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^Ivy Chen as the heroine

A movie adaptation of Bu Bu Jing Xin has just released its first trailer and some stills!  The movie stars Ivy Chen, Tony Yang, and Shawn Dou.  Unfortunately all we know about their roles is that Ivy plays the role of Ruo Xi–we don’t know which princes Tony & Shawn are playing, darn it.  The movie has yet to announce an official air date, but supposedly it will be released sometime later this year.  It has already finished filming and is in post-production.




The Bu Bu Jing Xin movie adaptation has been rather low key for the past year or so.  I first heard about it in June 2014, but back then there wasn’t much buzz about it and I was verrrry skeptical.  I felt that a BBJX movie version was necessary, especially after the Bu Bu Jing Qing sequel flopped.  I feared that it would be overkill.

BUT…now that I know who’s in the main cast, I’m  way more optimistic about this movie version!  I think Ivy Chen can do the lead role justice, and I am SO SO ready to see Tony Yang as a prince.  I can totally see him as 13th, 14th, or 8th prince.   I’m not so sure if I can picture him as 4th prince though. O_O     If you can’t picture Tony bald, here you go:


Yes, I think he pulls it off.  😛  I haven’t seen the other male lead, Shawn Dou, in any other dramas or movies before, so I’m not sure which prince he’d suit best. The trailer itself feels whimsical and fairy-tale like, but it also has hints of a darker side to the story.  There will be some discrepancies between the movie and the drama/novel versions of the story; for instance, already we see that the heroine time slips in a different way than in the drama.  This trailer has gotten me really curious about the movie, I’m hoping for a longer trailer to be released soon! >_<

So, what do you think about the casting?  Which princes do you think Tony & Shawn will play?

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  • This looks tighter a production than I was expecting from all the hushing and rushing. Could be more polished without all the cheesy annotation, or at least use a much better font, but my interest is piqued enough…but why are we robbed of any glimpses of the men entirely?!

    If it stays remotely authentic to novel, I can’t see Tony playing 8th, 13th, 14th to a Shawn Dou’s 4th. Shawn is still quite green, Tony is more an indie movie actor than anything else last 10+ yrs… even though less known in CN perhaps. TY can do any of the princes but I would love to see him as 8 most since imo that is the most enigmatic of the princes and I’d rather the best actor of the cast handling.

  • When I read about this I was totally like “oh man this is going to suck” but the trailer is actually not half bad. I love the original BBJX (watched it twice) so much that I hope this one won’t totally ruin the story for me. I like that they changed the way she teleported because the original concept always felt a little meh to me. If they are going purely on looks, then I think Tony will play a better 8, but I can’t really see Shawn as 4. Shawn just looks too young and fresh; I can picture him as 13 or something, but I don’t know, maybe he will surprise me after all? Not going to hold my breath for this though, but I do like Ivy’s dress in that first picture 🙂

    • I think it’ll be interesting to see this interpretation, and to see what a different cast can bring to the table. I agree with the time slip, it would make more sense as to why she time travels into a past life. Same, I feel like an older actor would play 4th. But I can’t really picture Tony as 4th. HM. I hope they announce the rest of the cast soon.

  • Seeing the trailer made me think that she time-slipped in a whole new way, but that can’t be right — I thought time-travel dramas were banned? I really hope that they keep the time-travel part — it’s such a vital part of what makes Rou’xi who she is … That was one of the problems of the BBJX sequel had for me, that they took that part away (something about her thinking it was a television show?).

    I would have loved the sequel if they explored how Rou-xi felt so out of touch with the world she came from — like not remembering a lot of her coworkers and old friends. Or her family being so confused and suspicious of how much she has changed. And all those special abilities she gained from that other life… calligraphy that looks just like a certain emperor, for example. I didn’t have the heart to watch after the first episode, I kept thinking of all those opportunities, wasted. Does get it better after the first episode though?

    In any case, turning to the matter of the movie– the trailer has me hopeful that the movie could be good. The actors and the cinematography look great, the costumes are beautiful, and the story looks different enough from the original to spark my interest. I can’t wait.

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