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Da Mo Yao episodes 22-27 in a nutshell:

  • Ep 23: Mo Xun tries to woo Xin Yue>>they fall into a lake>>underwater kiss>>Xin Yue gets sick due to hypothermia>>Mo Xun & Wu Ji nurse her back to health.
  • Ep 24: Wu Ji & Xin Yue get in a fight>>Wu Ji gets injured and falls ill
  • Ep 25: Xin Yue & Mo Xun nurse Wu Ji back to health>>Mo Xun falls ill while treating Wu Ji>>Xin Yue nurses Mo Xun back to health
  • Ep 26: Xin Yue chooses Wu Ji and fends off love rivals by performing a ‘passion dance’ for him.  Hot springs scene.
  • Ep 27: Xin Yue finds out she’s pregnant!

As you can see, these episodes mainly focus on resolving the love triangle between Mo Xun, Xin Yue, and Wu Ji.  So there are several intense scenes with plenty of crying, heartbreak and…frustration.  Episodes 23-25 can get kind of frustrating considering how long it takes for Xin Yue to make her final decision between Mo Xun and Wu Ji.  Also, ALL of the main characters fall ill, one after another. O_O”  So most of the scenes show them nursing each other back to health.  By the time Mo Xun gets sick, the nursing-back-to-health trope just feels old and overused.  Couldn’t Tong Hua have thought of a better way to get the characters to show their feelings for each other than this?  Anyways, I’m glad that things take a turn for the better starting from episode 26.  Cue lots of squee-worthy moments with Wu Ji & Xin Yue! 😉


Mo Xun has finally abandoned his noble idiocy and is now pursuing Xin Yue without reservations.  The main Mo Xun x Xin Yue scene is in episode 23 when the two of them meet on a…frozen lake?!?  Admittedly, I think Mo Xun’s outfit (a huge hat and what appears to be a straw raincoat) looks funny…and don’t even get me started on the CGI in this scene.   Anyways, somehow they end up awkwardly falling, and Mo Xun lands on top of Xin Yue.  Xin Yue tries to get up but Mo Xun takes the opportunity to implore Xin Yue to consider him again:

“Wei Wu Ji treats you very well, but I can treat you even better.  He can’t marry you.  He can’t bring you away from Jian An. I can do everything that he cannot.  I can take you as my wife.” -Mo Xun

Almost all of what Mo Xun says is true–he can take Xin Yue away from Jian An, he can give up his business, and he can legally marry Xin Yue and make her his 1st and only wife.  Aside from his responsibility to his household staff, Mo Xun has no restraints on what he can do for Xin Yue.  In contrast, Wu Ji is limited because of his status and his family’s meddling in his marriage.  But the big question here is who will really treat Xin Yue ‘better’.  I think it may be a 50/50 tie because both Mo Xun and Wu Ji have their own ways of loving Xin Yue.  BUT it is worth pointing out that Mo Xun’s love for Xin Yue has ended up hurting her in the long run.  When he was being a noble idiot, he broke her heart over and over again.  Now that he is pursuing her and imploring her to choose between him and Wu Ji, he is still breaking her heart AGAIN.  For instance, in episode 25, Mo Xun asks Xin Yue to tell him who she cares about more–him or Wu Ji.  Xin Yue can’t answer him; she can’t even utter a word because she ends up sobbing uncontrollably.  Obviously this dilemma is tearing her apart.  Anyways, long story short, Xin Yue rejects Mo Xun.  She tells him once and for all to forget her!  (WOOT WOOT!)

Poor Mo Xun is now officially in the friend zone and even ends up diagnosing Xin Yue’s pregnancy himself.  X_X  Again, I don’t feel that bad for Mo Xun because he already passed up his chance to be with Xin Yue 3 times when she confessed to him before!  BTW, I have to give a shout out to Mo Xun & Wu Ji’s staff/servants.  I think it’s cute how they are rooting for their masters to be together with Xin Yue, hehe.  i.e. When Mo Xun gets rejected, his right-hand man dramatically takes out the leaves that Xin Yue wrote love poems on, throws them into the air, and goes “LET IT GO, JIU YE!  FORGET MISS. XIN YUE!”.  *commence dramatic scene with Mo Xun slicing the leaves with his sword*


I pretty much feel bad for all the characters in this love triangle during these episodes. X_X  Wu Ji in particular is a really sad character during this part of the drama.  He is on cloud 9 after he gets Xin Yue to agree to be his unofficial wifey…only to have his hopes of a happy future with her compromised when Mo Xun enters the picture once again.  Wu Ji knows that Xin Yue’s heart is undecided but is still incredibly caring and patient with her.  At the same time though, he’s clearly trying really hard to keep himself in control and as a result, he smolders inside without letting out all of his frustration and angst.  His smiles in eps 22-25 are usually sad ones; you can just see it in his face how much pain he’s going through and how scared he is to lose Xin Yue.

Memorable Wu Ji scenes:

-Ep 23: Wu Ji gets jealous of Mo Xun!  He deliberately lets Xin Yue rest her head on his shoulder and refuses to let Mo Xun touch her face.  All the while, he shoots death stares at Mo Xun.  O: Then he sees that Xin Yue bit Mo Xun on the neck (apparently a sign of affection in wolf-language? O_O” But Xin Yue bit Mo Xun to avoid him kissing her so..) and he gets even more jealous.  Eddie totally nailed this scene, it’s so intense!  Afterwards Wu Ji bites Xin Yue, which a lot of people seem to think is very romantic and swoony.  To me though, even if it means love in wolf-speak, it doesn’t register as romantic.  >_>

-Ep 24: Xin Yue and Wu Ji get in a fight over a misunderstanding.  Wu Ji mentions how they are husband and wife and Xin Yue snaps back “who’s your wife?”.  OUCHHH.  Poor Wu Ji looks like he got the wind knocked out of him in that one second, omg.  :'(

-Ep 27: Wu Ji tells Xin Yue that he has never put his guard up when he’s around her, because he has wanted her to walk into his heart ever since the day he met her.  AWW!!!

-Ep 23: Wu Ji avoids the emperor’s attempts to bestow an unwanted marriage on him.  (in other words, the emperor wants him to marry someone else, not Xin Yue)  He declares that he will not marry until the kingdom is in peace-time (remember they are still at war with the Jie Tribe), aka NEVER.  This proves Wu Ji’s life long devotion to Xin Yue!


After Xin Yue chooses Wu Ji, their main obstacle is getting their relationship recognized by Wu Ji’s family and the emperor.  Wu Ji’s family would accept Xin Yue as a concubine but not as his first wife.  If Xin Yue were Wu Ji’s concubine, she wouldn’t have as high of a status and she would have to share his affections with the first wife & possibly other concubines.  Of course, Wu Ji refuses to make Xin Yue his concubine because he wants to give her her rightful status as first wife.

To add to their problems, good ol’ Qin Xiang is still bent on destroying Xin Yue’s life.  T_T”  ARGHH.  In episode 26, Qin Xiang schemes to force Wu Ji into a marriage by suggesting that some dancers get arranged marriages by doing a ‘passion dance’ for the man that they want to marry.  (it’s not really called a passion dance but that’s what it was called in the forums, heh)  The emperor agrees to Qin Xiang’s idea.  So of course some of the women do a dance for ~WU JI~ in hopes of gaining his hand in marriage (who wouldn’t? :P).  Xin Yue realizes that this is all a part of Qin Xiang’s crafty scheme and that she can’t let another woman choose Wu Ji!  So she goes out onto the dance floor and dances for him, successfully fighting off the other rival dancers.  HUHUHUHU.  This scene is so cute!  And I love how Xin Yue is the one pursuing Wu Ji for once!

There’s also the long-anticipated hot springs scene in ep26.  I read in the forums that actually, they didn’t film this at a real hot springs.  It looks all steamy and hot but it was actually in winter-like temperatures, with freezing-temperature water!  After reading that I felt like the scene wasn’t as romantic to me because instead of focusing on what was happening I kept on thinking about how freezing cold they must’ve been, heh.  Later on Xin Yue finds out she’s pregnant with Wu Ji’s baby.  Admittedly I took a sneak peek at the future episodes and it seems like Xin Yue’s pregnancy will result in a clash between her and the Wei family.  Initially some of the Wei’s generally accepted Xin Yue’s relationship with Wu Ji (i.e. the empress tacitly acknowledged them) because Xin Yue didn’t seem like a big threat.  But her pregnancy changes everything–if she gives birth to a son, he could possibly vie for the throne in the future.  It might also result in Xin Yue earning a title/higher status.


I can’t even count how many times LSS has had to cry in DMY–that’s how many crying scenes she has!  Xin Yue looks like she’s had the life sucked out of her ever since Mo Xun confesses to her.  One of the things she ponders about is whether things would’ve turned out differently if she had known about Mo Xun’s feelings earlier.  Would she be with Mo Xun instead of with Wu Ji if she had known?  Honestly, I think Xin Yue would’ve given Mo Xun another chance if this had happened.  >_<  But what happens happens–Mo Xun was too late in his change of heart and by the time he confessed, Xin Yue had already chosen to open up a new chapter in her life.  Granted, it still takes her a long time to fully let go of Mo Xun.  So it’s no surprise that her heart wavers over him once again. Even though these episodes were long and painful, I think they were necessary for Xin Yue’s character development.  She needed this final phase of catharsis in order to totally get over Mo Xun and move on with her life.


To all Da Mo Yao fans who have been waiting for me to continue my reviews, thank you for your patience!  I last posted about DMY in December 2014, yikes!  That’s 3 months ago!  Unfortunately I had to put the drama on hold because 1) my studies had gotten really busy 2) the subber whose subs I was using to watch DMY had paused subbing.  Even so, a lot of you continued to support me to continue with my reviews.  So thank you.  I am hoping to finish watching DMY and reviewing it sometime next month.  🙂

By the way, did you know that Eddie Peng speaks fluent English?  I just found out that he’s a Canadian Taiwanese!  O: You can see a full-English interview here: (it starts out with a quick Japanese intro but the rest is in English)

Note: Even though the drama has already finished airing, I haven’t finished watching it yet. Please, no spoilers in the comments!  I’m watching the uncut version.

Quote Translation Credit: mJ01991

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  • Omg Eddie is so freaking cute and awkward in that interview 😀 You can totally tell, he’s not entirely sure about what he’s going to say next and is making it up as he goes along. Given all the drama surrounding his casting at the beginning of DMY, I think he played it well, the biggest let down was the script and editing. I hope he does another drama soon, although with his hot movie career that’s probably not as likely.

  • tee hee, the “LET IT GO!”/leaf-slashing scene made me laugh, too. if they had the internet back then jiu ye and wu ji’s servants would have started seriously shipping wars online!

    I’ve been a lurker for a while but wanted to say thanks for continuing to blog despite your busy school schedule 🙂 there’s surprisingly so few blogs for chinese dramas.. you can literally count them on two hands. it seems like we have similar taste in c-dramas, since da mo yao and lan ling wang were my two obsessions in 2014!

  • I’m happy read your recap about DMY. I think this drama has a fresh plot from my point of view. I’m pretty supprise how bold XY to confess her felling to MX not only one but thrice, how persistent and patience WJ to pursue his live for XY. He never do anything to dissregard XY feeling over MX. Yeah, he feels jealous, but he redeem it pretty well. He lied once to XY, trying to conceal the fact that MX are looking for XY, but it’s also a normal action. Who wouldnt do that? It’s a once life time chance that GOD gives to him to win over XY heart. XY also a pretty loyal woman. Yes, at the first time she feels undecided, but once she chooses, she will consistent with it. When her heart occupied by MX she never gives false hope to WJ. And when she decided to let it go and open her heart only to WJ, she give the end signal clearly to MX. And altough i dislike MX for being an indecisive man and over confident about XY feeling towards her, but in the end he act as a gentleman. So this drama is already perfect for me for the romance story part.
    The great chemistry between the three leads is also a plus for me. I can see clearly the spark between the main OTP. WJ and XY is pretty natural as if they are really fall in love in the real world. The chemistry is there. I inspect that everytime WJ and XY has a love scene, WJ’s ears will turn RED (I suspect Eddy Peng likes LSS back then, ahh, ignore my own fantasy. LSS is already married ). GAhh, how can i contain my feeling. As for MX and XY OTP, although it is not is as HOT as WJ-XY, but i still can feel the sincerity.
    I feel like DMY give a possitive feeling to me. I encourage you the watch the series until the end and share your thought with us. Thank you very much ;).

      • I didnt believe what I read when the first time the news came out. I was kind of hope that LSS will be end up with EP, hahaha. It looks like I cant separate between imagination and real life :p.
        But I just hope LSS will be happy with NW ;).

    • OH MY GOSH! hahaha, I’ve never noticed that about wu ji’s ears, even after watching & rewatching da mo yao! I had to go back to a few episodes to confirm and you’re totally right. eddie peng is typically terrific at acting head-over-heels in love with his leading ladies, but I’d like to think he had a special spot for liu shi shi, too 😀

      • I’m glad that it’s not only in my imagination, hahaha. I’m afraid that my eyes deceived me when I saw WJ’s ears turn red everytime he had a love scene with XY. The odd thing is except for the love scene, WJ’s ears are totally fine. I wonder why? 😉

  • Thank you so much for writing these episode recaps!!!! I started watching DMY two weeks ago, and finished yesterday, haha (I have no self-restraint). I discovered your recaps right after I watched the first couple episodes, and it’s been so great to read your insightful opinions and summaries. Before this latest recap, I hoped everyday you would continue writing them, heh heh. I am totally smitten over Wei Wuji (And Eddie Peng, heehee) as well, and I pretty much agree with what you have to say about the whole show, period. Thanks again! I hope you enjoy the few remaining episodes. I AM NOW IN DRAMA WITHDRAWAL, so reading stuff like your blog is what will have to fill the hole in my heart, lol.

  • Found your blog by accident, thank you for doing such a fine job of reviewing Sound of the Desert (Da Mo Yao). I really enjoyed the cut version with subs but you reading from your prospective give me a better understanding about this drama. Looking forward to the completion of you review, but; totally understand school is very important. Good luck on your studies.

  • Thank you for your recap. I just recently started watching this drama and am loving it and totally drooling over Eddie as well. However, do you think you can explain what is Qin Xin’s revenge is about and who exactly does she have beef with and her intentions? My mandarin sucks and cannot figure out why even after re-watching some scenes? Thanks.

      • Okay thanks anyway :). QX’s storyline just very confusing. I don’t understand how her parents die and how it relates to the emperor or the tribe people. She just wants every dead and not sure how her son becoming next in line for throne will help her revenge. I’ll need to do more goggling lol.

  • I’ve finally finished this series. The ending was so stupid I’m not even gonna bother. It was pathetic.

    The interview was a little boring, but I love how Eddie carried himself throughout! Love the atmosphere, it wasn’t like other interviews we normally see, this one is so casual, he was so ‘normal’ and ‘life-like’ lol! I like his voice too! * major swoon*

    Did you know he was chubby?

  • Hi there I found your blog as I am currently watching DMY now. I love your blog and your comments coz I feel the same way exactly and some of your comments are so funny but so true hahaha. Thanks for writing this blog, I feel like I’m sharing my craziness for this series and Eddie Peng with kindred spirits!

  • Hi, I discovered your blog because I am almost done with DMY and your recaps were super helpful. This is my first time watching anything with Eddie and he’s great. Do you know where I can watch his movies online with English subtitles?

      • Thanks for the recommendation! I will check out his movies on Viki. I’m watching DMY on Dramafever — is it the cut or uncut version? Now I will want to check out the Viki version to see if it’s more complete. Even though I’m enjoying it right now, it does feel rushed, especially in the beginning. I think I’m on episode 31 and plan to finish up soon. When I’m done I will comment on your final episodes review.

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