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There are some mixed opinions about Wakamonotachi–some love it, others dislike it…and some, like me, are ambivalent.  I quite loved the first episode, but with episodes 2-3 I started feeling more uncertain about the direction of the drama.  Maybe I was just expecting too much, since I was hoping for a serious (yet fun) human drama.  I’ve come to terms with the fact that Wakamonotachi is not that kind of drama, and is instead more focused on the feel-good interactions of the characters.  So I don’t think failed expectations are the problem here.  My major gripes are the WTF revelations and the cheesy endings; If the entire drama is going to be full of anti-climatic big reveals and preachy moral lessons, count me out.  However I continued watching onwards and was pleasantly surprised to find that the drama starts to improve in eps 4-5.


So there are still some preachy moral lessons here and there, but thankfully the drama starts to blur the lines of morality starting in episode 5.  Asuza and Asahi are ecstatic that they are to be parents, but the reality starts to sink in as they realize they may not have the financial means to support a child.  They also must consider the possibility that the baby could be born prematurely (Asuza is having troubles with the pregnancy) and thus be at a high risk for disabilities.  I’m glad that Hikari gives Asuza & Asahi a wake-up call by warning them about the responsibilities of parenting a [premature] infant. Even though I’m sure Asuza & Asahi won’t abort the baby (that’s not the direction the drama would go in..judging from the previous eps), I’m glad that the drama at least shows their dilemma.  There is no easy answer to parenthood for these two.  And the challenge has only just started; there are bound to be more obstacles along the way as Asahi and Asuza become father and mother.


Hikari gets a bit more screen-time than before, even though these episodes don’t focus on her side-story.  There’s two main aspects to her character–her job and her affair, both of which are related to each other.  Hikari has trouble coping with her high-stress job, which is partly why she turns to her partner Shinjo for comfort and advice.  Shinjo is her senior at work, and he’s known her family for a long time..so he’s kind of an older brother figure/senior/romantic partner all combined into one.  O_O”  Hikari claims she loves him, (as a romantic partner) but it’s obviously more complicated than that.  I think she has a strong emotional dependance on Shinjo since she has no other ways to relieve her stress & she feels that he’s one of the only ones who understands what she’s going through.  Then again, Hikari keeps mum about her affair all this time so we haven’t heard her side of the story yet.  The preview for the next episode looks to be a doozy because she tells Shinjo’s wife that she can’t stop seeing him.  O__O”


I realized that one of my personal problems with Wakamonotachi is…actually..my love for the cast. T__T”  This is probably just me, (which is why it’s a PERSONAL problem) but I can’t stop seeing the actors instead of their characters.  Whenever a character says his/her lines, I feel like I’m still subconsciously thinking “this is *insert actor’s name here*!!! OMG!!”.  X_X  The funny thing is that this only happens for the actors that I’m already a big fan of–Aoi Yu, Eita, Mitsushima Hikari..whereas I don’t have that problem with Emoto Tasuku & Nomura Shuhei.  This is probably why I’m enjoying Haru (Emoto Tasuku) and Tadashi (Nomura Shuhei) more than the other characters.  >_<

Haru and Tadashi both get their time to shine in episode 4 with their big theater performance.  I wasn’t too interested in that story and instead was mainly interested in their interactions.  I think there’s something amiss with Kasumi (Hashimoto Ai) and Haru…it seems like maybe they have feelings for each other?!?! O_O  When Kasumi agrees to go out with Tadashi after Haru puts in a good word for him, Haru seems a bit awkward!  HRMM!!  I hope this won’t split these two apart.  :'(

And last but not least, Satoru (Eita) is probably the funniest one out of the bunch.  He does some oddball things like trying out eyelash curlers (top left pic above..LOL) and generally jokes around.  He has no problem fitting right back into the family and assimilating back into society, which was surprising to me since he’s been away for a couple years.  I wonder if the siblings will notice any changes in him as time goes on?  After all, he must’ve changed some during his time in prison.  To me it seems like he keeps people at an arms length, always joking but never really revealing much about his time away & his crime.  Perhaps there’s more to Satoru than meets the eye.


I’m glad that Wakamonotachi makes a comeback in episodes 4-5.  I don’t think this drama is amazing or a must-watch, but I don’t regret watching it either.  Hopefully I’ll be able to focus less on the cast and more on the characters themselves as I continue watching the drama.  Annnd on a side-note, there are a lot of photoshoots/magazine articles with the cast of Wakamonotachi:


^I love the individual character pics (top pics, bottom left pic)! *W*

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  • Haha we’ve such different opinions about the show (which you pointed out in the opening of this entry). I am surprised at how much I am enjoying the show. Like you honestly I think I see the characters as the actors too – the lines really blur – and still can’t get over the fact they ensemble a lot of my faves in one show , but it’s not a big deal to me so while my mind has to kinda do this double-take each time, it can also register the story line and emotions etc just fine. I’m sooo sure Haru likes the girl – their shifty-eyed and secretly-glacning-at-each-other scene totally gave them away so there’s definitely drama on that later one. I agree with you about Eita’s character’s modus operandi – he’s jovial and hilarious, while keeping others at arms length. I think it’s a defense mechanism thing and I can’t wait – can’t waitttttt – for his character and Nagasawa Masami’s to challenge each other to face their demons and grow (and of course fall in love in the process).

    • I think this is the kind of show that has a lot of people divided. It’s an ok watch for me, but I still feel it could be better. >_< I'm just content with watching the cast; perhaps if it were different actors (that I wasn't a fan of) I wouldn't have continued onwards with the drama.

      Oh no! I don't want the youngest one's heart to be broken! :'( I wonder if the siblings already caught on about Satoru's distancing himself from them?

  • I’m loving it. (subs for ep 6 are still not out 🙁 ) That’s an interesting observation you make about seeing the actors – I see the actors, but I also see and feel their characters. I think they are all doing a great job.

    There’s definitely heartbreak coming for Tadashi. Kasumi’s feelings are not for him…. and Haru definitely is interested in her. Poor Tadashi… but, honestly, Kasumi and Haru suit each other. The question is though, why did Kasumi agree to go out with Tadashi?

    Hikari’s affair… the guy’s a creep and I just don’t see what she sees in him.

    Eita and the eyelash curlers… loved that. Actually, I think it’s little things like that that make the drama (because it reflects life, little things we do without realising but then can be quite defining) and showcase that we’ve got a fab cast, because I’m pretty sure that wasn’t in any script but just something Eita came up with . One smooth move with Nagasawa too… slightly aggressive for a second but at the same time setting off some sparks.

    Sorry for responding so late! I’m totally not on top of things at the moment….

    • I think Kasumi only agreed after she saw that Haru supported Tadashi’s feelings for her. So maybe she assumed that Haru wasn’t romantically interested in her? O_O

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