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When I picture the stereotypical Asian drama fan, I think of someone hunched over his or her laptop, marathoning Asian dramas ’til the wee hours of the morning.  Oftentimes, drama watching can seem like a solitary activity–at least, for those who usually watch dramas alone.  *cough* I, for one, tend to watch dramas on my own.  *cough*  But in reality, the international Asian drama community is alive and well-connected.  There are tons of websites (aside from drama blogs) that provide places for Asian drama fans to congregate and share their love of dramas. The drama community is part of the drama experience–for me, my interest in dramas wouldn’t have been the same if I weren’t a part of a great community of drama fans.  So, here’s a guide on sites that can get you connected with the drama community.  Let’s get right into it!


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Social Media


In my experience Twitter has the most active drama community in comparison to Facebook and Google+.  Part of the allure of Twitter is that users have their own usernames, so they can be anonymous if they want to.  This is a great option because not everyone wants to declare their love of dramas to all their friends & family on Facebook.  😛  Plus, you can tweet to other drama fans who actually share your interests.

I also find Twitter to be convenient because drama bloggers will often tweet the links to their latest blog posts.  If you aren’t following drama blogs in some other way (such as email subscription, WordPress Reader) then Twitter might be a good way for you to get drama blog updates.  😉

The downside of Twitter is that not many Asian celebrities have Twitter accounts.  I have followed Rainie Yang and Utada Hikaru’s (both of which are singers) official Twitter accounts..and that’s about it.  Most Chinese actors and singers are on Weibo rather than Twitter.

So, where to start?  If you follow any drama bloggers that have a Twitter account, follow them.  You will likely be able to find lots of other drama fans just by following drama bloggers and seeing who they follow.   You may also want to try following Asian entertainment sites’ Twitter accounts.

Shameless plug: you can follow My Drama Tea on Twitter.


I don’t have experience using Facebook as a way to connect with the drama community, mainly because it requires you to use your full name.  However, there are Facebook Groups of drama fans.  Some drama bloggers also have Facebook pages for their blogs.  IMO the main advantage of FB is that a lot of Asian actors & actresses have official FB pages.  Just off the top of my head, Eddie Peng, Tammy Chen, and Melvin Sia have official FB accounts.  (Oops, all of these examples are Taiwanese actors.  I’m not so sure about Korean, Japanese, and HK actors.)  And most Taiwanese dramas have official FB pages where they regularly update the latest stills and previews.

So, where to start? 

  • Drama bloggers: Asian Addicts Anonymous FB page
  • FB groups: The Rest of the Drama Chinese and Japanese TV Discussion Group, Operation: Kdrama Chat (thanks to humbledaisy for recommending these groups!)
  • Follow your favorite celebrities:  You can find Taiwanese actors or dramas official pages by 1) Searching  for their Chinese name or title 2) Copying & pasting the Chinese name into the search bar. Then add “facebook” to it.  See if any results pop up.

Like Facebook, Google+ also has groups (“circles”) of Asian drama fans.  These groups have a main page where members can post comments and share videos & links with each other.  The downside of Google+ is, again, that most people on this platform use their full name.  You can use a pseudonym–or if you’re a blogger, you can create a page instead of a personal profile–but it’s not quite the same as having a Twitter handle.   Also, I am under the impression that the Google+ drama community is pretty dead compared to the Twitter drama community.  Twitter is always moving forward at lightning-fast speeds with the latest tweets about recent drama episodes, news, photoshoots, etc.  The Google+ community feels like it’s going at a snail’s pace.

On the bright side, G+ has more versatility than Twitter in terms of its posting capabilities.  It’s a lot easier to share links, videos, and images.  And, there’s no limit to how long each status update is.  Fans on Twitter often resort to tweeting 10+ tweets in a row because they can’t fit everything they want to say in 140 characters.  But you can write as much as you want on G+!

So, where to start?  Again, check to see if any drama bloggers have a Google+ page or profile.  Follow them and see who is in their circles.

Shameless plug:  You can follow My Drama Tea on Google+.

You can find a guide on Chinese celebrities’ social media accounts on Cfensi.


I don’t use any forums, but forums are a great place for people to talk about dramas, actors, and other drama-related topics.

Spcnet Forums

The Spcnet forum has categories for all kinds of dramas, but I mainly recommend it because it has the best Chinese drama forum, hands-down.  The threads for popular c-dramas such as Bu Bu Jing Xin or Da Mo Yao are explosive.  Fans post tons of behind the scenes pics, stills, previews, and long commentary/spazzing about the latest episodes.  I highly recommend Spcnet if you’re looking for a place to talk about c-dramas.

So, where to start?  Visit Spcnet Forums.

D-addicts Forums

Like Spcnet, D-addicts has forums for all types of dramas, but I mainly visit for discussions of Japanese dramas.  The forum also has a section for fansubbers to post their fansubs, and for fans to thank the subbers for their hard work.

So, where to start? Visit the D-addicts Forums.


Soompi forums are mainly k-drama/k-entertainment centric, but there are also threads for dramas from other countries as well.  Out of all the forums on this list, I believe that Soompi is the most active one.

So, where to start?  Visit the Soompi Forums.

One Hallyu Forums

This is also an active forum for Korean entertainment.  Thanks to muchadoaboutlove for this suggestion! 🙂

So, where to start?  Visit the One Hallyu Forums.

Ancient Chinese Forums

These are forums specifically devoted to Chinese Wuxia.

So, where to start?  Visit the Ancient Chinese Forums.

Asian Fanatics Forums

Thanks to JacJac who recommended these forums to me!  This is a forum for all kinds of Asian entertainment, but JacJac specifically recommends Asian Fanatics for HK-drama forums.

So, where to start?  Head on over to the Asian Fanatics Forums!


You can find subreddits that are dedicated to Asian dramas!  Thanks to muchadoaboutlove for recommending this!

So, where to start?  Try out the subreddits for k-dramas, j-dramas, and c-dramas.  According to muchadoaboutlove, the j-drama & c-drama subreddits are inactive.

Darksmurf Sub Forum

Thanks again to muchadoaboutlove for this suggestion!  This forum focuses on Korean entertainment discussions, but also has categories for other Asian entertainment.

So, where to start?  Head on over to the Darksmurf Sub Forum.

Viki Discussions

If you have a Viki account, you may want to try out the Viki Discussions feature.  It’s not exactly your traditional forum, but it gets the job done.  Viki Discussions is mainly for k-drama fans.

So, where to start?  Visit Viki Discussions.

Dramafever Forums

Like Viki, Dramafever also has its own Forum section.  However it’s not a full-fledged forum like D-addicts or Spcnet, and apparently it is a relatively new feature.   The Dramafever Forums are also likely to be k-drama centric due to DF’s high amount of k-drama fans.

So, where to start?  Visit the Dramafever forums.

Drama Review Sites

My Drama List

My Drama List has various functions–you can get information on dramas, write reviews, and add dramas to your “Drama List” so that you can keep track of all the dramas you’re watching.  I don’t use My Drama List at the moment (considering how I can’t remember all the dramas I’ve watched, maybe I should..) but I know plenty of other drama fans that do.  Oh, and there are also forums on this site as well!

So, where to start?  Visit My Drama List, search for a drama you’re interested & read up on the reviews!  Or visit the forums.


Erm, I already mentioned Spcnet for its forums.  But I figure I might as well include it again for its review system!  Spcnet is quite similar to My Drama List in terms of its features–forums, reviews, drama info.   One thing I appreciate about the Spcnet reviews is that most reviewers write lengthy in-depth reviews.  Also, it has reviews for a lot of Chinese dramas.

So, where to start?  Visit the TV Series section or the Movie section at Spcnet.  Find the drama you’re interested in and read up on reviews!

We all have our own preferences when it comes to expressing our interest in dramas.  Sometimes all it takes is finding the right place to do so.  A lot of drama fans use a few different sites because each one offers different options.  Personally, I use WordPress, Twitter, and Google+.  And of course, I also visit drama blogs on Blogger, tumblr, and other platforms. For those of you who are already connected to the online drama community, which sites do you use and which ones are your favorites?   Let me know if there are any other websites that you use to connect with drama fans.  🙂   And for those who are looking for ways to connect with drama fans, I hope that this guide helped you!


I'm heisui, an Asian drama blogger and the creator of My Drama Tea. I love stories and writing, so I watch dramas and blog. I especially have a penchant for Japanese and Chinese dramas, and those hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered. Oh, and I'm Legend of Zhen Huan-obsessed!
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  • Two very active Facebook discussion groups are “The Rest of the Drama Chinese and Japanese TV Discussion Group” and “Operation: Kdrama Chat.” This last one is an offshoot of the Kchat Jjigae podcast and is mostly concerned with Korean dramas although they discuss others as well. And don’t forget if you are on any other kinds of social media – hobby related, for example – you can usually find other fans of dramas. My two favorite discussion boards are on a knitting social media site.

    • Thanks for the recs for FB discussion groups! I will add them! And wow that’s so cool you have drama fans on a knitting site! O: We drama fans be everywhere! Bwahaha!

  • I don’t know any drama communities. I usually watch dramas on my own and come here to read about dramas. This is off topic but are you going to watch Journey of Flower drama? It seems to be popular these days.

    • Although I like the cast of Journey of Flower (Wallace, JIANG XIN, Zhao Li Ying) I don’t think I’ll be watching it. Because the story seems like it will be an angst overload. O_O Have you tried it? There are English subs for it.

      • Okay I realized that I lied a bit. Sometimes I do peek in on the Soompi drama forums for news. So I guess BBJX and Zhen Huan had the perfect amount of angst for you? Right now I’m still deciding whether to watch the Flower drama because it seems more romantic and while I do like romance, I also want a good story.

        • Ok, LZH had so much angst. Maybe I was able to survive it because it was slowly distributed throughout many episodes? Since then I haven’t really felt the need for much angst. And I feel like period c-dramas especially like angsty romances.

          On the topic of forums, there is a thread about Hua Qiangu on Spcnet that you could check out. Maybe that will help you decide if you want to watch it or not. 😉

  • Most of these forums are popular but I don’t like using forums since it’s too big. I prefer chatting with fans on twitter or facebook one on one or in a small group.

  • The community for Asian Dramas can be found everywhere if one digs deep enough. I’ve seen a few forums discussing dramas and movies in other languages. I enjoy using soompi but it can get overcrowded and become a spoiler minefield if a drama is quite popular, just like every place where you can discuss dramas. Twitter is quite convenient for discussing dramas with your friends but be careful of spoilers! Using drama hashtags is useful for finding drama reviews and also avoiding spoilers 😀

    Darksmurf also has its own forums for Asian Dramas.
    OneHallyu has one for Korean movies and television.

    • Wait, I forget to add these =.=’
      subreddit for Kdrama
      subreddit for Jdorama
      subreddit for Cdrama

      The latter two aren’t active anymore but there might be something new you can find there 🙂

    • Thanks for the links & recommendations! I added the links to the post instead of leaving them in the comment.

      Hmm I haven’t had too many problems with spoilers on Twitter. But maybe that’s because I don’t see that many tweets about dramas that I’m watching. >_> I have to be careful on forums though. Whenever I go to a spcnet thread about a c-drama, I have to be sure not to read the latest posts b/c they likely have spoilers.

      • It depends on who you’re following on Twitter. My timeline is full of excited comments (and spazzes :D) about the dramas people watch but some of them always warn beforehand that there will be spoilers so people can mute them for a while. Forums can be ‘dangerous’ since there are posters who forgot to tag their posts as spoilers..

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