the actress who plays the role of Zhen Huan, says Mi is a “bigger challenge”.

“She was a very smart woman. In a world dominated by male rulers, she uses her personal charm and wisdom to convince the aristocrats to follow the new policies … a pretty great achievement.””

– China Daily

International releases of Mi Yue Zhuan?

According to the China Daily, the drama might be streamed on Netflix!  Other channels and websites may also air the drama.  As you know, Netflix as well as Viki streamed the short version Empresses in the Palace..so I think it’s plausible that they may go for MYZ as well.

26-minute Trailer (Warning: Spoilers!)

If you want to avoid spoilers–especially about the ending–I’d suggest that you skip this trailer.

Official Music Video #1

The music videos aren’t spoilery so they’re a good alternative for those who don’t want to see any spoilers in the previews.

Official Music Video #2

Sources: Dramawiki / China Daily


I'm heisui, an Asian drama blogger and the creator of My Drama Tea. I love stories and writing, so I watch dramas and blog. I especially have a penchant for Japanese and Chinese dramas, and those hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered. Oh, and I'm Legend of Zhen Huan-obsessed!
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  • Looking forward to this! 🙂

    I think it’s kind of unfair to compare these two dramas since the scale is kind of different. Zhen Huan’s story was still largely confined to the palace from what we know and by the looks of the trailer, Miyue is flying around all over the place doing this and that and seizing more direct control. I just hope they don’t bite off more than they can chew and make it seem unrealistic to the audience or just weird… although it does kind of go with the chaos of the time period in terms of warring kingdoms…

    I’ve been building up on promo materials as well for a post. Also, we may do a loop around in the Chinese history Timeline with Sinology Sundays at Cfensi next week and then work our way back to the Tang dynasty where we started so that will coincide nicely with the release of this drama if it goes through… 🙂

  • In the group of pictures under the chibis, is the person in the bottom right picture the actress who played MeiZhuang in LZH?

    I’m actually looking to see how this drama compares with Empress of China, because both feature strong powerful heroines. I’m hoping that this will show more of Miyue actually being in power and causing change and being effective because that to me was Empress of China’s biggest lacking points.

    • Yes, it is. Lan Xi (who played Mei Zhuang) is playing a supporting role in LMY. 🙂 I think it’ll take a long time for Miyue to climb up the ranks and obtain power. >_<

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