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Upcoming in this edition: Chang Ge Xin

Completed/currently airing in this edition: The Imperial Doctress,  The Virtuous Queen of Han, The Empress of China, Da Mo Yao, Legend of Mi Yue, Yun Zhong Ge

There are tons of upcoming period c-dramas, so I’d figure that I would include them all in series of upcoming c-dramas posts.  Note that most of these dramas do not have air dates!  Unfortunately it often takes a long time for c-dramas to get a release date, even if they have long trailers & lots of stills already out.

[Update: Since I posted this round-up, most of the dramas listed here have finished airing or are currently airing.]


Chang Ge Xin

Alternate titles:

Xiu Li Jiang Shan Zhi Chang Ge Xing

Notable Cast Members:

Ruby Lin, Yuan Hong



Short Summary:

A Ruby Lin production.  About an emperor who marries the woman he loves twice…but he’s unable to make her his empress.


I’m looking forward to seeing Yuan Hong (Bu Bu Jing Xin) as the emperor HOHOHO.  The costumes look alright, but IMO they don’t match up to the costumes from The Empress of China.  I think this drama will have a lot of angst and complicated political twists.  X_X


The Imperial Doctress

Alternate titles:

Nu Yi Ming Fei Zhuan

Notable Cast Members:

Liu Shi Shi, Wallace Huo, Huang Xuan


Currently airing 2016.  Subbed on Viki.

Short Summary:

This tells the story of Tan Yun Xian (Liu Shi Shi), a woman who becomes a royal doctor during the Ming Dynasty.  Wallace Huo stars as Emperor Zhengtong, who dotes on Yun Xian.


For some reason the trailer is giving me Bu Bu Jing Xin vibes even though these two dramas aren’t even related to each other.  I guess it’s because Liu Shi Shi’s role is a bit similar…she is in an empowering position but is also limited by the times.  She also gets involved with powerful men in the palace.  Definitely the kind of role that suits LSS.  Wallace Huo is also a plus, considering how much we’ve been teased with Wallace x LSS OTP’s in past dramas.  I’m pretty sure that this drama will be popular due to the cast & subject matter.


Opening MV:


Yun Zhong Ge (Song in the Clouds)

Alternate titles:

Da Han Qing Yuan Zhi Yun Zhong Ge

Notable Cast Members:

Angelababy, Lu Yi, Du Chun, Chen Xiao


Aired Winter 2016

Short Summary:

A Han Dynasty romance, about a woman’s love triangle between the man who’s to be emperor and her childhood love.  She gets involved in palace politics along the way.


This is one of the big upcoming c-dramas that everyone’s been talking about, due to the casting (Angelababy), the pretty pretty stills, and the fact that Tong Hua’s name is attached to it.  I think Angelababy can nail the role, although I do think her look is more modern.  But remember, this is a Yu Zheng drama….meaning there’ll probably be a lot of romantic fluff without much substance.  If Yu Zheng takes a hint and follows his production values from his movie Gong, maybe the drama will be an improvement from his previous ones.  But for now, who knows..



Legend of Mi Yue

Alternate titles:

Mi Yue Zhuan

Notable Cast Members:

Sun Li, Jiang Xin


Currently airing Winter 2016

Short Summary:

Mi Yue (Sun Li) is a young princess during the Warring States period.  She becomes a consort, while her sister becomes the Queen of Qin.  But Mi Yue eventually becomes the empress dowager of Xuan, after her son becomes emperor.


First of all, obviously I’m super happy to have Sun Li back in another period drama!  It’s great to hear her real voice in the trailer and I have no doubts in her acting abilities.  The trailer itself though, doesn’t really offer anything new in contrast to all the other period c-dramas out there.  It’s more palace politics, backstabbing, fated loves, taking the throne, etc. etc.  Also I’m not a big fan of the costumes–just look at how feathery some of the costumes are in the trailer! O_O

You can read more about The Legend of Mi Yue & see more stills here.


The Empress of China


Alternate titles:

Wu Ze Tian

Notable Cast Members:

Fan Bing Bing, Janine Chang


Completed airing.

Short Summary:

About the famous empress Wu Ze Tian.  Fan Bing Bing’s most recent self-produced drama.


According to people who have seen the Empress of China, it sounds like the drama wasn’t very good.  It has a lot of beautiful costumes but the plot is so-so.  I chose not to watch the Empress of China because firstly, there are no English subs.  Secondly, I don’t think the story will be that great…and I will not sit through tons of episodes just to see the costumes.  And lastly, what in the world is up with the boob spectacle!?  Apparently there was too much boobage for Chinese TV networks…which resulted in the drama being temporarily taken off air.  Then when the drama resumed airing…they had cut out the actresses’ boobs by zooming in on only the actresses’ heads.  T___T”  Seriously!?!?



The Virtuous Queen of Han

Alternate titles:

Da Han Xian Hou Wei Zi Fu

Notable Cast Members:

Wang Luo Dan, Raymond Lam, Niki Chow


Completed airing summer 2014.  English subbed on Dramafever.

Short Summary:

About the rise of Wei Zi Fu to the position of the empress of the Han Dynasty.


I checked out the first 6 episodes and also took a peek at the later episodes.  I know Wei Zi Fu is supposed to be virtuous and noble, but I was not prepared for her to be a total Mary Sue.  The drama always emphasizes how kind, content and wonderful she is.  We get it, she’s virtuous!  I guess my problem with the heroine isn’t that she’s noble, it’s that she’s SO good to the extent where she feels very 2D.


Behind the Glory (Theme Song) by Raymond Lam


Xing Yue Chuan Qi (Da Mo Yao)

Alternate titles:

Da Mo Yao, Ballad of the Desert, The Sun Moon Legend

Notable Cast Members:

Hu Ge, Liu Shi Shi, Eddie Peng


Completed airing.  English subbed on Viki.

Short Summary:

Based on the popular author Tong Hua’s novel Da Mo Yao.  Liu Shi Shi plays the role of the ‘wolf girl’ in the region of the Xiongnu people.  (currently modern-day Mongolia)  She gets entangled with two men as she leaves her home to journey to the capital of the Han Dynasty.


Episodes: 1-6 | 7-13 | 14-22 | 23-27 | 28-35 (Finale) |


You can also check out my other upcoming period c-dramas post here, which includes fantasy & historical c-dramas.

[Please let me know if any video links are broken.  Last updated: 1/2/2016]

Sources: Cfensi, JayneStars, Dramawiki


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The Way We Were (16 Summers): Eps 1-3
Wakamonotachi 2014: Eps 3-5
  • I was looking forward to The Imperial Doctress, however I heard Liu Shi Shi doesn’t end up together, so I’m little disappointed in this aspect. The two other drama’s I look forward to is obviously Tong Hua’s two adaptations since I’ve read both books that was beautifully translated by Ms. K

    • I don’t want the romance to dominate the whole story, so I think it’d be ok if LSS’ character doesn’t end up with someone. I would rather it focus more on her career as a doctor. But who knows, maybe I’ll end up shipping her & Wallace’s character like I did in Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei. T_T

      • that’s true, I like watching historical dramas myself, so it’ll be interesting to compare this the Korean mega hit drama Dae Jang Geum 大長今. Since both females are doctors.

        • I have heard of that kdrama but I haven’t seen it. I’m not sure if the heroine was a real person or not? But I know that The Imperial Doctress is actually based on the real historical figure Tan Youxian.

          • I think the drama is mostly the script writers imagination and loosely base on the real historical figure Jang Guem’s life. She was the first female Royal Physician in Korean history, however the drama starts off with her being Palace kitchen cook which isn’t historically correct.

  • The Virtuous Queen of Han . The promo poster is really pretty and I think I’m going to watch it. Hopefully not too much romance ala Yu Zheng. I really can’t stand his dramas. My taste runs to Legend of Zhen or Jewel in the Palace (Dae Jang Geum) which is rather serious. You must watch Jewel in the Palace though. The best Korean drama in my opinion. Anyway, I’m wondering at what length of her life the drama will end since Wei Zi Fu’s life ended tragically in the history.

    Empress of China. I have watched two version of Wu Ze Zetian drama which portrayed her in different way. So’ we will see what direction this drama take. I don’t know if you ever read it but historians today says that her record is exaggerated. The bias is a result of her being a woman in that era but rose to power and her push towards Buddhism.

    • The Virtuous Queen of Han is not a Yu Zheng drama; it’s produced by Mui Siu Ching. 😉 I haven’t seen any other dramas by this same producer though so I’m not sure how it’ll be.

      I didn’t know that about Wu Ze Tian. I suppose it will be interesting to see how they interpret her character in contrast to the other dramas.

      • Wei Zi Fu’s rose because of witchcraft accusation. She and her children also fell because of witchcraft accusation. I’m certain though that the drama will only portray the first half of her life which is pretty exciting. Do you remember Ruby Lin’s Scheme of Beauty? She was Ruby’s character grand daughter in law.

  • Wow at this rate I’m just going to end up watching most of these for the pretty costumes alone! My only gripe would be with YZG and Empress of China, the stills look overly edited. Can’t wait for your next post, the dramas on the upcoming list are looking twice as good

      • The one above doesn’t look too terrible but I’ve seen some other character stills, there’s one with FBB and I think an older male actor, basically glowing yellow and orange, they kind of end up looking popsicles to me. It doesn’t help that the still I’ve seen so far have all been indoor shots as well. Meh, maybe I’m just not a fan of the vibrant colours.

  • My first reaction: DAM LOOK AT ALL THESE FEMALE-CENTRIC DRAMAS. HECK YA THEY KNOW GIRLS ROCK. This is awesome. There’s also that ROCH remake with Chen Xiao. Whoa – Liu Shi Shi’s drama with Eddie Peng still hasn’t come out?? Is it just me or has this taken years?

    • Yup, I find that most period c-dramas focus on the story of the heroines. Then again a lot of those are also romance dramas. >_<

      It has taken a really long time for some of LSS' dramas to get approved/get an air date. i.e. Happiness of an Angel, Da Mo Yao.

  • Ohhh… The Virtuous Queen Of Han and The Empress Of China for me! Thanks a lot for this 🙂 Perfect stuff to watch with my mom…haha! I can’t recall how many renditions of the life of Wu Ze Tian I have sat through with her. Though I spot lots of quivering bosoms in The Empress Of China …and hmmm…not too much a fan of Fan Bing Bing but still gonna check it out. Strange to see Janine Chang in period garb…

      • Don’t have a fave. But every version portrays her in a different light. But I thought The Secret History Of Wu Ze Tian was quite an interesting take. The cleavage in The Empress of China kinda reminds me of that of Curse Of The Golden Flower… Ha!

  • Personally, I prefer the costumes for Chang Ge Xing… Costumes have gotten a bit crazy in terms of elaborateness and bright colors and stuff lately for me and the darker tones and more controlled style for that drama kinda make it stand out… I think the costumes in Chang Ge Xing look more like Chinese paintings from around that period… The way the hair is tied up in the back and the hair ornament for that picture of Ruby that you have that makes it look kinda like a golden tree is growing out of her head is reminiscent of the head ornamentation here…


    But then again… sometimes the colorful pretty really does get to you… O_O

    • For Chang Ge Xin, I agree that more muted colors are much better than the super bright ones. But the costumes also aren’t very eye-catching to me? Then again, I haven’t seen many stills for the drama yet. 😉 I’ll have to wait and see.

      • They are a bit less eye-catching/crazy elaborate… but I think some costumes these days get so elaborate they start to border on flamboyant… which is one of my main gripes with Virtuous Queen of Han since I think they let the decorating process get a bit carried away. For me, personally, the costumes are wonderful to look at at first but then after I’ve stared at them for long enough, they kinda start to look over-done and cheap 🙁 I guess they’ll just have to rotate new costumes in often enough so I don’t hit that point 😉

  • I’m really looking forward to LSS and Hu Ge’s drama as I find the previews very interesting. Can’t wait until that gets an airdate at long last. I really should watch more Taiwanese and Chinese dramas. Right now, I’m not watching much of anything. I spend my nights watching one episode of one of the dramas I’m currently recapping and then sitting in my living room crocheting. My way of spending time with my grandparents I guess, esp. since my grandmother has taken another turn for the worse.

    • Are your grandparents holding up ok? I hope your grandma’s health recovers soon. 🙁

      A lot of LSS x Hu Ge shippers are butt-hurt that their characters aren’t gonna end up together in Da Mo Yao. =_=

      • Thanks! They are holding up as well as can be expected, plus we knew that her condition is only going to get worse, so it’s not entirely a surprise, but still tough.

      • And I totally forgot to say that I’m totally ok with her not ending up with Hu Ge since I never saw any of their other dramas & her relationship with…Eddie?…does seem rather cute at times from the previews.

  • Hi
    Have you heard about The Legend of Mi Yue? It come from the same production team of Zhen Huan and also stars Sun Li. Ada Choi said that she regret not involved in the drama

      • I think that it is a separate new drama because the costume Sun Li wore is completely different. Not in Qing period anymore.

        This is what I found.

        “Upcoming costume legendary production series “Legend of Mi Yue,” produced by Flower Film & TV , directed by Zheng Xiaolong, and distributed by VCAN Film & TV. This is the first public release modeling crew posters, Sun Li (Betty Sun) delicate makeup and costumes highlighting the Chinese Historical. From the production team and film crews of “Legend of Zhen Huan,” the biggest Chinese series that has been distributed worldwide.

        Based off the novel by Jiang Sheng Nan, and from the acclaimed director Zheng Xiao Long is a story set during the Warring States period (473BC–221BC), as the Imperial Concubine gives birth to the Emperor.”

  • If I may ask, would you happen to know if these would be released with english subtitles? I’m only in beginning Chinese, and I barely understand anything. If you review these, will you let your readers know where you watch it?

    But it’s definitely The Virtuous Queen of Han for me, and The Empress of China. They both look so beautiful, and I honestly prefer the style of clothing shown here, than the clothes worn in the Qing dynasty. Although The Legend of Zhen Huan is probably one of my favorite dramas of all time.

  • I’m very much looking forward to Empress of China. The costumes are fantastic.

    I have watched Virtuous Queen of Han and I was disappointed by it. My all time favourite is Zhen Huan. But this drama doesn’t really have compelling characters. The main female is as boring as dishwater IMO. And the villains aren’t like Hua Fei, who done bad things yet very sympathetic that you cried for her.

    • Empress of China is currently airing, actually! I tried out the first few eps of VQOH and it was just ok to me. Agreed that the heroine/villains aren’t very interesting, especially the empress..urgh..

  • I have watched Empress of China and I was disappointed. I braved on though. Ever since Zhen Huan, I compared every C-drama to it and they came short. Sigh. My friend stopped watching in the 30s episode, saying that she couldn’t take the telenovela style anymore.

    The story dragged on, and there is no development in FBB’s character. Her acting remain the same from the beginning to the end. The costumes were pretty in the beginning, getting ugly in the middle and ended up so tacky in the ending. Too much is too much. I have no sympathy for the characters and wished that they drop dead. – – ;;;;

      • Even now, when I have nothing to do, I like to watch my favourite Zhen Huan episodes.I have the DVD so I can watch it anytime I want.

        I am ashamed to admit it but piracy is really big here and the majority of us depend on it to watch anime, C-drama, K-drama, J-drama and western TV series. The television channels here (we have 10 free to air national TV channels and numerous regional TV channels) only air certain popular title such as Naruto, Detective Conan, Doraemon and K-drama now.

        Back when I was a child, the TV aired Cheung Yao drama every night and then Meteor Garden when I was in university. But now, Korean is all in rage.

  • From what I knew about China’s history, The Virtuous Queen of Han and The Sound of the Dessert are suppose to be in the same dynasty, which is Han, and also The Queen and King in both shows are relating to the same person . And later I found out due to some issues, The Sound of the Desert changed their theme (exp: dynasty involved) , Then after Wei Wu Ji (which is supposed to be Huo Qu Bing霍去病) that is potrayed by Eddie Peng, and Liu Shi Shi left Chang An (The Capital) they end up in the desert. And later became Yun Ge’s (Angelababy from Yun Zhong Ge) parents, that means Yun Ge’s father and Jeneral Huo(from Yun Zhong Ge ) are real brothers. Yun Ge’s dad’s real name in history is Huo Qu Bing霍去病, Jeneral Huo’s name is 霍光。So yeah, that’s all I want to say. Hope I didn’t confuse you there.

  • Waiting for Song in the Clouds to be available in subs. My favourite is The Imperial Doctress this year as I find it well written and Empress in China is not bad but I’m bored by Virtuous Queen of Han and Sound of the Desert (Ballad of the Desert) for after a few episodes I have drop these dramas. Am also interested in Legend of Mi Yue but might find it too political. Don’t know why Chinese dramaland seem to focus on female lead more than male lead especially good historical dramas. So my top favourite is still Nirvana in Fire.

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