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Okashi no Ie

Notable Cast:

Ono Machiko, Odagiri Joe, Yachigusa Kaoru


slice of life

Short summary:

The story of an old candy shop struggling to stay afloat and of the people who are connected to it.  Taro’s  (Odagiri Joe) grandmother is trying to keep her candy shop alive.  Meanwhile, Taro eats candy with the shop’s regular customers and childhood friends.  One day, Taro’s old classmate Reiko (Ono Machiko) returns to the neighborhood with her son after getting a divorce.

“He [Taro] and his friends start to notice what is truly important to them as they face up to their pasts, dreams and pains.” – Jdrama Weblog


I’m so ready to see Odagiri Joe & Ono Machiko starring together!!!  I enjoyed Odagiri Joe in River’s Edge and Ono Machiko in various dramas like Saikou no Rikon, Mother, etc. so of course I wanna see them together!  😉 As for the story itself, it looks like it’ll be heartfelt and slow-paced.  But admittedly I’m still kinda uncertain as to what’s actually going to happen in the plot.  From the trailer & synopsis, it sounds like Reiko’s (Ono Machiko) return will spur Taro & his old friends to revisit the past and reconsider the present.


For the Cast



Notable Cast:

Ono Machiko


Crime, mystery

Short Summary:

Ono Machiko plays the role of Fujiko, a serial killer.  She was traumatized after surviving the murder of her entire family as a young child.


First of all, this is a HULU jdrama which came as a surprise to me!  The timing of having a HULU jdrama is good considering Netflix is also dabbling in its jdrama Underwear.  Anyways, obviously I’m interested in this drama because it stars Ono Machiko.  On top of that, she’s playing the role of a SERIAL KILLER which I never imagined her in!




Gisou no Fuufu

Notable Cast:

Amami Yuki, Sawamura Ikki



Short Summary:

Hiro (Amami Yuki) and Choji (Sawamura Ikki) used to go to the same university–and used to be boyfriend and girlfriend.  Their relationship ended when Choji dumped Hiro by disappearing without any explanation.  25 years later, the two of them randomly meet again and end up in a fake marriage for the sake of Choji’s mom, who doesn’t have much time left to live.


I want to try out this drama because of the interesting pairing of Sawamura Ikki & Amami Yuki.  I never imagined this pairing before so I’m curious to see how their chemistry will be.

Note: This drama has already started airing.


For the ‘New’ Factor




Kiritani Mirei, Sakai Wakana, Chiba Masako, Maiko, Kaito Ken, Sakurada Dori




A Netflix original Japanese series about a young woman who starts working at a high-end lingerie brand in Ginza.


The main appeal of this jdrama is that it’s the first Netflix original jdrama. So Underwear is kinda like uncharted territory.  However I don’t have much interest in high fashion lingerie so…this show may not be my thing.  BTW, for Rich Man Poor Woman fans, this drama is written by the same scriptwriter!

P.S. I still think the title of the drama will take some getting used to…

Note: This drama already started airing.


Thoughts on other upcoming jdramas

Otona Joshi–I’m glad to see Shinohara Ryoko in another drama.  Plus the scriptwriter wrote Shiroi Haru and Black President, both of which I heard were good.  BUT there are a few things that make me hesitant about Otona Joshi: 1) It’s yet another rom-com about single women who are “past their prime age”.  Is this a possible Last Cinderella 2.0?  If so, count me out. 2) In the trailer there’s the line “40-year old women aren’t women.”   I do hope that that’s not one of the intended messages from the drama as I don’t find this to be an empowering message at all.

Okitegami Kyoko no Biboroku–Aragaki Yui plays the role of a detective who loses her memory at the end of each day.  Why in the world did her character become a detective when she loses her memory everyday in the first place?!  Does this make any sense?!?

5-ji Kara 9-ji Made ~ Watashi ni Koi Shita Obousan–This rom-com might be popular because it’s starring Ishihara Satomi & Yamapi.  The most memorable thing about this drama’s synopsis though, is that Yamapi’s character is a MONK.  And not just a monk, but a monk searching for a marriage partner.

Rugged–Ashida Mana drama.  At first I didn’t recognize her in the promo poster because she looks older than when I last saw her in Ashita, Mama ga Inai!

My #1 anticipated jdrama thus far is Okashi no Ie for sure!  I’m hoping that other jdramas will pleasantly surprise me as well.  It looks like there will be a good amount of j-drama rom-coms this fall, for those of you who are looking for a rom-com fix.  Sadly, none of the WOWOW dramas really caught my eye.  Let me know which jdramas you’re looking forward to and why!  🙂

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  • Okoshi no Ie sounds fab! I don’t even care much what the story is, that’s a cast I’ll try any sort of drama for. Because they can act and because they generally interesting drama choices.

    Though I’m not sure I can stomach Fujiko…..

    I haven’t liked any Shinohara Ryoko drama. I don’t know, she doesn’t work for me. It’s probably not even that she’s a bad actress, but I have yet to see a character of hers that I like in a drama that I like. (I’ve seen her in maybe 3 or 4 things.)

    5-ji Kara 9-ji Made – based on an atrocious manga. I think some people are hoping the drama adaptation will change some parts of the story – i.e. take out the part that the monk guy is a controlling jerk. Personally I don’t care for the cast either, so this one is a pass for me.

    Still anticipating Kounodori (because: Ayano Gou). I hope it’s a good one – he’s a wonderful actor, so I want him to be in interesting dramas (& films).

    • I don’t think I will be able to stomach Fujiko either. T_T My liking Shinohara Ryoko is based on when I watched her dramas a really long time ago and liked them. Even though when I look back on them, they weren’t that great… I guess she makes me feel nostalgic. >_< LOL the monk story! I was really wondering where they got that idea from. Saw the synopsis for the Ayano Go drama but it didn't strike my interest. Let me know if it's good!

      • Sign me up for Gisou no Fuufu! Amami Yuki is love. I may not love all of the dramas she was in, but I always love the characters she played. Same thing with Ayano Go. I’ll give Kounodori a chance. Who knows? OB-GYN unit may grow on me. As for his Best Divorce co-star Ono Machiko, I am psyched for Fujiko. I’m hoping in will be dark, creepy and bloody. Yamapi’s drama 5-ji Kara 9-ji Made seems interesting enough. He does well with eccentric characters, think Akira in Nobuta wo Produce. The more off-kilter the better. Yay, fall season is finally here.

      • Apparently I was trying my luck to watch Ayano Go in Kounodori, and to my suprised, I love it. Well maybe because I like how Japanese drama portray the life and work of Doctors lively. And of course a lot of babies. All actors and actress are superb. Even the babies part are amazing like they are very great baby actor and actress. Oguri Shun is in too..yay. Might want to consider the soundtrack from the drama too. Baby God bless you. Find my self replaying the song all over again

  • I’m also looking forward to Okashi no Ie since it’s got both Odagiri Joe and Ono Machiko. Japan does slice of life well, so fingers crossed it’ll be a good drama.

    Can’t stand Shinohara Ryoko, so will pass on her drama.

    Probably will try Aibou 14 since it’s got Sorimachi Takashi.

  • “40-year old women aren’t women.” –>According to the news/promotion stuff, the message of the drama is supposedly the exact opposite of that.

    I’m most looking forward to Bonkura 2 because, while not spectacular or anything, I did rather enjoy Bonkura.

    I am looking forward to Okashi no Ie as well, but I’m not sure how I’ll handle it considering I have a strong dislike for both Ono Machiko and Odagiri Joe.

    There are a few others I’m planning to try, but unfortunately none I am particularly excited about.

  • Not a lot to look forward to this season. Gisou no Fuufu certainly looks interesting and I can’t say no to Odagiri Joe and Ono Machiko. I want to watch Fujiko, but finding raws for Hulu dramas has not been easy. My hopes aren’t high for From 5 to 9, the manga author doesn’t exactly have the best track record with writing likable characters, but I like Ishihara Satomi so I’ll at least watch one episode.

  • I don’t know about other upcoming J-dramas except for the ones shown here. Fujiko looks interesting though. I never seen a female serial killer drama before.

    im liking otona joshi.middle aged women would like it, its a predictable jdrama.its not bad like last cinderella which i has black president sarcastic charm. plus im a shinohara, kichise, tanihara, eguchi fan.
    angel heart is based on the manga and is a good adaptation of the manga, but the manga is boring lol. shimatachi no rocket for abe hiroshi. reminds me of hanzawa naoki with over the top cartoonish villains.
    gisou no fufuu is…different.its not your typical romance and its more a comedy. for example in 1st episode uchida yuki proposes to marry her. also sawamurra asks to marry her and hes gay and in love with the mover boy. meanwhile amami hates people. also the mother isnt even ill. reminds me of another amami yuki drama called enka no jouu of an annoying male lead and her being forced into situations and helping others.
    okitegami – meh. its a boring detective drama. i used to be a fan of aragaki but ive gotten tired of watching the spate of average dramas shes been starring in for the past few years.
    5-ji kara is just plain meh. yammapi is such a terrible actor and a bad singer but since its johnnys entertainment he keeps on getting main cast roles. am avoiding this show.


    • I added a spoiler alert to your comment due to Gisou no Fuufu. Yes, it’s funny yet also heartwarming. I watched a bit ahead and was totally surprised to hear the mom confess she’s not sick. And Amami Yuki’s expression when she heard that was priceless, omg!

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