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I believe that the drama community should be one of positivity, encouragement and support.  Sometimes it’s hard to avoid the negativity–harsh criticism of actors’ looks, fan wars over which idol is better, people impatiently demanding subtitles & recaps, etc.  Let’s spread positivity instead!  Here are 10 acts of kindness that we drama fans can do.  I challenge you to try out a few acts of kindness and to come up with your own.


1. Say thank you.

Fan-subbers, drama-bloggers, forum moderators, and drama site staff members all work hard to contribute to the drama community.  Newsflash–subbing is a time-consuming process!  It can sometimes take dozens of volunteer fan-subbers to finish subbing one drama.   And it’s no surprise that drama-blogging takes tons of time and effort as well!  It can take hours or even days to finish just one post.  On top of that, drama-bloggers put a lot of time into maintaining their blogs while still juggling their studies, job, or family life.

And of course, we drama-bloggers must say thank you to our readers–both new and old ones.  Thank you to new readers for checking out my blog.  Thank you to my long-time readers for sticking with me this far, for commenting & liking my posts, and for giving me encouragement.  It means so much to me!

Lastly, if you have any drama friends who have made a positive impact on your life, do thank them.  I made many awesome drama buddies who have helped me out (especially with getting my site up and running!), given me advice, and put up with my constant rambling about dramas.  😛  Thank you, my drama friends!

2. Comment on a blog that you’ve been lurking on.

*Yet another attempt to lure lurkers out of the shadows* 😛  I make an effort to like & comment a lot of blog posts…but I still lurk too.  Every comment means a lot, especially to bloggers who are just starting out or who have small blogs.  So take the time to make a comment!  It only takes a few minutes.

3. Recommend a good drama to someone.

Dramas are like band-aids to our booboos!  *cheesy*  Ah yes, you can give someone a drama to marathon, obsess over, and get addicted to.  You can light up their world by getting them to watch an awesome drama.  This is what drama friends are for!  😛

4. Twitter:  Tweet about things you like, not things you hate.

Ah, Twitter.  It is a breeding ground for tweets about frustrating characters, crappy dramas, that one idol or group that people hate, etc.  Ranting about dramas or actors or idols that we dislike can be a form of stress relief.  But in the end, that kind of stress relief only goes so far.   Eventually the negativity will drag you down.  Try focusing on what you enjoy rather than what you don’t.

5. Give a word of encouragement to a drama fan who’s having a bad day.

Sometimes the dramasphere feels like a bubble where we just forget that other drama fans have troubles.  All we see on a blog may be a person’s drama-related posts, with very little personal details about the blogger.  “How are you doing?” is rarely asked.  I remember looking at one of my blogger friend’s blog and reading her words “I finally understand why people say that watching dramas is a form of escape.”  I didn’t ask her what she meant.  It turns out that her father had passed away earlier this year.  I wish I had asked if she was ok the moment I read those words.


^Fuben na Benriya, a positive jdrama that I would recommend to anyone who wants to laugh.

6. Be patient.

Is this an act of kindness or more like common sense?  I have seen so many instances of people demanding instant subtitles and recaps on drama sites & blog.  One of my pet peeves is seeing comments like “Subs plz,” “Y u no sub,” “Upload the rest,” “Hurry up and recap this,” etc.   Such comments don’t accomplish anything–they don’t make the subs or blog posts come sooner.  The only thing these comments do is make bloggers & subbers feel more stressed and under-appreciated.  Don’t demand subs & recaps–you are not entitled to them.    Be patient.

7. Share drama blog posts, news, pictures, etc. with fellow drama fans.

Found an interesting article?  A picture or clip of someone’s favorite actor or singer?  Spread the happiness with your fellow drama fans.  Give them some eye candy or something interesting to read.

8.  Recommend a good drama blog or site to a drama fan.

Drama bloggers can’t watch everything, but drama bloggers combined can cover a whole range of dramas.  Oftentimes when someone comments asking about a drama that I haven’t seen, I can simply refer them over to another blog.  I also have a Blogroll page that recommends drama blogs, as well as a post on recommended drama sites.

9. Find one positive thing to say about a drama, actor, idol, etc. that you dislike.

Don’t force yourself to act like you like a drama, actor, etc. when you really don’t.  But hey, we can at least try to see some good in the things we dislike, eh?  For example, I ranted about how Last Cinderella was a bad drama…but I also had to acknowledge that I was addicted to it.  I no longer think Liu Shi Shi is an amazing actress but I have to give her credit for making me love her performance in Bu Bu Jing Xin.  And so on.


^That being said, I still have very few good things to say about the US version of Legend of Zhen Huan.  T_T

10. For drama-bloggers: Host a give-away.

I’ve seen a number of drama-bloggers host give-aways.  I’ve seen them give away food, magazines (that have special photoshoots of Asian celebrities, of course!) , Crunchyroll subscriptions, manga, hand-written thank you cards, and more.  If you are thinking “gee I never heard about any of this,” you may not be following enough drama blogs…or you may have just missed them.  o_o  Personally my give-aways are nowhere near as elaborate–all I do is make headers for my drama-blogging friends.

Lastly, be kind to yourself.

If you are suffering through a horrible drama that you hate, please, do yourself a favor and drop it.  If you are surrounded by fangirl wars that are bogging you down, leave them.  If you are watching too many dramas at once, consider that watching dramas in moderation is better than watching them in excess.  If you have a writer’s block or don’t have time to watch dramas/blog, don’t be too hard on yourself.

What acts of kindness are you doing in the drama community?  Do you have any kind acts you can add to this list?  How has the drama community positively affected you?


I'm heisui, an Asian drama blogger and the creator of My Drama Tea. I love stories and writing, so I watch dramas and blog. I especially have a penchant for Japanese and Chinese dramas, and those hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered. Oh, and I'm Legend of Zhen Huan-obsessed!
Fuben na Benriya: Eps 10-12 (Finale)
Hua Xu Yin: Ep 1 – First Impressions
  • Every drama blogger have different skilll sets and watch different dramas. Some enjoy doing reviews, and some enjoy posting celebrity nes. Some may be more onto Wuxia dramas, modern dramas, or pre-modern dramas. Every drama blogger is different which makes every blogger unique. Sometimes I recommend dramas I dislike to other fans too cause I know though I don’t like it, they may like it.

  • It’s unfortunate a post like this is needed, but I also have seen so much negativity in drama discussions.

    Thank you for your blog, and for your generosity, such as with the header giveaways! We do appreciate your work!

  • First of all, thank you for being such a great drama blog!!! I’ve only started blogging recently and I truly understood what you mean by reviewing take hours. Before I started blogging, I knew it was hard work but now that I finally do, I realised the extent of difficulty. I take about 4 hours just for a simple review/brief recap. It’s crazy hard work. So, thank you for all your awesome posts and you made my Legend of Zhen Huan journey so much better 🙂

  • Such a sweet post. Well, I’ll start off my acts of kindness by delurking!! I’ve always read your posts yet I have failed to leave a comment. It’s always nice to know what others are thinking about on a particular drama to expand my perspective and since c-drama blogs are so rare, I really do treasure your posts. Thankyou for being such a fantastic blog and you will definitely see me commenting more 🙂

  • Thank you so much for your post, especially the part about drama subbing. I’ve personally grown very much interested and passionate about subbing, both on drama sites and through making feeble attempts to start subbing independently. But whatever the method, it takes loads of time and effort and lots of persistence to see things through. You’re right; the demanding comments have no positive effect at all whatsoever. At the very least, they are completely ignored. Sometimes, they might even discourage the subbers because we don’t see the purpose and motivation to keep us going if all we get are people demanding for more and not receiving thanks for the work we’ve done.

    I’d also like to thank you for keeping such a beautiful blog and website. I’ve actually been following your blog for a while, yes as a lurker. I’m not good at writing, and even though making comments take much less time and effort than writing posts, it’s still hard for me to compose a proper comment. But this post about giving support to fellow drama-lovers, and my own experience of how hard it is to start a blog or any project without any support pushed me that one final nudge to come out and thank you. So… thank you for doing this for us. You are an inspiration to do better and persist in our endeavors in loving Asian dramas.

    Thank you~

    • I know the feeling. It can get frustrating because it seems like the commenters have no idea how much hard work goes into subbing. Or that they just expect the subbers to do all the work so that they can watch dramas with free subs. I have seen some volunteer subbers quit due to their frustration over demanding comments. X_X Anyways thank you for subbing, I’m glad that you’ve gotten into it! And thank you also for reading and delurking. Your comment is great. And I like how your blog focuses on tw-dramas. Not many tw-drama-specific blogs around.

  • Batsu-san! <3 Given what's happened to Kwon and other k-drama bloggers, this post is timely. It's also heartening to see everyone rallying around Kwon in the comments, and I hope the issue will be solved soon.

    And you're right, I wish people would be more patient about the subbing status of any drama. Those who keep on badgering for subs don't understand how time-consuming the process is. We should just all be grateful there are subs at all, because otherwise we wouldn't be able to watch the dramas we do.

  • I love giving drama recommendations! So hit me up anytime with something you are looking/in the mood for and maybe I can help. Or maybe you could host a drama recathon–get more drama love going around haha. Though I have always wondered, do you have a public list of dramas you have seen somewhere?

  • Great post! I know there are some people that enjoy hating on something, but honestly, the negativity in dramaland is overwhelming sometimes. Drama watching is supposed to be fun, so let’s all try to be a bit more positive and civil towards one another.

  • i admit it! I’m a lurker and it is hard to comment even though I sometimes want to 🙁 Sadly, maybe because I read blogs where others bash some of those comments and reading it holds me back.
    I have since avoided reading those sites, so I am happy to be here where I see everyone being “civil”

    Thank you for writing, all the reviews and I appreciate all the bloggers and admire your passion for sharing what you love XD

    • I’m glad that you brought that up, because it’s so true. It’s understandable that people wouldn’t want to comment if their opinion differs from the rest of the commenters, or if they see that there’s a lot of bashing in the comments. Wish we could have a friendly environment for discussion where everyone can safely share their opinions.

  • I believe that everyone has a taste. For example, I don’t like period world war dramas and Wuxia Series with lots of CGI but that doesn’t mean I’m a hater. It’s not my type of dramas. Sometimes fans or bloggers can mix up with the word taste vs negative. You’ll see I barely blog about Fantasy Wuxia Series without CGI.

    • *I barely blog about Wuxia Series with lots of CGI. I mostly blog about old Wuxia Series with .little series cause I love those Wuxia Series a lot.

  • Oh that is such a sweet and positive post – thank you so much for it!! 🙂 Your ‘thoughts’ posts always provide some food for thought. Yeah the drama watching/bloging world does feel like a bubble sometimes, just like dramaland itself. But even on Twitter we all tend to rave/rant or even just occasionally post snippets of our real lives.

    The last advice tho, is the best one haha. If you’re continuing to watch something you don’t like, then there must be *something* you like about it. Even bad plot or cheesiness can be good for a laugh so I guess that’s a bit of stress relief.

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