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Now that we’re transitioning into the fall season, it’s time to take a look at the upcoming fall tw-dramas!  If you may recall, last fall season (2013), I only watched one tw-drama, that being The Pursuit of Happiness.  I totally adored the lead actress, Sonia Sui, although I felt that the drama started to falter towards the end.  Well, one year later, Sonia Sui is BACK with her latest fall drama, Mr. Right Wanted (Alternate titles: Notice from a Bachelorette and Marriage Wanted), which is set to start airing on GTV/TTV in November 2014.


Sonia is starring as the heroine again, this time as Hai Ning, an editor-turned-writer who wants to write a book about the online dating and marriage seeking.  She figures that the best way to write the book is to experience online dating herself–her profile:

“Female, 32 years old. Looking for men who are upright, kind and willing to communicate. Hoping to be friends first before marriage.”

-Translation credit: Obsessions of Line

She encounters all kinds of quirky and interesting men during her online dating.  Hai Ning realizes that she has a lot to learn about love and marriage.


When I first heard about this drama back in 2013, I was scared that it would turn out to be another one of those stories about a heroine in her 30’s that is desperate for marriage.  But after I read the synopsis, I feel much more assured that the drama will not be taking that route, since Hai Ning is not a woman who’s on a mission to get married.  Instead the drama is more about her adventures with online dating, and the various men that she encounters along the way.  Of course, there will be more male side characters than usual since Hai Ning is online dating.  The male supporting cast includes Jerry Huang (In Time With You) and Hans Zhong.  And guess what, Christopher Lee (A Good Wife) is the male lead!! OMGG!!  I was so impressed by his acting chops in A Good Wife!  It seems like Chris Lee’s character will be Hai Ning’s main candidate in her dating; whether or not that will lead to something more is still unknown.


Sources: Obsessions of Line / Dramapot / Official FB


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  • God that looks so good. I finally went back to watch The Fierce Wife from a while back and it totally reminded me of all the pieces of gold that’s lacking in a lot of modern cdramas (and kdramas) recently. Honest to god soul and heart. This looks so promising; I’m ready for it to be out already…

  • The 5 minute trailer was gooood, and even Chris Wu & Sunny Wang appears 😀 😀 😀 Christopher seems like the mysterious, unpredictable bachelor in this, which is really exciting. Can’t wait to see it!!!!

      • I was surprised to see Chris Wu and Sunny Wang too but I really like the background music they use in the 5min trailer, BGM is really important but a lot of tw-dramas (particularly the ones from SETTV) don’t know how to utilize BGM well. It looks so promising, definitely excited for this!

  • I like what i saw too! U know how much a fan of Sonia i am, even though i loved Fierce Wife much less than most, i was so impressed w Sonia in it. Def on my watchlist *go dig the novel to skim*

  • Has it already been a year since TPoH? Gosh time does fly very fast, I could have sworn it just felt like it was a few months ago I was reading your recaps. I’m glad this one looks more promising, I haven’t heard all that great things for ‘You Light Up My Star’, which was one of the few TW dramas I was looking forward to.

    All the fangirling for Chris Lee is tempting me to check out ‘A Good Wife’, is it worth the whole watch?

    • I know, we’re lucky to have Sonia starring in two dramas in a row! 😀 I tried You Light Up My Star but I just couldn’t get into it.

      A Good Wife is good but it is so emotionally intense and draining. X_X For me it’s worthwhile to watch…it’s just that the story is so heavy..

      • I’m glad she’s back, she’s had quite the streak of really watchable shows, so I feel like I don’t have to worry too much that it will fall apart drastically at some point. On the other hand I have a longstanding crush on Joe, who doesn’t always have consecutively interesting projects-gah it really sucks to be a fan sometimes >.<

        I really enjoyed watching Tian Xin in Who's the One a few years ago. I think I might just give it watch, all the fuss and critical acclaim is making me rather curious 😀

  • Wow! A very good trailer! Like mentioned b4, Sonia’s project – can’t go wrong! I love how different date is a guest actor who we are familiar with! I would love it if Tony Yang was 1 of the dates too! Keke~
    I’m exciting for this drama! Can’t wait! Thanks Heisui for introducing this to us!

    • I’m also curious to see all of the supporting cast members. It’ll be fun seeing the blind dates, hehe. I wish Tony would cameo in this drama too! I haven’t heard of him being in it though. >_<

  • so weird, christopher lee has been on our TV screens since before I was born and we’ve all watched him in countless Singaporean dramas but this is the first time i’ve seen anyone fangirl over him… clearly we have been underappreciating him all our lives lol.

      • hmm since you’re a Christopher fan you might wanna know (if you don’t already) he and his wife (she acted in Shanghai Knights) have dominated the local screen for decades and are something of a power couple. he’s also very devoted to her, always mentions her in interviews 🙂

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