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As you all know, period c-dramas love angst and heartbreak…and yes, there is plenty of both in episodes 14-22 of Da Mo Yao.  These episodes mark the transition into the more angsty part of the story now that the love triangle is in full swing.  Don’t worry though, Da Mo Yao isn’t as intense and heartwrenching as some other period c-dramas, plus there are still plenty of cutesy shippy scenes to balance out the angst!  😉

Here’s a quick refresher on the major events in eps 14-22:

  • Xin Yue confesses to Mo Xun two more times and is rejected both times.
  • Xin Yue runs away to Da Mo.
  • Wu Ji finds Xin Yue and ‘kidnaps’ her to stay with him at his battle camp. Long story short, Xin Yue disguises herself as a guy, fights in the army, sleeps with Wu Ji after getting drunk, and agrees to marry him.  YUP.  They are officially a couple now!
  • Hu Wei Li (the leader of the Jie Tribe in Da Mo, Wu Ji’s rival, and Xin Yue’s past love) finds out that Xin Yue is alive!
  • Mo Xun confesses to Xin Yue when she returns to Jian An City.  Xin Yue doesn’t give him a response yet.
  • Qin Xiang lures General Li Ji over to her side and declares Xin Yue/Wu Ji as her enemies.  She competes with the Wan Family (includes the Empress, the princess, Wu Ji, Wu Ji’s uncle, etc.) to gain control of the throne.


“Because I care, so I have to let go…Xiao Yue, I can’t let you face the dangers, bear my family’s burden, and suffer with me, living a life where you can’t do what you wish.  I alone am enough to take these on.”

-Mo Xun

Mo Xun can be described in one phrase: “the noble idiot”.   He’s the classic case of ‘noble idiocy,’ a drama trope in which a character pushes away the people they love out of self-sacrifice.  This usually happens when a character has a terminal illness and doesn’t want to put his their loved ones through the pain of seeing him dying.  Noble idiots are tragic, pitiful and INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATING characters.   On one hand I understand that Mo Xun is a noble character and that he’s trying to do what’s best for Xin Yue.  On the other hand, just because he has good intentions doesn’t mean that his actions have good effects.  Whenever he goes off into noble idiot-mode I just want to bang my head on the wall.  T_T”  He’s not helping anyone by being self-sacrificial–instead he’s only making everyone more miserable.  And whenever Mo Xun has his pitiful noble idiot scenes (i.e. staring off into space, dramatically playing his flute all alone while Xin Yue is having a cutesy moment with Wu Ji, etc.) I can’t help but think that he has doomed himself to his own misery.  Whenever I feel bad that he’s always a step too late, I just think of how he has already passed up three chances to accept Xin Yue’s love. *facepalm* >_>

So, why does Mo Xun reject Xin Yue twice in a row?

1) Xin Yue will only suffer and be put into danger because of him.  Mo Xun believes that he won’t be able to keep Xin Yue safe due to his difficult political position.  He needs to make sure not to be too powerful so as not to raise the emperor’s suspicions.  He also has divided loyalties between Nan Chao and Da Mo.  I think this is an ok-ish reason because it’s true that it’d be hard for Xin Yue to have a stable future with Mo Xun.  That’s definitely something Xin Yue would have to consider before she gets together with Mo Xun.  However I don’t think it’s a good enough reason because ironically, Xin Yuealready dove headfirst into a dangerous political situation in the first place!   She helped Qin Xiang, whose goal is to get revenge on the emperor, into the palace!  And now she’s keeping Qin Xiang’s secret–basically being her accomplice in assassination.  =_=  Xin Yue has already gotten herself caught up in some dangerous doodoo, so I don’t think her getting involved with Mo Xun would make things worse.

I don’t think she would hesitate one moment to accept Mo Xun despite his political background because she already dove headfirst into it in the first place.

2) Mo Xun has a genetic illness which makes it hard for him to have children.  This reason is more WTF to me because Mo Xun doesn’t clearly communicate about this with Xin Yue.  He only asks her in a roundabout way and then misinterprets her answer to mean that he can’t ever make her happy.   Later on when Mo Xun reveals his reasoning to Xin Yue, she goes ‘why didn’t you ask me?!?!’  Mo Xun: ‘I did! *serious face*’.  ARGHHH.  Asking whether Xin Yue wants kids and whether she’d be willing to not have kids with him are two different things, Mo Xun!  Xin Yue never said that she had to have kids to be happy!!  Heh, the look on Xin Yue’s face during this moment says it all–she’s all ‘THAT was the reason you rejected me and broke my heart thrice???”.  *facepalm*

Here lies the problem with Mo Xun: he’s not giving Xin Yue a choice, instead he’s deciding for her.   Mo Xun tries to act in Xin Yue’s best interests but he doesn’t even clearly know what her best interests are in the first place.  I don’t doubt that these two love each other deeply…the problem is that they don’t understand each other very well.  Mo Xun and Xin Yue are always reading between the lines to figure each other out and ultimately this results in some major misunderstandings.  I don’t blame Xin Yue for being hesitant when Mo Xun finally confesses her..after all, she is still so hurt and disillusioned with him that it’ll take time for her to fully trust him again.  I wonder whether Mo Xun will wait for Xin Yue as long as she waited for him, now that she’s no longer ready to accept him?


“This moment, I finally realize that bit by bit, unknowingly, he has adamantly engraved himself in my heart.”

-Xin Yue

As you all already know by now, I’m still loving the Wu Ji x Xin Yue ship.  And now that the love triangle is finally shifting in Wu Ji’s favor, these episodes are like a shipper’s heaven, ahaha.   Xin Yue finally gives Wu Ji a chance and even agrees to become his fiancee.  It’s quite a fast-moving relationship; I think they might be progressing this quickly because they’ve already been good friends for a few years.  So it’s not like they’re starting from scratch.  Then again, I admit that I was shocked when Xin Yue first accepted Wu Ji’s proposal.  There are some subtle hints along the way that Xin Yue is aware of Wu Ji’s feelings, but not many signs that she’s actually warming up to him.  Usually her developing feelings are revealed through her narration, not in the scenes leading up to their relationship.   Apparently Xin Yue realizes her romantic feelings for Wu Ji after the engagement, so maybe that’s why she didn’t show that she was falling for him beforehand?

Currently Xin Yue and Wu Ji are in the honeymoon phase with lots of cute shippy scenes together.  As we all know, there are no easy happily-ever-after endings in period c-dramas.  And Tong Hua loves plenty of angst, tragedy and hardships!  So unfortunately, Wu Ji and Xin Yue still have a lot of obstacles to their relationship.  Wu Ji can’t get permission to marry Xin Yue as his wife due to their status differences.  Xin Yue has some unresolved issues from her past, such as her old love Hu Wei Li (leader of the Jie Tribe and rival of Wu Ji) from Da Mo who still has feelings for her.  And of course, I’m sure that Qin Xiang will continue being a thorn in Xin Yue’s side for the rest of the drama.  There’s no way Qin Xiang is going to accept Xin Yue’s relationship with Wu Ji.  =_=


Wu Ji is often portrayed as a perfect prince charming, the kind of guy who will do anything to protect the heroine and make her happy.  He is seen as an invincible, undefeated general oozing with self-confidence and charm.  AND BTW–HE CAN COOK!  *wink wink*  However, beneath Wu Ji’s boundless confidence and powerful status, he is actually very limited by his own status.   He wants to marry Xin Yue, but is it realistic?  Can he really defy his family’s disapproval of their marriage and choose against his responsibility towards his family?  Considering how devoted Wu Ji is to his family and how hard he’s worked to prove himself, I doubt that he would be able to cut off his family ties.  Mo Xun can throw away everything to be with Xin Yue, whereas realistically Wu Ji cannot.  Wu Ji still has his family and work responsibilities that are in conflict with his love for Xin Yue.  And although I have sorta brought into Wu Ji’s prince charming persona, I acknowledge he’s not without his flaws.  For instance, when he kidnaps Xin Yue from Da Mo, the drama makes it seem like he’s being really swoonworthy and romantic.  I would be lying if I said I didn’t squee during that scene.  When I looked back on it though, I felt that there is something wrong about him forcibly removing Xin Yue from where she wanted to be.   He does this out of anger and wanting to prevent Xin Yue from running off forever into Da Mo, but still, he is forcible acting against her will.  I also think that Wu Ji can be over-protective at times, which clashes with Xin Yue’s independent personality.  Xin Yue is fully capable of protecting herself!

By the way…am I the only one that sees a resemblance between Wu Ji and Hu Wei Li?  These two are so similar to each other!!! They’re both accomplished generals, are honorable, super skilled at fighting, etc.  O_O


I don’t have much to say about Xin Yue except for these few points..since it feels like her character doesn’t have as much character development as Wu Ji/Mo Xun in these episodes:

  • Good on her for trying to get over Mo Xun.  She already waited for three years, and after the third rejection, she finally decides that enough is enough.
  • Obviously she’s not over Mo Xun.  She has feelings for both Mo Xun and Wu Ji..who knows which one she loves more?  Does she love them both equally?  I think she would still give her everything for both men regardless of who she loves more romantically, since they’re both very close to her.  We’ll only know how she truly feels once she chooses between Mo Xun & Wu Ji in the upcoming episodes!
  • Xin Yue is both fierce and soft.  For instance, the scene where she guards Wu Ji by threatening to shoot Hu Wei Li. She’s fierce in that she is willing to go to this extent to protect Wu Ji.  At the same time, she’s still hesitant to shoot Hu Wei Li despite her built up resentment and bitterness towards him.


^Really like Mao Yun Zhu’s outfit!

Lastly, the outfits.  You can’t go without talking about the outfits in period c-dramas, right? 😛  Well, one thing I realized while watching these episodes is that the problem with the styling is that ALL of the other female characters are styled better than Xin Yue does.  Everyone from Hong Gu to Mao Yun Zhu has more flattering color combinations, accessories and hairstyles.  It’s not that Xin Yue’s outfits totally suck–it’s more like, they could be so much better.  T_T  I am happy that Xin Yue gets to have a new outfit when she’s in Da Mo though!  It looks so much better on her than her other outfits in Nan Chao!


At this point in the drama, it’s clear that Da Mo Yao has the same general story format as Bu Bu Jing Xin.   Both stories have an ordinary heroine who is caught up in palace politics due to her romantic involvement with a couple important men.  In Bu Bu Jing Xin, Ruo Xi was close to 8th prince and 4th prince, (as well as other princes) which led to her involvement with the struggle for the throne.  She also switched from her first love interest (8th) to the second one (4th).  Likewise, in Da Mo Yao, Xin Yue is the romantic interest of Wu Ji and Mo Xun and switches from Mo Xun to Wu Ji.  Plus Xin Yue will inevitably be at the center of the struggle for the throne within the upcoming episodes.   I think most of the plot is pretty predictable; the thing that I’m really wondering though, is whether or not Xin Yue will have a happy ending.  In BBJX it *SPOILER SPOILER* ends with a sad tragic ending.  Will it end the same way in Da Mo Yao?

Translation Credit: mJ01991

Note: I am watching the uncut version of Da Mo Yao.

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  • Is it just me but your timestamp on the post shows it’s posted on Nov 24 but I only saw this post like just now? LOL! Anyways, I’m still far behind this drama, only at ep5! But I think that’s because I’ve already finished the novel so I know what’s going to happen in the future so I’m not that eager to continue, I just need to be in the mood to watch, haha!

    Mo Xun is such a direct opposite of Wu Ji, Wu Ji will never go that noble idiot route as he’s such an assertive person and will never give up his love. You could say Wu-Ji is selfish when it comes to love but he also doesn’t push Xin Yue too hard too, just the right amount of strength. Mo Xun needs a little bit of selfishness in him to be happy, self-sacrificial is just making everyone miserable including himself so when he finally understands what he did was idiot, it was just too late.

    • Yes, I posted it today so I’m not sure why the timestamp said the wrong date. O_O I fixed it though! Thanks!

      There is a balance when it comes to Wu Ji; at times he is more assertive but at other times he knows when to back off and give Xin Yue some space. I agree about Mo Xun, he realized that he wanted to chase his own happiness too late. >_<

  • Still think LSS is miscast for the role. her eyes just don’t shine, there is no brightness and she looks fake when acting vibrant.

  • That’s weird, I wrote a reply yesterday but it didn’t show up… it is too long to retype. > > Anyways, it’s nice to know you are still reviewing Da Mo Yao! I’m only a few episodes ahead because I lost interest after reading too much of the novel. I agree Mo Xun (Jiu Ye) is an idiot, and I hate noble idiocy the most out of all drama tropes. I also think the drama is not living up to my expectation to the novel and they didn’t do a good job in explaining JY’s change of attitude towards XY after she left.

    • Hm that’s odd. I checked the spam filter and I don’t see your comment in there. Not sure what happened. O_O

      I think in general, the characters’ change in feelings all feel rather sudden. For instance, when XY falls for MX at first sight, WJ falls for XY at first sight, XY suddenly realizes her feelings for WJ, etc.

      If only XY had left the city earlier, that’s all it would’ve taken for MX to realize that he needs her by his side! T_T

  • I agree with you so much on XY’s outfits. They are really plain and quite ugly, especially her most “excessive” one that she wear to formal events. I think the head piece does not suit LSS’s face, and the bare minimum accessories make the head piece even more obvious. I do know from the book that XY much prefer “quieter” colors such as light yellow, light green and such. She is also a simple girl who HATE dress up so I understand the minimal accessories. But XY in the book is also crafty with appearance if needed to be. She is the one that supposedly start “trend” in the city, but her styling in here is so disappointing.

    I also agree with Sirey that LSS acting is quite lacking here. I saw her wayyy back then during Legend of Condor Heroes and she and improved so much. She did fantastic in BBJX but I feel like she took a step back in this one. Perhaps the two male leads are doing so extraordinary in their roles that LSS is just pale in comparison. Hu Ge is nailing Mo Xun so well. I much prefer Mo Xun in the novel because Wu Ji seems forceful and bratty to me in the book but Eddie play him with such quiet dignity that I also feel his “prince charming” aura like u. He’s very playful but seemed very dignified at the same time. He look so arrogant yet tinted with a hint of vulnerabilities and regressed emotions.

    • Ok that’s interesting that XY’s pale pastel colors are based on the book. I don’t think they are totally horrible but they make her look washed out. Eh I think the head accessories are also just ok. I wish we could see more variation in them at least. >_<

      One of the things someone else mentioned is that DMY was filmed shortly after BBJX was filmed. It's just that DMY was released there wasn't much time for LSS' acting to improve for DMY.

  • Just watched it this wk. waiting for translation for the rest, last few episodes although i grasped mostly what’s going on. Definitely i like this series better. In bu bu jing xin, it was depressing till very end…no cutesy at all. I love xin yue/wuji relationship better. N i am with you when you said xin yue and jiu ye more like brotherly/fatherly love, not believable. As for the similarity wuji/hue we li, they r strong people in the field, but have different propose, one is about taking power with no consideration of other people’s feelings (hu wei li), he will sacrifice people when it’s necessary, wu ji has a lot of consideration about people around him. There werent much really interaction when xin yue started falling for wu ji, but the dream, which Li Ji put an arrow to wuji, her subsconscious telling us, she has fallen for him, without realizing or more like “lying” to herself, all she did, deny deny deny…..wouldnt it be easier if she just accept it?? But then we’d be missing all the drama in the series lol

    Oh regarding why she was dressed “poorly” i think it was the purpose of her being true to her character, which is simple being from the desert. She dressed up better, when it’s necessarily. U dont think she was dressed as pretty as others when it was official business, like going to the palace and/or meeting important people in it? I liked her pink dress…n i think that might her only “good” dress that she kept in the closet and took it out when she needed it.

    Waiting for the rest of the reviews! 🙂

    • Hm I agree, Hu Wei Li and Wu Ji have different motivations. To me they are similar since they are both strong leaders though.

      I know that Xin Yue’s character is supposed to be simply styled, it’s just that even with her simple outfits I feel that they don’t suit LSS as much as they could’ve.

      • Ah true they r strong leaders and yes with diff motivations. N you r right about wuji and hu wei li both being forceful towards xin yue! Lol but if it was me, i wouldnt mind so much of wuji so forceful, “woo” me that much, and telling me how much he likes me! :p

        So would u say the LSS dressed up better in BBJX? Maybe they r too afraid her character in DMY outshined other characters, those higher class? But i do like her in blue, the one jiu ye gave her.

        • Hmm LSS also wore pale colors in BBJX. I think the difference between her outfits in BBJX vs. DMY is that in BBJX her outfits were coordinated more consistently. Whereas in DMY some of her outfits are a hit or miss. I also like her blue dress, that one is my favorite and I have no complaints about it. Heh I wish she could’ve worn that one more often!

  • Hello Huisui! Like you and many others, I have a liking towards c-period dramas. My favourites are The Return of the Condor Heroes (2006 TV series), Scarlet Heart, and The Legend of Zhen Huan. I like to read reviews about any dramas/movies before I watch them and I came across your site when I was on Google one day. I’ve been a silent reader of your site for quite awhile now and I really like your reviews/recaps, as well as all your screen caps. ^^ Thanks to your site, I got to know Sounds Of The Desert and I jumped in to finish the whole drama in 3 days after your posts about it. (I’m now a fan of Eddie Peng hahahaha xD). Okay actually, the real purpose of this post is to thank you for spending the time to do the pretty screen caps and writing all these posts because I like it when there’s someone to share my drama feels haha (none of my surrounding friends adore c-period dramas ;_; ) and could you finish writing the review for Sounds of the Desert? I would love to know your thoughts about the last few episodes! Thank you once again. Have a great day. ^^

  • I totally agree with your synopsis on Mo Xun.. its a pity that Xin Yue has to go through this rejections over and over again.. IF only the story is twisted that Xin Yue goes with him in the end..

  • Hi heisui! I commented last year when you were covering LLW, here’s my second. Are you still covering this drama? Anyhoo, I just finished episode 22 (I was saving reading your post until I had gotten this far). I definitely like Wei Wu Ji X Xin Yue, but I don’t know how much more his character can stand. I’m worried Wu Ji will have some sort of heroic breakdown sooner or later…at the end of episode 22, I could feel him holding in his frustration when he was laying on the bed with Xin Yue after he caught her and Jiu Ye hugging…add that to the problems with trying to marry her, and the impending doom of the emperor/Qin Xiang wanting her to marry the other general, and I’m worried about his character.

    And yes…Jiu Ye totally suffers from the noble idiot disease, but writing aside, I loved his acting. It felt so real when he finally wasn’t able to keep in his feelings for Xin Yue after seeing her again. Noble idiots aside, can we talk about Li Ji? I think he is smart enough to know (and his and Xin Yue’s conversation in the desert before the soccer match kind of confirmed it for me, at least in my head), that he’s getting used by Qin Xiang but he doesn’t care. I’m guessing Qin Xiang will force him to move against Wu Ji or Xin Yue. For some reason I feel like Hu Wei Li might unexpectedly end up facing off against him…

    I hope you post more about Da Mo Yao soon! Though I won’t be able to read it until I catch up. Thanks for all the content and please keep doing it! It’s keeping some of us sane.

    • Hey, thanks for commenting again! 🙂 I am still covering this drama, but I’m waiting for more subs to be released until I write up my next review.

      I think Wu Ji will eventually reach his breaking point too, but he will probably recover ok. Ugh Li Ji really frustrates me because he’s just blindly helping Qin Xiang. And if he knows that Qin Xiang is using him, that just makes me more frustrated with him because he’s betraying his good friend Wu Ji for her sake. T_T

      • I hope your subs come out soon! I just finished the series about 5 minutes ago!!!! I hope you write up your thoughts for the ending because there’s so much I need to talk about but can’t give you spoilers. Suffice to say, I liked the way that they ended everything though!

  • Hi heisui! I gotta thank you for reviewing/posting your thoughts on this series and BBJX. I typed in top taiwanese/chinese dramas a month ago and your blog came up in the searches. I’ve never been so glad to get away from korean dramas. I watched BBJX first and finished it crying my eyes out. That drama… then I finally was able to start on this one.

    I have to say my thoughts and feelings are similar to yours. Jiu Ye’s character/personality is one of the few I hate. There is a limit to how much someone can “sacrifice” himself. You can even say his actions are comparable to Wu Ji’s when he forcefully took Xin Yue with him. It’s just that Wu Ji was braver in both actions and words. I really feel for Jiu Ye (just finished 22) but his selfishness, yes he was, was just too much. Hu Ge portrays him very well though. I’m so impressed. Everytime we have that silent crying scene of his when Xin Yue shows affection I get so frustrated. I had to pause to breathe lol.

    And you’re right. The episodes in Da Mo were shippers haven made me absolutely happy. I couldn’t stop smiling even when I was a bit bothered when he kidnapped her but the following scenes made up for it. 🙂

    • Aw thanks for commenting! About Jiu Ye, meh. He really frustrated me while he was being a noble idiot. After he stopped being a noble idiot, I just felt ambivalent towards him.

  • hi i got your name from y brother in law jack he and my sister told me about Asian drama and i have been a fan for a two years i haven’t watched anything else what did you think of sound of the desert i quit enjoyed the early eposiode but i feel it draged in the middle i have also watcher my new fair princess and just finished The Virtuous Queen Of Hani enjoyed that on very much now im tring to find the English subtitles for New Moment in Peking i have also watched Scarlet Heart, Empresses in the Palace,Beauty World,Palace, Jade Palace Lock, Qing Shi Huang Fei,royal tramp just to name a few great stuff is coming from ofer in china american actors can learn a few things anyway let me know your thoughts ed

    • Hey! I also feel like Sound of the Desert started to drag later on in the story. The beginning was pretty fast-paced though. Generally that’s what happens with c-dramas. T_T

  • I wouldn’t complain that much about the drama if the director was willing to at least remove LSS’s 80-year-old granny hair style, let her stay with the hair style when she’s in that blue dress, jeez. 90% of the time, even with different hair styles / ornaments, there’s always those hair covering her hairs split from the middle of the forehead that makes her look like an old and short granny. She does look really different comparing her to past dramas when she was younger, being older already and they’re dubbing her with a childish voice, she needs to look better.
    Besides, Xing Yue knows too much about life to be an outsider that grew up with wolves, she’s not like Tarzan at all, maybe she should have acted more like Tarzan to get rid of the Ruoxi re-acting. Or I also agree too, that another actress would be more fresh to start out with. But for some reasons… a lot of the new actresses these days aren’t making the grades, and before I was going to critique this drama harsh, it’s still better than a lot of the rest out there. Is it just me in this world that’s thinking alot of the new C-dramas nowadays are so crappy?

    • I still remember how someone photoshopped one of LSS’s Rou Xi stills to give her side bangs. Side bangs suit her so much better!
      If I recall correctly, the voice actress for Xin Yue is the same as the one for Ruo Xi.

  • does anyone remember which episode Xin Yue thought to herself about Wu Ji “bit by bit, unknowingly and adamantly he has engraved himself in my heart”?? Been rewatching the episodes but can’t seem to find that clip….PLEASE HELP! THANKS!

  • Hi heisui! It’s me, Eschen. You probably don’t remember me since i haven’t posted in SOOOO long, but I finally registered an account and now I’m fleetingpaper. Anyway! I was mad shipping 4th prince in bubujing xin (now I like 14th better, SO MUCH BETTER) and I love love love Yuwen Yong (STILL DO! *swoons*)

    So, I’ve just started watching Sound of the Desert, and I’ve finished the episodes up to around here, but OMG I’m SOOO sick of the story, the director is… stupid??? The character of Xin Yue is utterly annoying to me. And the love story is annoying as well.

    I am scared of the ending though, coz I like Mo Xun. But, I think I like him because Hu Ge’s portrayal of him breaks my heart. I like him becoz the first few eps of him was… *blushes* The scenes with him and Xin Yue–the sweet scenes were really sweet! My favourite part was when he dabbed her ears with some ointment coz it was infected, and when he put the earrings for her. But, yeah, I agree, the holding back his love thing is such an overused and old idea, it’s so old that it was created way before the generation of the grandparents of grandparents. It’s stupid =__=. But, I can’t blame Mo Xun, he had no choice, the writer made him this way lol

    I dunno how his character will be like in later eps though, hopefully the story won’t make him too unbearable to watch by making him MORE stereotypically tragic or whatever, I dunno, I’ve already given up hope the love story will end well. I usually hate characters like Mo Xun though, like, seriously can’t the author think of anything else except stupid moronic self-sacrificing-no-can-be-with-you-coz-blah blah balha ablahalaaablbahalhablah reasons?!?!?!?!?! On the other hand, I think Wuji is fine, I don’t have any issues with the acting or the character (not yet anyway), in saying so, I just like Mo Xun better, Hu Ge’s sad expressions makes me wanna say, ‘forget about Xin Yue, you gots me’ lol! He’s so good with sad eyes, if it were any other actor, I would have probably found Mo Xun utterly irritating and would have probably been won over by the pairing of Wuji + Xinyue, but, unfortunately, this is not the case, I like Hu Ge’s portrayal, so I am forced to suffer in unhappiness as I watch Hu Ge continue to be the miserable Mo Xun. I’m at the point of not caring that she no longer loves Mo Xun, all I hope is for Mo Xun to just be happy,

    • Yeah I remember you, fellow YWY fan. 😉 Well I hate to break it to you but Mo Xun’s character doesn’t really get any happier than this. =_= So brace yourself for his ending. I guess we’re kinda similar in that we both stuck with this drama for one character only. Except I stuck around for Wu Ji, not Mo Xun, heheh. Xin Yue falls totally flat. The only thing that makes her interesting is her wolf skills.

      • I agree with what you said about XIn Yue’s character being overwhelmingly adept at being “human”. She even said she only knew the Chinese language (or dialect of the city) and did not know the language of the land in which she grew up, WTH?? She hung around the PRINCE, basically ROYALTY and NOBLES of the desert land! No other character could be more inconsistent and unconvincing as this. =__=. Also, that wolf brother of hers is obviously an Alaskan Malamute, the wolf bro’s “wife” and “child” (from memory) looked like Siberian Huskies, which actually physically resembled more like wolves, but the production team probably chose the malamute because of it’s huge size. But, wolves aren’t suppose to be gigantic and robust! Like, come on!!

        Anyway, I couldn’t get back into the series since I left the comment. I can’t bear anymore of Mo Xun’s misery right now, or the crappy characterization of other characters, so I’m just gonna take a break. I’m writing a story for my degree, perhaps I’ll incorporate Mo Xun’s character, but change everything else including his story. I refuse to give him a sappy and miserable backstory. How about… He has NO family, he isolates himself not for self pity or self esteem issues, but guilt? But, he is in a wheelchair, so why should he be the one feeling guilt? Sooo… he is in a wheelchair, but, what if he actually did something way worse to another? Yes, ok, guilt sounds good. And the love story… hmm… I really like the concept of the girl kneeling beside him when she speaks to him, almost adoringly and as well as playfully. Hmm… I’ll have to keep thinking. Can’t have details too similar or else it would be too fanfic-ish =__=

        • I’m ok with them using a dog for the wolf brother because he’s so cute. LOL. And I kinda doubt that they could do a really good CGI wolf for the wolf brother. As for size, I think wolves are actually pretty large, but their body shape is different. Mo Xun had to have some kind of character flaw, otherwise he would’ve been like a saint throughout the entire drama. I just wish his character flaw wasn’t noble idiocy.

  • Thank you SO much for your reviews/ recaps. I am a bit obsessed with this show since I discovered it by accident last week. I have stayed up all night watching them – it’s quite sad 🙂 Wei Wu Ji is an absolute eye candy and his acting is very good because his facial expressions are very vivid and varied. Xiao Yu’s acting is good, but could be better, I thought. Mo Xun – well, he’s just sad and frankly after a few episodes, I got a little bored by his continuous long face. Thank you again for your recaps!!

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