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It’s the time of year to look back on my favorite songs from the dramas of 2014.  This is the ‘melancholy song’ list, which mainly includes ballads and is generally very sad and peaceful.  As usual, most of my memorable ballads are from c-dramas and tw-dramas this year!

Track List:

  1. Don’t Be Friends Anymore (以後別做朋友) by Eric Chou (周興哲) – The Way We Were (16 Summers) OST
  2. I Don’t Know What Love Is (我不知道愛是什麼) by Eve Ai (艾怡良) – The Way We Were (16 Summers) OST
  3. Main Theme Song – Red Sorghum
  4. The World I Pacified for You by Li Jian Qing – Sound of the Desert (Da Mo Yao) OST
  5. Helplessly (身不由己) by Della Ding – Bu Bu Jing Qing OST
  6. Dust (尘埃) by Jia Jia (家家) – Bu Bu Jing Qing OST
  7. Dareka Watashi O (誰か私を) by Kotoringo (コトリンゴ)  – Ashita Mama ga Inai OST




Don’t Be Friends Anymore (以後別做朋友) by Eric Chou (周興哲)

The Way We Were (16 Summers) OST

This is my favorite theme song of the entire year.  I love the melody, the lyrics and especially the special meaning that it has in the drama.  “Don’t Be Friends Anymore” is touted as the special song that the OTP shares for over 10 years; it’s the song that links them together and conveys their feelings for each other.  It has a timeless quality to it and I’m sure that I’ll be listening to it for a long time to come!  BTW am I the only when that can’t get the melody out of my head?



I Don’t Know What Love Is (我不知道愛是什麼) by Eve Ai (艾怡良)

The Way We Were (16 Summers) OST

This is my second favorite song off of The Way We Were OST.   I’ve been listening to it over and over again nonstop!  I’m impressed by Eve Ai’s voice especially since it’s the first time I’ve heard one of her songs.




Main Theme Song

Red Sorghum

Actually I don’t know what the title is for the main theme song of Red Sorghum!  And I haven’t even gotten to watch Red Sorghum yet.  But the theme song instantly struck me the first time I heard it.  It’s really haunting and beautiful.  Out of all the songs on this list, I think Red Sorghum‘s theme songs have the most emotional impact.

Ending Theme Song – Vocals Version:

Opening Theme Song – Instrumental Version:



The World I Pacified for You by Li Jian Qing

Sound of the Desert (Da Mo Yao) OST

The Da Mo Yao OST isn’t as memorable to me as some other Tangren dramas such as Bu Bu Jing Xin..or even Bu Bu Jing Qing. O_O  I’m not sure why, the songs just don’t have much of an impact on me.  “The World I Pacified for You” is the song I liked the most off of the DMY soundtrack.



Helplessly (身不由己) by Della Ding

Bu Bu Jing Qing OST

As you all may know, Bu Bu Jing Qing is a sequel to the hit Bu Bu Jing Xin that, IMO, went horribly wrong.  The music however, is great in terms of sad ballads.  I think the reason these BBJQ songs hit me in the gut is that they made me remember all of the nostalgia and sorrow from BBJX, heh.  You may have heard Della from her OST track for the other hit c-drama, Lan Ling Wang.  I think her voice is perfect for ballad theme songs!



Dust (尘埃) by Jia Jia (家家)

Bu Bu Jing Qing OST

And again, you may have also heard of Jia Jia since she sung a theme song for Lan Ling Wang as well! Like Della, Jia Jia’s voice is perfect for ballads and she’s a new favorite for Chinese/Taiwanese OST’s.  The song “Dust” is especially important because it’s the song that plays when Ruo Xi/Zhang Xiao and 4th prince meet again for the first time in episode 1!



Dareka Watashi O (誰か私を) by Kotoringo (コトリンゴ)

Ashita, Mama ga Inai OST

This is the only Japanese song on the melancholy list, but I think it’s fitting to end the list with it since it’s more uplifting than the previous songs.  :'(  Although I didn’t finish watching Ashita, Mama ga Inai, I just had to include this song because I remember how much I loved it when I was watching the drama.  I think this is the cutest song off of this list because of how peaceful and innocent it is.  Love Kotoringo’s pure voice.


Do you have any favorite songs off of this list? Are there any other melancholy songs from 2014 dramas that you recommend?  Let me know!  There will be a Part II of This Year in Drama Soundtracks featuring catchy & creative songs coming up! 😉

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  • yess Eric Chou’s song is also one of my favorites this year! such a nice surprise and a nice debut song. I can’t wait for his whole album, whenever that may be. I also really like Shi Shi’s song that she did for Boysitter drama.

  • Beautifully and musically insightful post! All songs kept me good company while writing for Mr. Back’s recap and now i moved to your 2013’s melancholy edition! I have an Xmas favor to ask, could you recommend me some heartrending and devastating slice of life/romance dramas from Taiwan-China? Your “About me” forced me ask you this question 😀

  • Dear all…
    can you help me provide the ex movie soundtrack list (play list)
    I watched that movie yesterday and the background music was awesome. .I tried to Google but can’t find. …
    i do shaman from my mobile but the singer was written in Chinese characters. I can’t read it.
    the ex its out on 2010 ita hk movie .

    Thanks so much

  • I think the ost for Red Sorghum is super gorgeous, I think I’m going to check it out soon, purely for the ost. I didn’t hear much buzz for it when it aired so I totally forgot about it….oh and Happy Holidays Heisui! 😀

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