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It’s almost time for Taiwan to start its spring season for tw-dramas!  One of the spring tw-dramas that I’ve been looking forward to is Wah! Chen Yi Jun, also known by its alternate titles Rose Battle and Youth Power.  It is the latest upcoming TVBS drama that is set to air on May 1st, 2015.


^Right to left: Main Characters Jiang Ye Qing / Chen Yi Jun / Sha Bing Na / Yao Yuan Hao


“You can’t escape your fate, no matter how you try. Chen Yi Jun (Tammy Chen) grows up in a political family but detests politics and is determined to pursue her passion for music. But after college graduation, she is accidentally thrown into an election war. She meets rising political star Jiang Ye Qing (Yao Yuan Hao), who also grew up in a political family and thrives in it. With the help of Huang Yao Yuan (Jason Tsou) [also known as Jason Zou], a student rights activist, and Sha Bing Na (Li Qian Na) [also known as Nana Lee], a television anchorwoman, can Yi Jun survive her accidental political career?” – Credit: Viki


The Characters:

  • Tammy Chen as Chen Yi Jun — The heroine.  The daughter of a politician.  She joins the political elections on a whim after her father falls ill.  She is a rocker and music lover.
  • Yao Yuan Hao as Jiang Ye Qing — The son of a politician.  Sadly, he hasn’t had much screen time in the previews in comparison to the other characters.
  • Jason Zou as Huang Yao Yuan — An activist who joins Yi Jun’s political campaign along with Ye Qing.
  • Nana Lee as Sha Bing Na — A news anchor who is covering the political campaign.  She gets romantically involved with Yuan Hao.


What I’m looking forward to:

The first thing that got me interested in this drama was the cast.  I love Tammy Chen (Chen Yi Rong); even when her dramas end up sucking (*cough* Dragon Gate *cough*), I still love her characters haha.  Plus this is the first drama she’s starring in since 2013 so I’m glad that she’s making a comeback.  Also, I’m looking forward to seeing Jason Zou again.  You may remember him from his role as Ah Qing in The Way We Werehis smile and laugh were infectious in that drama, so I have no doubts that he will bring a lot of life to Wah! Chen Yi Jun.  As for the other cast members Yao Yuan Hao and Nana Lee (also known as Li Qian Na), I haven’t seen any of their other works so I’m not sure how their acting is.

The other thing that I’m looking forward to is the storyline.  The synopsis sounds unique–I mean, how many tw-dramas are there about the heroine becoming a politician?  Ummm..NONE?  If there are any other tw-dramas like this, please tell me because at the moment I can’t think of any! O_O  So, the ‘unique’ factor has definitely got me interested.  I doubt that this will turn into a typical tw-drama because the story itself isn’t typical in the first place.  *fingers crossed*


One of the big questions surrounding this drama is…will there be a love story too, even though this isn’t a rom-com?   I think it would be fine for the heroine to not have any romance because hey..this is about her political campaign, not about her love life, right?  But considering how tw-dramas loveeee their love squares, it’s very possible that there will be one in Wah! Chen Yi Jun.  We’ll have to wait and see.  The only thing I know about the romance side of the story so far is that there will be a romance between Jason Zou and Nana Lee’s characters.  There’s even an entire preview dedicated to this couple!   There are also a lot of stills with Jason & Tammy’s characters together, but for now it seems like it may be purely platonic.


Lastly here’s some cute behind the scenes pics of the cast!  I always love seeing the behind the scenes pics of the cast members goofing off together, hehe.

Wah! Chen Yi Jun will be officially subbed on Viki starting from May 2, 2015.  Check out the previews below:


Opening MV:

Sources: Dramapot, Viki, Official FB page, Official site

Where to watch: Youth Power is subbed on Viki.


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  • Thanks for this! I wouldn’t have heard of it otherwise. Where do you usually get updates/info about upcoming twdramas? Unlike k/jdramas, there doesn’t seem to be a central source :S
    the previews look quality and the plot is really interesting so I have hopes for this!

    • Actually I found out about this from Kat (Dramapot) because she wrote up a post on it when it was first announced. Eh I don’t really have one single source, I usually find out through other blogs, Dramawiki, etc.

  • Hesui, have you watched this drama yet? I finished it, but if you haven’t watched it yet, I don’t want to leave any spoilers! I’ll just say that I liked it (because I love Tammy Chen, too), but some parts left me disappointed.

    • Hi, I watched around 6 episodes of the drama, but then I didn’t finish it. I did watch some of the scenes from the last couple episodes though. I was impressed by how they even had scenes in Malaysia and the UK, plus such a big cast!

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