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In this edition: Qin’s Moon, Hua Xu Yin, The Princess of Orchid Hills, Hua Qiangu, Nirvana in Fire, Princess JieYou

[Update 1/2/2016: All the dramas in this round-up except for Princess JieYou and The Princess of Orchid Hills have finished airing or are currently airing.]


Fantasy Dramas



Qin’s Moon (Drama Version)

Alternate titles:

Legend of Qin

Notable Cast Members:

Lu Yi, Michelle Chen, Jiang Jinfu, Sun Yizhou, Hu Bingqing


Completed airing.  Subbed on Viki.

Short Summary:

This is the live action drama version of the animated series Qin’s Moon.   It’s about a young boy who is destined to become a hero.


Note that the image I used for Qin’s Moon is actually only one of the character stills; you can find more here.  I like the animation Qin’s Moon because of its character designs and action scenes.  However I think it can only be done justice in a movie where they have enough resources to use good CG effects for the characters’ abilities.


Hua Xu Yin (City of Desperate Love)

Alternate titles:

Jue Ai Zhi Cheng, City of Devastating Love

Notable Cast Members:

Jiang Xin, Kevin Cheng, Yuan Hong


Completed summer 2015.

Short Summary:

A princess (Lin Yuan) of a doomed kingdom dies, but she is resurrected by a powerful pearl.  She uses the pearl and her Hua Xu tune to make dreams for people, in exchange for their lives. Hua Xu Yin is the story of these different dreams, all of which involve tragic love stories. Based on the novel Jiu Zhou Hua Xu Yin.


Most people agree that most of the costumes look horrible.  I can get over that though, because the trailers look really great with the fantasy elements and the action scenes.  I also love the casting. Jiang Xin, as you may know, totally earned my utmost respect after I saw her amazing acting in The Legend of Zhen Huan.  She owns the screen!  Yuan Hong is also one of my biases since he played the dashing 13th prince in Bu Bu Jing Xin.  And of course, Kevin Cheng was also popular as 8th prince.

Whether or not the drama will accurately adapt the novel though, is unclear.  I haven’t read the novel so I can’t compare the trailers/stills to the original.  A lot of fans are griping about the adaptation, primarily about the casting and the costumes.  I think it’ll be fine as long as the drama stays true to the spirit of the original novel and interprets it in an interesting way.





The Princess of Orchid Hills

Alternate titles:

The Princess of Lanling

Notable Cast Members:

Andy Chen Yi, Zhang Hanyun, Peng Guanying


No air date released.

Short Summary:

A different take on the story of Lan Ling, a general that is so beautiful that he must wear a mask when he goes into battle.  The drama focuses on the story of Lan Ling’s princess, Duanmu Ling (Zhang Hanyun), who is searching for hidden treasures that give people the power to become the ruler of a nation.  She gets involved with the general Lan Ling and the emperor Yuwen Yong..

Based on the internet novel Royal Princess of Orchid Hills, this drama is completely separate from the popular c-drama Lan Ling Wang.


Ok, if you’ve seen Lan Ling Wang before, then you may know that 1) Fen Shao Feng does not fit the role of a drop-dead gorgeous man that blinds everyone with his beauty.  2) The costumes in the drama were anything BUT pretty..I cannot ever forget some of the horrible outfits that the characters had to wear.  Anyways, not to hate on Lan Ling Wang but yes, that is the truth.  Princess of Orchid Hills on the other hand is full of PRETTY PRETTY!  I had such a hard time deciding on which still to include in this post because all the stills are beautiful. I highly recommend that you go look at the other stills.   Most of the costumes (there are still a few costumes that aren’t that great) look gorgeous and very detailed.  Andy Chen Yi, who plays the role of Lan Ling, really looks the part as well.  Totally looking forward to this!

Short Trailer:


Long Trailer:




Hua Qiangu (The Journey of Flower)

Alternate titles:

Eternal Flower, Flowers of Bones

Notable Cast Members:

Jiang Xin, Wallace Huo, Zhao Li Ying


Completed Summer 2015.  Subbed on Viki.

Short Summary:

Wallace Huo plays the role of an old and powerful “xian,” a man who is immortal.  He falls in love with Zhao Yi Ling’s character Hua Qian’gu.


I know that Wallace & Zhao Yi Ling are the leads in this drama, but I couldn’t help but put Jiang Xin’s character still instead hehehe.  Jiang Xin plays the role of the second female lead, a demon who was once immortal.  All of her stills look fierce!  Wallace’s hair is totally perfect as always.  😛

The trailer surprisingly has an English dubbed version.  I couldn’t stop laughing during the English dubbed trailer because some of the dubbers sounded like they came from a cartoon.  But props to the translators for actually writing the English script really well! I’d recommend that you watch the raw Chinese version and then rewatch in English.


Theme Song MV

English-dubbed version




Princess JieYou

Alternate titles:

Jie You Gong Zhu

Notable Cast Members:

Yuan Hong, Zhang Xin Yi


Air date TBD

Short Summary:

Princess Jie You marries the chieftan of the Wusun people in an arranged marriage.  Her marriage unites the Han and the Wusun people in a political alliance.  Princess Jie You and her new husband eventually fall in love with each other.

Trailer dialogue translation:

“When I was little,  I always wished I can glide in the same sky as a male eagle.  That is why I always looked up to the sky,  visioning myself flying freely.

– What did you see?


– In the future, you would be the mother of all the millions of citizens of Wusun.

What is the mother of millions of citizens?  No matter when,  I have only one name.  It is JieYou.

– JieYou…JieYou…JieYou.”

-Translation credit: MookieHyun


THIS TRAILER IS BEAUTIFUL.  I keep on watching it over and over again!  Out of all the trailers for these upcoming c-dramas, this one is my favorite.  The still above doesn’t even do the amazing scenery & costumes justice.  I haven’t seen Zhang Xin Yi before so I’m not sure how she’ll do as the heroine.  However it looks like she has great chemistry with Yuan Hong in the trailer.  The subject matter is very interesting since it focuses on how Princess Jie You lives in a nomadic tribe and learns the culture of the Wusun people.




Lang Ya Bang (Nirvana in Fire)

Notable Cast Members:

Hu Ge, Liu Tao


Completed Fall 2015.  Subbed on Viki.

Short Summary:

Mainly a political drama with very minimal romance.  Said to be the Chinese version of the Count of Monte Cristo.  Hu Ge plays the role of Lin Shu, a man whose appearance is altered after he gets poisoned.  He uses has new appearance to his advantage as he seeks out revenge.  He becomes a powerful leader during a period of conflict between the  Northern and Southern kingdoms.


Political dramas aren’t really my thing…but the trailers are amazing.  Great cinematography and acting.  There’s not one moment with cheesy rom-com fluff, which is really refreshing to me.  As I said in the summary, although there are some romance scenes in the trailer, I heard that the romance is not a huge part of the show.  I think Nirvana in Fire has great potential.

Short Trailer:

Long Trailer:


That’s it for this round-up of upcoming period c-dramas.  If there are any I missed, please let me know.  Which dramas are you looking forward to the most?  Which trailers or stills caught your eye?  😉

You can also check out my other upcoming period c-dramas post here, which includes palace dramas & Tong Hua adaptations.

[Please let me know if any of the video links are broken. 🙂 ]

Last updated on: 1/2/2016

Sources: Cfensi, JayneStars, Dramawiki


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Wakamonotachi 2014: Eps 3-5
The Way We Were (16 Summers): Eps 4-5
  • I actually look forward to the majority drama’s you have listed, however Princess JieYou is probably the first I’ve seen anything about this drama. Thanks for sharing, I’ve been looking forward to reading this post ^^

  • Really hoping this Lanling Wang drama will do a better job than the last one. I was having low hopes at first since some of the earlier stills seemed… questionable… and I don’t know if it’s the way they cut the cloth or just the material they are using but everything looked a tad off… like the sleeves and stuff looked a tiny bit short and lengthening them a bit would probably go a long way in helping the characters look more elegant… but then more stills rolled out and then I came across this precious…


    Screw the accuracy and everything else!! If this is going to happen, I’m in… and if the story is really that bad I’ll click through until I get to this costume… but after a second look… wow… they really fit a lot of stuff on her head… if that was really solid gold and everything as opposed to possibly plastic… DX

  • I am also pleasantly surprised at first glance at how glossier Princess LanLing looks compared to LLW, I am fine with it going outlandishly mangarish and nothing authentic for the period nor historically accurate. I prefer the very subtle richness of Nirvana’s art direction more but if this sticks to being an idolperiod, heavy on the shoujo romance, the bright color palette works. But I doubt this would be more than substance-less fluff. Miss (very nice and sweet) ladyPD’s forte is the 1990s TVB contemporary and she has not done much through the years. The cast is very green, can anyone on the roster really act?!?! There are so many idols/singers and unknowns (to me) and I can not count Peter Ho as someone known for his acting chops being already the biggest name in period here. They could surprise us, I hope, but Andy Chen is very plastic and not my cuppa, my peeve in any period drama.

    • Yes, that is the sad trade-off for Princess of Lan Ling. Great costumes but probably so-so acting. =_= I think Andy Chen looks the part of the beautiful general but I’m not sure how his acting is since I haven’t seen him before.

    • i think the male lead has a fair extent of acting chops tho, being a graduate from Beijing Film Academy and have been acting since 2010 in a variety of genres from lifestyle contemporary dramas to idol dramas. the only problem im worried about is that maybe the production team wants to ride off the popularity of LLW and thus increase Andy Chen’s screentime, which i doubt he can act since Fu Xinbo looks like a natural when doing scenes with him. nonetheless for an idol period drama, the cinematography looks decent enough to me.

      • Hahaha, the line about Fu Xinbo. Andy Yi is not a great actor, but he’s not terrible for an idol drama. I remember really liking him way back when he did the baseball/Acer drama, but mostly because of his face. Also, if we compare it that way, I’m sure he will look like a natural compared to Zhang Hanyun.

  • I never watched a c-drama in its integrality yet (I saw some episodes of Prince of Lan Lin Wang and of Perfect Couple – in which I fell head over heels for Wallace Huo! :P) but I’m always weak for period costumes. Princess JieYou looks especially beautiful! *_* I might try some of your list, depending on the availability of the subtitles! ^_^

    • I was really impressed by the trailer for Princess JieYou. *W* For Lan Ling Wang, just know that those costumes were definitely not the best of Chinese period costumes. T_T” I’m not sure how the costumes for Perfect Couple were though.

  • Thank you so much for rounding up all these dramas together, I never knew there are so many interesting dramas airing soon!!
    I’ve read the original novels for Hua Xu Yin and Hua Qiangu few years back, but I still remember the basic plot lines. I remember both novels were very tragic but had happy endings. Hua Qiangu had me crying nonstop in the last few chapters. Wallace Huo, gorgeous as always, really fits the profile of an immortal god, but I kinda hated his character in the novel. :/ He was by no means a bad guy. In fact, he was quite righteous and saintlike. Which is a problem when your disciple (equivalent of a daughter to him) falls in love with you. He then went through great lengths to push Qiangu away…leading to all her sufferings and torture at the hands of himself and others. I am surprised (and disappointed) they ended up together. The girl deserved so much better.
    The trailer for Princess JieYou was a pleasant surprise, I especially like the actress’s voice and her aura. She just has a charming air around her. Not to mention there is Yuan Hong! Definitely will watch!

    • Hey Min! I was reminded of you while writing up these posts hehe. I’ll take your word for it about Hua Xu Yin & Hua Qiangu. The trailers already look really sad–Hua Xu Yin especially. X_X I think I would have more trouble with Hua Qiangu’s plotline–I have no desire to watch the lead guy pushing away the girl the entire time. >_>”” YES for Princess JieYou, I loveee their voices & I hope they won’t be dubbed!!

  • Wow… almost all looking good! But I would pick Nirvana in Fire as my first choice , since it seems to be less romantically-themed and I agree the trailer is pure class. Plus, I’m a sucker for political stuff. Princess of Orchid Hills doesn’t look too bad either and I loved the last 20 seconds of Princess Jieyou. Thanks so much for this!

  • Hei Heisui… It’s been a long time….
    I am sorry that I have been so “busy” with work and haven’t commented for a while even though i really want to…
    Anyway, you just have the best taste in Chines period drama…
    However, i must say that i really2 expect to see Chan Geng Xin (Ruby Lin)….
    Do you know any info about that??
    It’s been over a year since tha trailer was out…

  • I’ve been in the mood for watching Chinese period dramas so thanks for this very helpful list! I never know where to find out what new Chinese dramas there are. May I know how you find out about new Chinese dramas?

    All the dramas look good! I’m definitely keen to watch all of them! The one I’m most looking forward to is Jie You Princess coz it stars my favourite Yuan Hong!

    It appears that the book to drama adaptation trend is still going strong in China! If I’m not wrong, Hua Xu Yin, Hua Qian Gu and Lang Ya Bang are adapted from novels.

  • I am really looking forward to Hua Qian Gu because of Wallace is just too dang fine. I am kinda disappointed by Princess of Lan Ling. After watching Prince of Lang Ling I had high hopes for Princess of Lan Ling. I have to agree about how Feng Shao Feng did not look like a girl lol but I was fine with it because he is quite handsome, and the plot was awesome. I think that Gao Chang Gong in the Princess of Lan Ling is the perfect match because he really does look like a female, but I feel the the trailer kind of fell flat for me…anyways its probably just me, but I really have high hope for Hua Qian Gu, and even if it isn’t as good as what I expect it to be I guess I’ll watch it for Wallace and Zhao LiYing just to satisfy my obsession with him..

    • Also i think the reasons why the Princess of Lan Ling fell flat for me is probably because the plot seems so similar with the whole controlling the world thing with the mystic being or whatever..but I think I’ll still check it out just so that if it is actually good, I won’t miss out on it :))

    • I liked the short trailer better than the long one for Princess of Orchid Hills. We’ll have to wait and see for how that drama turns out..

      I think Hua Qiangu will be very tragic so I’m not sure if I will watch it.

  • There’s another drama about a female imperial doctor (called The Imperial Doctress? I think…), with Liu ShiShi as the lead. You should check it out too! 🙂 Also Yun Zhong Ge (directed by Yu Zheng, with Chen Xiao and Angelababy as the leads… there were two other male leads but don’t remember their names… they aren’t as good looking. Only sad thing is Chen Xiao plays the antagonist!! ARG), which is the sequel to Da Mo Yao/Feng Zhong Qing Yuan.

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