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For those of you who are looking for a really good laugh, I’d highly recommend the spring 2015 jdrama Fuben na Benriya.  It’s a comedy–and a good one at that–so yes, it’s really funny.  To me at least.  😛  Also, it’s really off the wall and “out there” which is right up my alley!


^Okada Masaki as Jun

So, the first episode starts out showing a young man, Jun, (Okada Masaki) who is stranded in the middle of nowhere due to a heavy snowstorm.  Jun tries to look for a motel in town, but instead he stumbles across a cosplay bar.  The moment he enters, a group of guys accidentally mistake him for the long-lost son of Soichi (Endo Kenichi), also known as Batsu-san.  They even have a “Welcome Jun” sign all ready for him.  Errr WHAT!?  Note that this all happens within the first three minutes of the episode!  Talk about fast-paced!

Of course, Jun is totally shocked and has no idea how to react.  I felt the same way, haha.  Are these guys playing a prank on him?  How do they know what his name is?  Or are they being totally serious here?!?   Well we quickly find out that it’s no joke: Batsu-san and everyone else seriously believe that Jun is the long-lost son they’ve been looking for.  Since Bastu-san has not seen his son in decades, of course he can’t recognize that Jun is not his real son.  All he has to go off of is his son’s name…and Jun just so happens to have the same first name as Bastu-san’s son.  Talk about jumping to conclusions!  Jun later clears up the misunderstanding but continues to stay with Batsu-san due to various circumstances.  He helps out at Batsu-san’s benriya (A business that does odd-jobs.  Basically a handymen service.) and gets caught up in some very strange (and funny) scenarios.


^Jun’s WTF moments

Jun is an aspiring script-writer with a wild imagination who has yet to make it big.  He generally has a “why am I here” / WTF expression on his face because he has no desire to stay in this small town.  Also, Jun believes that he’s the victim of ‘a series of unfortunate events’ (just look at the screencaps above and you’ll get a hint as to what I mean…LOL..) which only makes him want to run away from the place even more!  Unfortunately, we have to hear Jun complain about his predicament for two episodes straight.  His frustration is understandable but please, just let the whining stop soon!  I find it hard to warm up to Jun because he’s so busy complaining that he doesn’t realize that this is a great opportunity for him.  Jun believes that he’s in the wrong place at the wrong time.  But if you really think about it, the timing of events here is totally perfect.  Jun is still struggling as a script-writer and doesn’t have much going for him in his life at the moment.  This is the perfect chance for him to get good material for his scripts!  A blessing in disguise, really.

Okada Masaki (as Jun) is likely to be a big attraction of the drama since after all, he gained popularity due to his role in Hana Kimi…and he’s still got his good looks.  😛  I’m not very familiar with his works, so I can’t really comment on his acting yet.  Okada nails Jun’s WTF expressions, but he hasn’t had much of a chance to delve deeper into Jun’s character.  Also, Okada is acting alongside some long-time veteran actors so I don’t think we can totally compare him to the other more experienced cast members.


3rd pic from the top: Batsu-san (Endo Kenichi), Jun, and Hideo (Suzuki Kosuke).

Rounding up the cast, we have the old-timer Endo Kenichi who is pretty much in EVERY single jdrama.  Ok, maybe not every one, but it sure feels like it.  I’ve mainly seen him in detective roles as of late, so it’s really refreshing to see him in this unique role here.  His character Batsu-san is a mysterious guy; all we know about him is that he has a long-lost son who he’s been trying to get in contact with.  Already it seems like he’s grown quite fond of Jun (even though he’d deny it).  The last main cast member is Suzuki Kosuke, who plays the role of Hideo.  Virtually all we know about him is that he’s Batsu-san’s coworker, and he has a mellow personality.  Anyways, I’m looking forward to finding out more about these characters and seeing their unlikely bromance develop. 😛  These three combined = GOLD.

There are plenty of funny moments in Fuben na Benriya.  I laughed all throughout eps 1-2.  But sadly, I can’t really explain what makes the drama so funny because it won’t really make sense out of context! So here’s just a quick list of funny moments I enjoyed.  If you’ve already seen the episode, you will know what I’m talking about.

Funny moments

  • The guys at the cosplay bar telling Jun to call Batsu-san “Dad”.
  • Whenever Jun wakes up and finds that he’s in some kind of weird costume (that he put on while drunk at the cosplay bar).
  • The hospital scene, when it shows someone on crutches slipping on the ice outside.  LOL.  A super small detail but so funny.
  • Batsu-san, Jun, and Hideo discovering a body in the snow.  Their reactions are priceless.
  • Batsu-san looking longingly at a superhero costume; he wants to dress up as the superhero, not the villain.
  • Batsu-san picking a fight with the “heroes” during a performance because he’s so bitter over not getting to be the superhero.


I would recommend that you give episode 1 a quick spin and see if you like it.  The nice thing is that each episode is about a half hour long, so you don’t have to make a huge time commitment to the drama.  😉  IMO episode 1 is the best, whereas episode 2 is funny but not as good as the pilot episode.  I think ep2 was a bit less epic because the acting of one of the side actors (the officer) was too over-exaggerated.   Hopefully episode 3 will keep up the momentum though!  And this is random, but one other thing I like about Fuben na Benriya is its setting in a small rural town.  There are plenty of jdramas set in the big city, but what about the countryside?  Not so much, right?

Lastly, some may be wondering whether Fuben na Benriya is similar to another jdrama about a benriya, Mahoro Ekimae Bangaichi.  I have to say that they are nowhere alike.  The only similarities are: 1) They’re about a benriya. 2) They’re weird.  3) Bromance? (but there’s not much bromance in this drama…YET.).  The tone and style of the two dramas are totally different.  Mahoro is much more laid-back and classy whereas Fuben is a more fast-paced and aims to make you laugh.  Mahoro is a bit more slice-of-life whereas Fuben is a straight up comedy.  I would recommend both though! 😉

Have you seen episodes 1-2 of Fuben na Benriya?  Yay or nay?

The Place Has No Name (Opening Theme Song) by Straightener


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  • Yay! I loved the first episode. The guy at the hospital slipping and falling was so funny. I’m going to keep watching.

  • I’m loving it. There’s just about no story, but it just cracks me up.

    I’m really enjoying Okada Masaki in this. I think he’s generally a good actor (and yes, he’s beautiful – as gorgeous as can be), but in some things I have seen him he didn’t showcase what he can do at all, but here, I feel he’s really Jun. Maybe it’s that he’s well suited for comedy? Some of his line delivery actually reminded me of Kamiki in Gakkou no Kaidan – those super-fast monologues are not easy at all to pull off. And he’s doing some really good physical comedy in ep 3 (when he’s trying to put on his pants after he, yet again, wakes up in Momo’s house, bwahaha).

    I actually wish it was longer than 30 min per episode – it never feels like you build a drama with actually a plot if you have that kind of episode length. In that sense, I still don’t expect there be much to come (which is a pity, because I’d like all characters to expand a bit more) – I think we’ll see Jun complaining for a while yet longer though I’m guessing we’ll get a bit of romance (verrry slowly developed) and I wouldn’t be surprised if his Mom shows up at some point and it turns out Batsu-san is his father after all. (Remember, he is writing to his mother but Jun still doesn’t know the name of the town he’s in.)

    • Yaaaay! We be watching the same drama! Okada Masaki has been in a lot of dramas but somehow I don’t think I’ve seen him anywhere aside from Hana Kimi. (Sadly I can’t remember him in Hana Kimi.) T_T” Hmm true, I guess I shouldn’t be expecting that much character & plot development with the short episode length. On the other hand, I find the shorter episode format to be more convenient to watch. Heheh.

      Omg I didn’t even think of that twist!!!!!

  • wow, coming from two friends and fellow reviewers I respect a lot, definitely will try to get a hold of the episodes. I’m not sure about Masaki Okada doing comedy, but the review is quite inviting.

    By the way, MOZU is having a movie and it was shot in the Philippines!

    • At least watch episode 1, it’s a lot of fun! Is the MOZU movie a sequel? O_O Ok…Mozu season 2 ruined it for me. It was so confusing. T_T But hopefully the movie plot will be better.

  • I watched eps 1-2 and loved them. Endo Kenichi is an absolute hoot and I’m loving his Batsu-san, and love how that nickname came about too. Suzuki Kosuke, I remember him from Liar Game, where he was pretty nutty, but here he’s just as good as a mellower character. I’m fine with Okada Masaki, and like alua, I’m thinking too that Batsu-san could end up being Jun’s father. Though I am really watching this mainly for Endo Kenichi, I feel somehow that he’s so underrated – he’s a great actor and all, but somehow he just doesn’t get top billing, y’know? Not the way, say, Kimutaku does.

    And I love that it’s set in Hokkaido, there’s so much snow! I love snow, and love that the guys shovel snow as part of their handyman jobs. And how Jun’s character gets snow in his face just about all the time, it’s hilarious.

    • I last saw Endo Kenichi in The Last Goodbye; his character in that drama was memorable. Some of his other characters aren’t so memorable though. I guess it just depends on the drama/role. Yup I also love the snow! 😀

  • Ok, definitely sounds like a good drama for a laugh! I’ll have to check it out and watching it with you. I miss doing that.

    I highly recommend checking out Okada Misaki in ST. I loved the SP and series although the series did have a few drawbacks, but nothing that totally annoyed or kept me from enjoying it…which reminds me it ended on quite a cliffhanger and I’m waiting on the ending as they did show previews from some sort of continuation.

    It seems like Okada Misaki’s dramas of late that I have watched do have more of a comic twist to them. ST, despite its serious cases, had tons of humor and even Ogon no Buta (which definitely had him doing some heavy acting…but still lots of fun to be had). Oh! And I highly recommend him in the Young Black Jack movie as…well the young Black Jack. He was awesome imho.

    • Ohhh didn’t know Okada was in ST & Ogon no Buta. I didn’t watch all of Ogon no Buta; only watched the first ep. So that must be why I didn’t remember him. T_T

      • Yep, he was in both. He played lead roles in both dramas to boot. I loved him as the “Cap” who had a hard time dealing with his team in ST and he did a great mixed comedy and serious role in Ogon no Buta. He actually falls for Shinohara Ryoko’s character and they had a cute little relationship (not a romantic one mind you)! Ah, Double Perm. Brings back memories. I liked OnB the more I watched it. I was kind of put off at first, but when I tried it again, I marathoned it to the end.

        • Yeah I remember Double Perm. At first I tried it out b/c I wanted to see Shinohara Ryoko & Oizumi Yo together again LOL. Ehhh it sounds like it was actually a good drama?!? Maybe I will have to give it another go someday!

  • Now I want to watch this drama, If every episode is only 30 minutes, I can afford it. Masaki Okada was born in 1989, I mean how old was he when he was playing in Hana Kimi? He is really cute I hope his acting got better.

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