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By now you may have already heard the big news, but I still want to do a quick shout out!  Congratulations to actors Liu Shi Shi and Nicky Wu on their marriage!  They officially registered their marriage in China on January 20, 2015.  They kept a low profile about their marriage, only revealing it through their two Weibo accounts.  Nicky posted the following picture, to which Liu Shi Shi replied that the two of them are very happy:


It’s crazy to think about how far these two have come together since the Bu Bu Jing Xin days.  I still remember how these two drew everyone into the love story of Bu Bu Jing Xin with their portrayals of Ruo Xi & 4th prince.  Ever since then there has been a strong “LongShi” Nicky x LSS ship, lol.  Who knew it would really come true?   I remember back when I first heard the news that they were officially dating, I was so surprised!  Congrats to Liu Shi Shi & Nicky!

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  • yup.. a big surprise to everyone especially LongShi fans.. cant imagine that they have made it so far in such a short period of time.. WoW!!

  • Thank you for all your blogging entries, I’m becoming a fan of your website now that I’m registered. I have been interested in all Asian dramas now for the past 6 months or so, I’ve just started or I should say I’ve just woken up to that part of the world and find it so amazing as to what they have contributed as far as the film world, rather it’s Japanese, Chinese, Taiwan, or Korean dramas of which I became an instant fan of. My boyfriend I think is jealous as to my watching the dramas and not pay attention too much to him anymore, it’s terrible, I guess you could say “I’m addicted, and true I do a lot of binge watching”. i envy and would like to inquire as to these actors educational background in relation to acting classes, instructors or where they get their training from. It’s only because I’m interested in getting into the entertainment/film industry. I’m only an extra for the last 2 or 3 years, recently with “Hawaii 5-0” and hope to one day be a principle actor who actually acts and deliver some dialogue. One thing I’ve noticed since watching these dramas and there is a lot of good ones, but some others, not as good; it’s taught me to “cry”. I can easily well up some tears, grasping, pumping up some crying very easily so much that I find it hard to breathe at times. I guess I get so caught up in the moment of a scene or feelings from characters its just so amazing. I was in a recent actor’s workshop, and the script called for slapping (which I really didn’t) of my partner acting out a scene from “Bridesmaids”, and I was amazed that I could well up and get sad to almost crying but held back before the pretend slap. I was glad how my instructor critiqued me and pleased how I handled that scene, it’s the first time she’s openly gave her opinion to me that way. I got some praise later on from my fellow actors as I was leaving, so I felt very relieved and valued, as well as from my partner that I hardly knew that was in the scene with me. That is what these dramas have taught me, so I look on it as if I am taking acting lessons/instructions, etc. Like I’ve told some friends, family members, anytime an actor can bring that on from his viewing audience of a sad, crying scene, to me, as an actor, you’ve done your job and then some. And I get it all the time now just based on those sad, tragic, crying scenes, I easily tear up and its never happened to me before, and I never respond that way with the American soap operas, movies. That’s why I’m disappointed now looking back on watching American television, they’ve never got that kind of reaction from me, maybe a bit sadness watching some old classic movies like “How Green Was My Valley”, “Imitation of Life” or “Spencer’s Mountain”, I like movies like that that really move, touch me that way. That’s why more so the Academy Awards are on today or I should say this evening for which I will pay close attention to just to see what is the latest happening in American films. It’s been awhile since I’ve watched American television, barely the news, because I’m watching my dramas practically 24/7. I’m functioning sometimes on only 4 hours of sleep if not couple days without sleep, my vision is slowly deteriorating. I am very impressed at these actors skills and what they bring to their characters/roles in whatever drama or movie they are in that they manage to get it just right to draw such emotional reaction to their viewers, sadly I don’t get that from our actors like Brad Pitt, George Clooney or even Leo DiCaprio, so how can they go up on stage to collect their Academy award statues? What are we really looking at all these years, all these movies????? I am planning in the back of my mind of someday visiting S.Korea and looking up their entertainment/film world and see what that is all about and hopefully learn or educate myself about it. I am retired after 35 years from Hawaiian Tel Com, I am emailing you from Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii, born and raised. I’ve observed a lot of the Asian community coming to the islands to visit which is great but I observe them closely now, and can appreciate that part of the world they’re from. Please excuse me, sometimes I get so carried away, emailing sometimes ends up my writing chapters for a novel as my daughter jokes with me when I email her. Thank you for reading my email, appreciate your time, but I’m only passing on my opinion, views, my feelings about your “my drama tea” which I’m so glad to now be a part of as I read your blog about the latest of what’s happening in our dramas from that side of the world.Take care, have a great day/weekend, Aloha no, Frances

    • Hello Frances, thanks for your comment. I am glad that watching dramas has helped improve your acting. Please don’t forget to take care of yourself while watching dramas so you can still act to your greatest potential. 🙂 I generally do not know much about the actors’ acting educational background. If you check their profile on dramawiki, it usually says where they graduated from and their degree. Some actors did non-acting related majors in college, but they became actors after they were scouted out. Some actors started out as idols/singers. Lastly, you may want to look up international film festivals. They might show some Korean films.

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