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This is my list of anticipated jdramas for the summer 2015 season. 🙂


Most Anticipated



Napoleon no Mura

Notable Cast:

Karasawa Toshiaki, Sawamura Ikki (DOCTORS), Yamamoto Koji


?!?  Does “revitalization-of-rural-village” count?

Network & Air Date:

TBS; July 19, 2015

Short Summary:

Karasawa Toshiaki plays the role of a government employee in Tokyo.  He transfers to Kagura Village (on the outskirts of the Tokyo prefecture) to revitalize the town.


This is my most anticipated jdrama of the summer because…

    • I like the cast.  I generally like Karasawa Toshiaki so I have no qualms with him as the leading actor.  Not sure what role Sawamura Ikki is playing but it doesn’t hurt to have him in the drama too.  😉
    • I like the synopsis.  I enjoy dramas in rural settings such as Osozaki no Himawari and Fuben na Benriya.  They are a nice change of pace from the usual drama that is set in the bustling big city.  And I think revitalization of towns is always interesting!
    • I like the preview.  Sometimes I get bored with even 30-second previews.  Yet I was fully engaged in this 3-minute long one because of the humor, the pretty scenery and the warm fuzzies.

Long Preview:


For the Story




Notable Cast:

Honda Tsubasa, Fukushi Sota, Nomura Shuhei (Wakamonotachi 2014)



Network & Air Date:

Fuji TV; July 20, 2015

Short Summary:

The typical nostalgic summer romance: Aoi (Fukushi Sota), now a young adult, reunites with his childhood best friend Akari (Honda Tsubasa).  Akari disappeared from Aoi’s life seven years ago. But now that she has returned, there is man beside her–his name is also Aoi (Nomura Shuhei).


I’m hoping that this drama will hit all the right notes for a nostalgic, coming-of-age romance.  It will likely focus on how the main characters grew up when they were apart from each other, and how they can still reconnect and ~fall in love~ 7 years later.  😛  It totally sounds like something straight out of a manga, right? (As far as I know, it’s not a live action.)

Casting-wise, Honda Tsubasa is a good choice for this kind of role.  She can look the part of a high schooler (for flashback scenes) as well as a young adult.  Also she just starred in the live action romance Ao Haru Ride….which is about two youngsters who reunite with each other and fall in love again.  Pretty similar kind of role, I assume.  As for Fukushi Sota & Nomura Shuhei, I’m neutral.  I have only seen them briefly in a couple other shows so I’m not sure what to think of them just yet.



Age Harassment

Notable Cast:

Takei Emi, Inamori Izumi (Cleopatra na Onnatachi), Seto Koji, Kaname Jun



Network & Air Date:

TV Asahi; July 9, 2015

Short Summary:

Emiri (Takei Emi) is newly employed at her company.  She’s smart and ambitious, but the company seems to only want her for her looks and places her in the General Affairs unit.  Emiri is harassed because of her beauty, gender and youth by her male and female coworkers.  She decides to fight back against her conservative, old-fashioned company and her harassers.


I used to have a thing against Takei Emi–I would complain about her bleh acting and how she gets cast in roles that do not suit her.  Looking back, I’m not quite sure why I didn’t like Takei Emi.  I recently rewatched her breakthrough drama Asuko March and I still enjoyed it.  I guess my main gripe about her is that she is still an average actress that is new at acting….yet she’s somehow cast in drama after drama, often in roles that would be better suited for other actresses.  For instance, I wasn’t feeling her acting in the Rurouni Kenshin live action trilogy.  That being said, I don’t want to be so negative against Takei Emi like I was in the past.  I think she can do well as long as she gets the right character for her.

Anyways, I have no idea if this will be a good drama or not.  It can easily be super cheesy, or it can be a girl-power drama. Obviously I want it to be a girl-power drama that seriously tackles these issues of discrimination.  But then again, many jdramas don’t go so far as to actually go against gender norms.  Even the dramas that I thought would be all for girl-power end up going right back into the usual “women need romance” theme.  I hope that Age Harassment will do something unique.




Shi no Zouki

Notable Cast:

Koizumi Kotaro, Toyohara Kosuke, Ogi Shigemitsu


Medical, suspense, crime

Network & Air Date:

WOWOW; July 12, 2015

Short Summary:

Kyota (Koizumi Kotaro) is a TV company director that found a dead woman’s body.  The autopsy reveals that one of her kidneys was missing.  This case leads Kyota to investigate the organ trade.


I can’t think of any other jdramas at the moment that have specifically dealt with the organ trade.  For that alone, I think this drama has a good chance at a thought-provoking, suspenseful story.   Also, I have a favorable impression of Koizumi Kotaro, who has been in TONS of jdramas.  I often see him in the “nice handsome guy” role (when he is a supporting character) so I’d like to see him in a darker role.


For the Cast



Tantei no Tantei

Notable Cast:

Kitagawa Keiko


Detective, mystery, crime

Network & Air Date:

Fuji TV; July 9, 2015

Short Summary:

Rena (Kitagawa Keiko) is a detective for an investigation company.  Although she is an investigator, she says that she does not want to be one.  Her only motive for getting into detective work is to take revenge on the investigator who murdered her younger sister.


Obviously a lot of people will be happy to hear that Kitagawa Keiko is starring in a new drama.  She is a favorite Japanese actress for many drama fans.  Initially I thought that the synopsis didn’t sound that interesting, but the preview is way more intense than I thought it’d be.  So maybe this will turn out to be a suspenseful drama.




Risk no Kamisama

Notable Cast:

Toda Erika, Tsutsumi Shinichi, Furuta Arata, Kohinata Fumiyo (Ashita no Kita Yoshio)



Network & Air Date:

Fuji TV; July 8, 2015

Short Summary:

Satoshi (Tsutsumi Shinichi) is the “God of Risk,” a renowned risk management expert who leads the crisis management department at Sunrise Corporation.  Kaori (Toda Erika) also works at the same company, and starts working with Satoshi in crisis management.


To be totally honest, the synopsis sounds so boring to me. T_T”  I am not in the mood for a corporate jdrama. BUT…I really like the actress Toda Erika.  She recently made her comeback in the spring drama Yokokuhan The Pain…which hasn’t been English subbed yet. =_=  If Risk no Kamisami gets subbed, I will check this out for Toda Erika!

Other cast members:  Apparently Tsutsumi Shinichi has been in plenty of dramas and films, but I don’t believe I’ve seen him before.  I’ve seen Kohinata Fumiyo in tons of dramas and have had a soft spot for him ever since Ashita no Kita Yoshio and Double Face.  So it’ll be nice seeing him in this drama, albeit as a side character.





Death Note (Live Action)

What in the world, they’re making ANOTHER Death Note live action?  There are already a couple live action films.  I seriously wonder why they decided to make another live action.  I’m not sure how true this adaptation will be from the original.  One of my followers told me that they might be changing up the story.  Don’t quote me on this though.  Based on the promo poster, I doubt that this live action will be any better quality than the film version.

Akagi (Live Action)

A story about a mahjong genius?!  I haven’t seen the anime/read the manga so I’m not sure if the original story is any good?  Let me know if you’ve seen or read Akagi and what you think of the upcoming live action!

Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san

This drama sounds cute but I doubt it’ll be subbed.  It’s about a high school ramen expert who eats delicious ramen everyday.

Which dramas are you looking forward to this summer season, and why?  For those on summer break, YAY!  Hopefully that means you have time for some good jdramas this summer!  🙂

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I'm heisui, an Asian drama blogger and the creator of My Drama Tea. I love stories and writing, so I watch dramas and blog. I especially have a penchant for Japanese and Chinese dramas, and those hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered. Oh, and I'm Legend of Zhen Huan-obsessed!
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Fuben na Benriya: Eps 10-12 (Finale)
  • Wow, what an unexciting list.

    Okay, I might give Napoleon no Mura a try, although I’m not familiar with any of the cast and although I feel like we’ve had this before – if we get yet another “revitalisation of rural town” premise, I wish there’d be something to set it apart from the previous ones to make me feel more excited. Well, maybe it’ll develop into something of its own…

    But the rest….

    I’ve seen enough of Fukushi Sota to actively avoid his stuff – unless, perhaps, he were paired with actors I really like or in a drama with an intriguing plot. But that’s not the case here. It’s the same old love story we get all the time, and Tsubasa Honda isn’t the most talented actress either. I did like her in Piece but that had a gripping story – her acting with still rather stiff/lacking subtlety.

    How is Takei Emi “new at acting”? Her first credit is a 2008 film. She’s had lead roles since 2011. She’s done about 15 dramas (average 3 a year – definitely hardworking), plus 8 films. Out of curiosity, I checked Mitsushima Hikari’s profile. She’s got her first credit in 2006, 16 dramas and 17 films. First drama lead role also seems to be from 2011. I have seen Takei in 5 productions (Liar Game 2, Clinic on the Sea, For Love’s Sake, Rurouni Kenshin 1 + 2 – in four she had a lead). I have seen Mitsushima in 5 (Tsuki no Koibito, Moteki drama; Soredemo, Ikite Yuku; Wakamonotachi; Moteki film) plus in one theatre production (Hamlet). She had a lead role only in 1 of these, with the others she had a supporting role or was in an ensemble cast (Moteki, Wakamonotachi), meaning there were 4-5 other people with as much screen time. Mitsushima has done a lot more films then Takei, but she hasn’t been significantly longer in the business (although she’s 8 years older). I wouldn’t be surprised, given that Takei’s been gets lead roles all the time now, she has had more screen time than Mitsushima. I would argue neither of them is “new at acting”, but (based on what I have seen) there’s a universe between their acting skills.

    If Takei were “new” (few roles, mostly supporting characters) I would give her the benefit of the doubt and hope that she’d get better over time, but she’s had plenty of time and plenty of roles to improve but her acting is still very average not to say mediocre. Mitsushima’s is phenomenal. We could compare Takei to actress her age too – Fumi Nikaido (1 year younger), or even Hashimoto Ai (3 years younger) – and she doesn’t fare better. Anyhow, I don’t think she’s “new” and at this point you’d have to pay me to watch her work or cast her along someone phenomenal (like, if she was in a drama with Mitsushima)…

    I’ll stop ranting now – really wish there were more interesting summer dramas coming our way. Well, maybe the Ramen one doesn’t sound to bad.

    P.S. Just checked: there’s Enka -Gold Rush- (Moriyama Mirai is back!) and Bookshelf Restaurant (manga artists who want to be cooks – now that could be quirky fun).

    • To be fair, perhaps the Takei work I have seen it was more “ensemble” too. (Though I did try Asuko March were she was “lead lead” and dropped it… Forgot I also saw here in Otomen (supporting).)

    • Oops, I had thought that Takei Emi started sometime around 2010. I am mistaken, thanks for pointing that out. I have seen Takei Emi in Asuko March & the Rurouni Kenshin trilogy. While she wasn’t amazing in Asuko March, I think she did better there than she did in Rurouni Kenshin. Yeah, I was one of those people who was wondering why she was cast as Kaoru.

      • Sorry for ranting by the way… 😛

        2008 or 2010 isn’t much of a difference, what’s shocking is more the number of projects & lead roles.

  • Fukushi Sota sucks. He’s a terrible actor who sucks the energy from every scene he’s in and every co-star he’s paired with. Takei Emi is not much better. She isn’t a new actress as alua has mentioned, and she was terrible in Taira no Kiyomori where she was completely flat and dull. She was also pretty much a non-entity in Liar Game 2 and a poor choice as Kaoru in Rurouni Kenshin.

    Summer’s line-up is pretty blah, there’s nothing in there that makes me want to watch. Maybe it’s time to clear my backlog of older dramas.

    • The funny thing is I don’t even remember her in Liar Game 2…

      As for Kaoru, I actually think the character itself is as dull as can be – which isn’t Takei’s fault (though she doesn’t breathe any life into her either). But after I had watched the 2nd instalment, I realised why Takei had that role: no actress that’s actually interested in developing her craft would want to be Kaoru, as there’s zero challenge in that character. Both Megumi and Misao were much more intriguing and memorable characters (with actual things to do and requiring acting skills). As the love interest of the main lead, Kaoru got Takei prominently placed in promotional materials (something her agency surely loved) and probably got her many new fans, but performance-wise, that choice of role just underlines her lack of skills. I remember before Rurouni Kenshin aired, some people wondered why Yu Aoi wasn’t Kaoru, but it makes total sense to me now.

      • Takei was in the segment with Kikuchi Rinko (who was Katsuragi Ryo) and was pretty much wallflower material, so it’s not surprising you don’t remember her.

        I agree Aoi Yu shouldn’t have been Kaoru. She was a superb Megumi and I wanted Kenshin to end up with her. Misao was quite interesting as a character as well. I’d read somewhere that manga Kaoru was supposed to be more kickass, but Takei as Kaoru was bland as heck.

        • Hmm, I thought I had heard Kaoru’s character doesn’t have that much to do in the manga either. But I haven’t read it, so don’t know for sure.

    • I only remember him as the main character in ‘As the Gods Will’ although I prefer Ryunosuke Kamiki there. I watch the movie because I’m into survival game manga lately.

  • I know where to drink my drama tea when i wanna check for upcoming Japanese dramas without searching around! Aish, For the Story attracts me instantly as the summer romance part of my drama program! I think i will watch it just for the romance and see if it works for me. Takei Emi’s drama feels promising too, i wanna see how she will fight back all these patriarchal ash-holes, i kind of like her like an actress even though she’s not one of my favorite ones, there’s something that attracts me towards her. For the Cast may seem interesting too, but somehow i am not that impressed with the summer j-doramas. But at least one of the 3 will become a part of my sight.

  • heisui, thanks for your efforts! Jdramas have been unexciting for a while now, and the only recent series that made my heart beat faster was Date ~ Koi to wa Donna Mono Kashira.
    Reading your list, I thought I’d give Koinaka and Age Harassment a chance, but 1. the comment section about the actors in Koinaka put a damper on that feeling and 2. I’m not fond of Takei Emi either, so I doubt she’d bring enough life to this kind of character (not mentioning that the scenario could also go down as well).
    Thank you anyway ♥

    • Date was brilliant.

      I’m also fond of Fuben na Benriya (just finished airing) – it’s not that substantial (really not much of a plot) but it’s wonderfully funny.

    • Great to see you back, himonogirl! 🙂 Well it seems like the general consensus so far is that Fukushi Sota isn’t a good actor. However I recently saw Honda Tsubasa (female lead of Koinaka) in a movie and I thought she did well. She really looked and felt like the character from the original manga.

  • I was obsessed with Death Note manga when I finally read it. I didn’t mind the film adaptation, the novel adaptations, the L movie adaptation but I read about the changes to the characters and will not be watching it. I already saw a glimpse of Korea’s musical version of Death Note. I couldn’t believe how bad they looked!

      • First Light is gonna be an average college student meaning he’s no longer a prodigy. L is not gonna love eating sweets. That’s all I remember from the article I read.

  • Hmm, I’m generally meh towards Fukushi Sota, but Koinaka’s trailer is so cute. I think I’ll just keep my expectations really low and watch the first few episodes. Tantei no Tantei looks nuts, never thought I’d see Kitagawa Keiko beating the crap out of people. I might have to check that one out. I don’t know if I like Death Note enough to sit through another adaptation, but I’ll at least watch the first episode to see how much they change.

    I’m also looking forward to Omotesando Koukou Gasshoubu!, even though it looks so cheesy, I’m weak when it comes to music-themed dramas so I at least have to check it out. I might also watch Tamiou with Endo Kenichi and Suda Masaki, because there’s no way a body-swapping drama with these two in it would be boring (I hope).

    • I predict that a lot of people will want to see Kitagawa Keiko in this kind of role. Haha. I read the synopsis for the body-switching drama but I felt like it would end up being too Freaky Friday-ish. O_O

    • Now that you mention it, I might check out Tamiou for Endo Kenichi. He was hilarious in Fuben na Benriya, and I hope he’ll take the funnies to Tamiou as well.

  • Napoleon no Mura is my most anticipated as well. I think Yamamoto Koji and Muro Tsuyoshi are two of the most talented and interesting actors out there, and I like Sawamura Ikki too in the right role. I also enjoy this type of setting, thought I’ve seen this theme (very badly) done before and don’t like the back and forth of success stories, so I am a little concerned.

    I am totally on board with the Fukushi Sota is an awful actor consensus. Watching him makes me feel like I’m looking at an ugly piece of wood. Fortunately I have no interest in that drama or Honda Tsubasa for that matter, so it’s all good.

    I like Koizumi Kotaro and was hoping for the next installment of his Miyabe Miyuki dramas this summer, but unfortunately I guess I’ll have to wait. I have seen a couple of other organ trade Jdramas, but–unlike rural town revitalization–I think it it is a theme that has a lot of versatility.

    A lot of people like Kitagawa Keiko?! Really? Not trying to knock any fans of hers or anything, but I’ve never heard anyone say they like her and have heard a lot of people say they really dislike her, so that statement was surprising.

    They probably decided to do Death Note because they knew it had a chance of bringing in ratings. And it did have the highest ratings for a first episode so far this year on a commercial network (i.e., excluding NHK and WOWOW).

    • What other organ trade jdramas have you seen? Yup, I actually hear people say that they like Kitagawa Keiko A LOT. O_O Eh I just feel like they could’ve gone for doing a live action for a manga/anime that hasn’t been adapted already. I would rather watch a new live action than a remade live action.

      • Limit: Moshimo, Wagako ga is the big one I remember, and I know I watched another one quite recently but am totally blanking on what it was at the moment! Then there are several others that deal with it more tangentially like Ouroboros, Clone Baby, Nagareboshi, Platonic, etc. as well.

        I personally find dramas to be very different from movies so that sort of thing doesn’t bother me, but I can see how some people might prefer something that has never been done before. But in the end it’s all about the moola haha. Which is what often makes dramas suck.

  • I’m so out of the jdrama loop. I’m interested in watching Death Note since I did like the trilogy. It’s interesting to have a protagonist that goes completely evil just by getting such an enormous power. I do wonder how this cast will compare to the original.

    Several dramas you’ve mentioned sound good for checking out. I cannot believe you’ve never watched anything with Tsutsumi Shinichi! I recommend checking out his serious drama Pure and then watching him in his rather small role in Lunch no Joou which is a complete 180 comic character. The man has some awesome acting chops.

    Fukushi Sota…meh. I hope his acting has gotten better. The Older Woman Younger Man drama role did not work well for him as he really didn’t seem to connect with the character and then there was that live action of you know what that was just awful and he was our leading male.

  • I’ve made it a habit of trying out dramas with Emi Takei in it after watching W no Higeki. Unfortunately most of the dramas have really bad scripts and she ends up playing roles which are either expressionless genius or overly bubbly and dumb. These roles do nothing to help her in improving on playing more normal and realistic characters.

    I think her more realistic roles till these dates are from Taisetsu na Koto wa Subete Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta, Iki mo Dekinai Natsu and W no Higeki.

    I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but Emi Takei is from Oscar Promotion.

    Oscar Promotion has a long history of around 20 years of pushing their chosen female artistes by playing leading roles in dramas for continuous seasons.

    Oscar Promotion don’t focus on nurturing their artistes to become good actors/actresses in the first place. They don’t really care much about good scripts too. Good scripts are hard to come by anyway. They let their artistes maintain continuous exposure by starring in dramas season after season, to attract companies to use their artistes for commercials. That’s right, Oscar Promotion earn most of their revenue through commercials.

    You can just look up the yearly CM rankings in Japan. You’ll notice how Oscar Promotion’s artistes never fails to dominate the list every single year. Oscar Promotion’s artistes have much lower rates to hire compared to other artistes and the audience is familiar with them because they appear on TV, in trains etc. almost every single day.

    It’s almost impossible to go through a day without seeing Oscar Promotion’s artistes somewhere.

    In order to make sure companies continue to use Oscar Promotion’s artistes for commercials, Oscar Promotion ensures their artistes continue to star in dramas almost every season, with companies which used their artistes for commercials booking the commercial time slots when their dramas air.

    It’s a win-win situation for Oscar Promotion, companies and TV stations.

    I read TV Asahi holds Oscar Promotion’s shares, which is why they’re willing to let Oscar Promotion’s artistes like Emi Takei star in dramas by their TV station.

    I can’t guarantee the accuracy of information above as I don’t work in the TV industry,

    As long as Emi Takei remains in Oscar Promotion, you’ll continue to see her starring in dramas continuously without fail. She is currently their ace for her generation in Oscar Promotion.

    The good thing about Oscar Promotion is that you don’t have to worry the ones you like not being able to star in another drama for a while, even if their viewership ratings aren’t good.

    However, there are also times when I wish Emi Takei belongs to another agency and is given a chance to work her way, by playing supporting roles to hone her acting skills first. She will probably get to star in more interesting drama too.

    • I don’t know much about which agencies actors/actresses are with. So thanks for the info! I checked the list of actresses with Oscar Promotion and the only name I recognize is Gouriki Ayame; she’s also getting a big push for lead roles. And interestingly enough, remember she was a supporting cast member in Takei Emi’s drama Asuko March?

      • You’re right! Some have started joking Emi Takei is becoming like Oscar Promotion’s kindergarten teacher in charge of bringing out the other female artistes Oscar Promotion is planning to push or sort of like a buy one get one free promotion.

        I think Saki Fukuda was the one Oscar had their eyes on but then after the scandal of her staying overnight at her boyfriend’s house or something, they switched target and started pushing Emi Takei instead.

        Saki Fukuda, Gouriki Ayame, Erena Mizusawa, Karen Miyazaki, Risa Naito, Mikie Hara etc. all appeared alongside Emi Takei.

        Oscar Promotion thought Gouriki Ayame would have garnered enough means to star dramas on her own but her dramas all bombed rather badly. Most of it breaking new lowest viewership rating records for that time slot. They’ve resorted to letting her play more important supporting roles for veteran or popular actors instead.

        Erena Mizusawa is also no longer required to play alongside Emi Takei but in other dramas with more important supporting roles too.

        I reckon Oscar Promotion will continue to let Emi Takei star in dramas consistently for several years, until she hit jackpot with a hit drama or has managed to garner a crowd of loyal fans. That’s when Oscar Promotion will stop over pushing her and let her act in dramas once in a while like her Oscar Promotion seniors Aya Ueto and Ryoko Yonekura.

        I think Oscar Promotion is trying to figure which type of role suits Emi Takei and is able to pull in viewership ratings for her. Police related roles and genius roles didn’t work for her. I think they’re starting to create a strong career woman image for her now.

        Something like the image Ryoko Yonekura has. I think Aya Ueto is in charge of the beautiful housewife image? She’s been playing a lot of housewife related roles since she got married.

        • Ehhh I feel like they are going all over the place in trying to figure out what kind of role is best for Takei Emi. She doesn’t strike me as someone who would fit the super career woman/policewoman/genius/detective roles. Yonekura Ryoko often plays those roles, but I think it’s in part due to her older age / taller stature. Takei Emi still gives off the student vibe IMO. Yup I just recently saw that Ueto Aya starred as a housewife in I’m Home with Kimutaku. She was also a housewife in Hirugao.

          • Really? I’ve been hearing people saying Emi Takei looks much older than her actual age. They said even Risa Naito and Mikie Hara, her Oscar Promotion seniors, in Age Harassment look younger than her.

            She herself said some people even asked if she’s 30 years old. (^^;;;

            I guess it could be due to how she’s the Gucci Japan ambassador and they usually dress her up more mature during events to suit the Gucci clothes she’s wearing.

            I still don’t like Oscar Promotion’s way of over pushing their artistes though. Sigh.

  • and yes i’m back! as a fan of karasawa-san, i watched NNM. oh well when the news came out, i was like “wts is this kind of plot, GG for viewership rating”, but it turns out to be much better than what i’ve expected :). Good reviews from the japanese viewers too, but too bad it only has 7 episodes in total, pause not only on 2, but also on 23 and 30 aug. >:( (PS: yeah, i cried when watching 1st and 2nd episode, too touching T_T

    • Hey nice to hear from you, peako! 🙂 I’m surprised that Karasawa’s drama is only 7 eps long. I still haven’t checked out the first episode yet. But I’m happy that it’s being subbed!

      • the scenery of the village is beautiful!!!! 😀 feel happy by just watching those grassland, froggies lol. I’m watching risk no kamisama too, a bit disappointed that every eps they use the same tactics.. could be more interesting 🙁

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