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The movie adaptation of Bu Bu Jing Xin, titled Bu Bu Jing Xin – Time to Love, has recently released new stills and a new long trailer!  In them we see more of the two princes as well as glimpses of Ruo Xi’s interactions with them.  The Bu Bu Jing Xin movie has yet to set a release date, but it will be released later this year, 2015.


Ivy Chen’s character, Zhang Xiao / Ruo Xi, has gotten the most stills & screentime in the trailers so far.  After all, she is the heroine! 😉  In the first teaser, we saw Zhang Xiao (in the modern day) falling into a bathtub full of water, and then reemerging in a lake (in the past during the Qing Dynasty).  At first we had speculated that she may have been trying to commit suicide.  I thought it was possible since the movie is a loose adaptation, and the first teaser was on the darker side.  Well, it turns out that Zhang Xiao somehow slipped into the bathtub.  So we can rule out the suicide theory. >_>

I think Ivy Chen will do a good job portraying Ruo Xi’s spunky, playful side.  I forgot what age Ruo Xi is in the beginning of the story, but I think she was quite young.  And I have no problem believing that Ivy as Ruo Xi is that age.  On the other hand, some fans have mentioned that Ivy still looks quite modern as Ruo Xi.  Hrm I suppose she sorta does, but I have no idea how to make actresses look “less modern”?  One of the only options would be to not use contemporary makeup looks.  Then again, this is a period romance..and generally period romances don’t aim for complete accuracy in terms of styling.

Anyways, there’s definitely a floral theme going on with Ivy’s character, Zhang Xiao / Ruo Xi.  There are flowers EVERYWHERE.  o_o  Yes, it looks pretty, but I also feel like there’s a bit of a floral overload here.  In general the movie also has more of an emphasis on natural settings such as lakes, the forest, etc.  (see the stills below).  Perhaps this is all for the sake of pretty settings, eh?


This here is Tony Yang as 4th prince.  Sadly, not that many stills have been released of 4th!  In the trailer and in the stills, 4th prince is quite possessive and has a strong presence…which I think is quite accurate based on 4th prince from the BBJX drama.  The one difference is that this 4th prince seems to be even more serious than 4th in the drama.  I have no worries over the casting of Tony Yang as 4th prince; he is a really great and versatile actor.  The past drama I saw him in, he was in the “nice guy” role so it’ll be a change to see him as the cold 4th prince.  Personally I think Tony Yang pulls off the queue alright!


*Updated* OOPS I totally messed up and said that Shawn Dou was 8th prince!  Thanks to one of my readers who commented about this mistake.  😉  Turns out I got my info wrong–Shawn Dou is actually playing 14TH PRINCE!!!! *IN TOTAL SHOCK*  If any of you read my Bu Bu Jing Xin recaps then you’ll know that I was a total 14th prince fan.  At first I started out as a 4th fan, but then I deserted his ship to switch to 14th.  (And I’m proud of it.  To this day I am still a 14th fan.)  So I am all for this decision to have a 4th/Ruo Xi/14th love triangle.  EHEHEHE.  I wish I could’ve seen Tony Yang as 14th though because I seriously think he would be such a good 14th.  And this puts me in a serious dilemma because…1) I love Tony 2) I love 14th prince…who is not played by Tony.  Who will I root for?!

Long Trailer:


The trailer is still really whimsical and fairytale-ish with Ruo Xi riding on horseback through an enchanted forest (just kidding about the enchanted part! :P), Ruo Xi “leaving behind” her flowered headpiece at the ending (parallels with Cinderella leaving behind her glass slipper), and all of the carousel scenes.   And of course, as I said before, there are LOTS of pretty pretty lush scenes of ~nature~.

As for the carousel, I feel like Ruo Xi might travel back to the present at that same spot?  It wouldn’t make sense for her to be at the carousel before the time travel.  This would explain why she’s so teary-eyed in the carousel scene in the modern day.  Also..considering that the carousel scene is SOOO important in the trailers, stills and even the official promo poster, and it’s associated with 14th prince…does that mean that Ruo Xi will end up choosing 14th prince this time?!  One of my readers suggested this to me, and at first I said that I thought Ruo Xi would still choose 4th prince at the end.  Another one of my fellow bloggers said that since Tony Yang is a much more experienced actor than Shawn Dou, he will likely be the main male lead.  I don’t know!!

I’m anticipating the Bu Bu Jing Xin movie because I think it’ll actually be fun to see where it differs from the drama version.  It’ll be great to see some of the main characters reinterpreted by a different cast.  Of course, there are also drawbacks; for instance, sadly, not all the princes are in the movie version.  Where’s 13th prince!?!  But, I’m not expecting Bu Bu Jing Xin Time to Love to be just like the drama because obviously, it’s not going to be.  But I figure that’s ok, I’m all for a bit more of Bu Bu Jing Xin.

Are you looking forward to the Bu Bu Jing Xin movie?  What do you think of the trailer?

Check out my previous post on the Bu Bu Jing Xin Time to Love movie for more stills and the short teaser. 😉

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  • I actually like Chen Yi Han’s styling (at least the head piece) more than LSS’s, also I like Tony way more than I do Nicky, no offense peeps. I loved BBJX the drama, but I have a feeling I’ll definitely love this!

    • THANK YOU for pointing this out, I was mistaken!!! Yes, it is a love triangle with 4th & 14th prince!! WOW I didn’t see this coming but I’m pretty satisfied with it because I’m a 14th fan. Thanks again!

  • From the trailer, it seems like Ruoxi will fall in love with 14th but is scheduled to marry 4th? At any rate, they’re visually an improvement over the original cast. Maybe the writing will improve too – I thought the way 14th was written was pretty bad, not that 4th was any better. And I guess there won’t be much of a power struggle for the throne if this movie is focusing on the love story.

    • Yeah I doubt that they’ll include much political intrigue..since it seems more like a romance flick. I have no idea how the love triangle will go..I’m really curious to find out! I wouldn’t mind if Ruo Xi really ends up falling for 14th..

  • Hi Heisui… to be honest, I am REALLY skeptical about the movie.. I don’t want to get disappointing all over again like I did with BBJQ.. I like Tony Yang and it seems all of his projects leave a mark in my heart…
    But, I don’t know.. Maybe if I have a low expectation now, I will not feel bad later on? 🙂

  • Hello ! First I apologize for my english : I’m French and not really good with languages :/ I’d like to thank you for your work, I really like this blog. Watching this beautiful trailer, I was wondering if you knew Chinese movies, period movies like this one in preference, but really any movie would be just fine as long as it’s good ^^ (sorry if there are reviews that I missed in your blog but I couldn’t find it)

    • Hi, pas de problème! There are lots of Chinese period romance movies. The most recent one I watched was The Palace, which you can find on Viki. It is a period romance flick that was alright. You can also find a lot of Chinese period movies on Netflix, but they’re mainly the adventure/action genre.

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