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Just when I thought Fuben na Benriya could not get any wackier, episode 6 happened.  Jun, Hideo, and Batsu-san dress up as ramen superheroes (“Fire Squadron, Ramen Donbuler”) to promote a new ramen restaurant.   I totally cracked up during the scene when they practice their superhero poses, LOL.  And it gets even better–the team gets so into their superhero characters that they decide they might as well take on some yakuzas while they’re at it.  NO COMMENT.  You have to watch the episode to witness it for yourself, in all its glory!   Ep 6 ranks as my favorite episode of Fuben na Benriya so far!


^top right pics: This is Jun’s expression whenever he’s about to start on a rant.

As usual, Jun continues to dabble in his overly imaginative ways.  The funny thing is that Jun doesn’t even always remember what he says during his rants.  There’s this one scene when someone tells Jun what he had said during one of his rants, and he goes ‘huh? I said that?’.  *facepalm*  At least Hideo and Batsu-san are accustomed to Jun’s wild imagination, so they are prepared whenever he starts blowing things out of proportion.  But people still get caught up in Jun’s twisted stories, even if they know his tendency to over-exaggerate.  I guess there’s something contagious about Jun, eh?  My favorite story of Jun’s is his tale about how Batsu-san used to be a yakuza member.  Admittedly I didn’t buy into everything Jun said, but I really believed that Batsu-san used to be part of the yakuza! >_>  After all, Batsu-san has a really mysterious past and a short temper.  There are multiple times throughout the drama when Jun and Hideo have to physically restrain him.  O_O”  Plus Batsu-san tells Jun that he was in prison for 20 something years.  Well…it turns out that Batsu-san used to be a correctional officer at a prison.  WHAAAT?

“Even though that hope disappeared, people in this town try to greet next morning with a smile.” -Jun

Jun is finally warming up to small-town life.  He’s no longer complaining about being stuck in town or wanting to leave.  In fact, Jun has become so accustomed to working at the benriya that Hideo even comments that Jun is like a real handyman now.  I think Jun has started to see the charm and resilience in the townspeople..there are little moments when he seriously appreciates their hopefulness and carefree attitudes.  But, the preview for episode 10 shows that Jun will be leaving town!!! Nuuu!


We finally get some back story for Hideo in these episodes.  Hideo actually used to dream of being a movie producer.  But he gave up on his dream and returned to his town to start up a benriya.  He hired Batsu-san by chance after literally picking him up off the side of the road.  Awww!  I like how Hideo has a kind heart!  And…I seriously think it’s about time that Hideo and Jun team up as a producer + scriptwriter duo!  At the end of ep8 (I think?) Hideo asks Jun to write the story of the town.  Inwardly I went YESSSSS!  But episode 9 didn’t make any progress on that front.  Here’s hoping that their collaboration will actually come to fruition in the upcoming episodes.  And I think it would be the best if they cast Batsu-san as the main actor…considering Batsu-san’s ~awesome~ acting skills.  😛 (That was sarcasm.)

Aside from episode 6, my other favorite episode is episode 9.  It is very Batsu-san centric because it reveals some of his back story as well, and it makes some progress on Jun and Batsu-san’s son-father relationship.  Everyone believes that Batsu-san has a terminal illness and thus, is on the brink of death.  Jun calls Batsu-san dad so that he can die happy.  I cracked up when Jun confesses to Batsu-san because…Batsu-san runs away!  Jun runs after him yelling “DAD!  DAD!” while Batsu-san goes “Stay away from me!  Don’t come here!” And OF COURSE Batsu-san does not have a terminal illness.  T_T””  But even though Jun tries to take back his lie, Batsu-san seriously believes that Jun was telling the truth.  Oops.


“Everything didn’t go as planned.  That’s why unpredictable life is interesting.” -Hideo

These episodes were such a roller-coaster ride!  I have no idea how the drama will outdo episode 6 in terms of wackiness, lololol.  Aside from all of the humor and craziness, I like how the characters and the story still remain somewhat grounded in reality.  Unpredictability is the key to Fuben na Benriya, but it’s not portrayed as anything totally out of the ordinary.  The point is that there is always the potential for change in the characters’ lives, even though they are seemingly listlessly living in a small unknown town.  I really wonder whether or not Jun’s mom will ever come into the picture?  Will she provide some answers as to whether or not Jun is really Batsu-san’s son?  Will we get to hear about Batsu-san’s 3 marriages?   I’m so curious to see what direction the story is going to go in!

Which part of these episodes made you laugh the most? 😉

Episode 6 – Behind the Scenes Clip

Quote translation credit: Monchi


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  • Episode 6 is also my favorite episode so far. It was just… crazy! Those characters are just so bored in their daily life that they jump on anything that could entertain them (like Jun’s wild imagination. They all know he never guesses right – like, ever LOL – but they just enjoy to act as if they believe him just because it adds some fun in their life xD)
    But I also enjoy episode 9 a lot because I like that we get to know Batsu-san a little bit more (it was hilarious when Batsu-san ran away from Jun when Jun said he was his son, that was wonderfully acted). The casting is wonderful. Some gag can get a bit repetitive in my opinion but overall the show is never annoying or boring. I can’t wait to see what happens in next episode since we saw Jun leaving in the preview! It’s almost the end! 🙁

    • I’m not sure how many episodes there are. I hope that we’re not nearing the end just yet! I want MOAR! Part of the fun in watching this is that we get to see the cast/characters having fun themselves. And about ep6, I love how they just treat the whole ramen superhero incident like it was totally normal. They just went ‘yup, we gotta put on our superhero suits to go fight the yakuza now..’.

      • I think I read 12 episodes somewhere?
        I also LOVE how Batsu-san really wanted to wear the red costume cause it’s the color of a hero (in his mind at least lol) and kept pouting when another guy wore it… (and he got to wear it at the very end of the episode I think) Haha!

        • Aw that’s so short. :'( I’ll be sad when this drama ends. It always gives me such a good laugh. And yeah, it cracks me up how Batsu-san is so into being a cool superhero. Maybe he always wears red because he believes it’s the color of a true hero.. 😛

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