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So it turns out that Itazura na Kiss 2 ~ Love in Okinawa is actually a drama special (abbreviated SP).  Usually jdrama specials are one episode long, but the length of the episode is longer than a standard drama episode.  This drama special covers Naoki & Kotoko’s honeymoon and will be airing before the actual second season, Itazura na Kiss 2 ~ Love in Tokyo begins.  Just recently the official FB page for Itazura na Kiss 2 posted an update saying that the SP will air on September 12, 2014 on the Fuji TV channel.  It will later be released on DVD on September 17, 2014.  The theme song is “KISS KISS KISS,” sung by Cyntia.

So, just to make it clear, there are:

  1. Itazura na Kiss 2 ~ Love in Okinawa — a drama SPECIAL, airing before the second season
  2. Itazura na Kiss 2 ~ Love in Tokyo — the drama sequel, continuing after the special episode.

The official Youtube channel uploaded a trailer for the drama SP!  I included a very loose paraphrase of most of the dialogue in the trailer.  Don’t count on me for accuracy though.  >_>””



“Irie-kun!  I love you!
Yes!  We’re on a honeymoon!
I’ve always always loved him, Irie-kun!

Are you ok?  Don’t become a ‘Narita-rikon’* ne!  [*Narita rikon = a type of divorce where the couple divorces right after their honeymoon]

At this rate, if nothing happens..!

No!  Don’t touch her, Irie-kun!
You married a doctor, didn’t you?  We can’t be together.  [not sure if I got this part right]

I love you.

I won’t forget this day for the rest of my life. Definitely.”

You can read more about what the filming of Itazura na Kiss 2 in my other post here.

Sources: Itazura na Kiss Official FB / INK Official Youtube / A Fairytale World


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  • AAAHHHHHHH WHY September??!! That’s too far away, I need more Itazura na Kiss. The remake is definitely a success and it’s just so nice to know that so many people like it.

    • It’s actually not too far away! 😉 Let’s be thankful it wasn’t a later air date, heh. But I do think it would’ve been more suitable for it to air in August during the summertime since the honeymoon seems to have a summer theme. (I remember they go to the beach in the Taiwanese version)

          • Haha, the Korean one was quite funny because they decided by a slot game on the phone. And he purposely rigged the game so that they could go to Jeju Do. I’m surprised I remember too 0.0 The Korean one was good because of the main actress as well. I guess Itazura na Kiss does give a better platform for the females to shine, similar to the Japan remake here. Although so, I have to say Yuki Furukawa does a better job than Kim Hyun Joong (not sure if I got his name right).

            • Ah I didn’t watch the Korean version. Did they cover past the honeymoon like in They Kiss Again?

              I like how the Japanese version casted new talents rather than relying on the star power of more popular actors. It made me feel that people were drawn into the drama for the story and the quality, not just because they were fans of the cast.

              • Yeah, J-doramas often find young fresh casts for these kind of drama, like Sprout and xxxHolic. Except that sometimes, they do pull in some idol boys from Johnny however it is still not as often. It’s great when we do find a gem though like Itazura. Korean drama industry is not as open for newbies though, it’s such a shame…
                Itazura na Kiss was so warm-hearted, you can help but just love the cast. And the great thing is that the cast comes back for following seasons whenever they can. Korean dramas are unlikely to reassemble the original cast. Heck, even China has difficulty doing that (i.e: Bu Bu Jing Qing)

                • I mean the new cast members that are not idols/Johnny’s, heh. Although Sprout did have some Johnny’s, it actually had a pretty good cast. Usually I avoid idol dramas though.

                  I think c-dramas usually don’t have second seasons anyways. (with the exception of the Palace series, omg.) And some of the second seasons I have seen are more like spin-offs with some original cast members along with new ones. (i.e. BBJQ, SOP Queen II)

                • Yeah, C dramas have spinoffs. Even Gong does not count as second and third season for me. They couldn’t get the entire cast again anyway and the storyline altered so much in the third season. Gong premise just went downhill for me. I avoid SOP queen too, reviews I read labelled it draggy and full of corporate stuff in the later half that I don’t bother watching.

                • I watched part of the first season of SOP Queen, didn’t bother with the second season. Gong is more like a series centering around the same theme (palace) but with all different characters & stories. >_<

                • I don’t remember the name of the so-called sequel. It’s not quite a spin-off though since it’s just the continuation of the next generation?

                • oh yeah! And they are planning to bring Zhen Huan as the Empress Dowager I think……Okay I’m not so sure but crossing my fingers for another great C-drama.

          • J-dramas are much better at casting new actors. New actors and a more diverse range of people (including in looks). And more diverse stories.

            I confess I’m really tired of some things in K-drama as of late, incl. the overuse of stock characters, very similar story lines and details and, recently, also this seemingly unspoken role that every drama now must have at least one idol either as the love rival or even the lead role. I’m all fine with it when idols do well (Jaejoong is doing mightily fine in Triangle even if the drama is a chore), but often I feel like new K-drama actors just don’t get any chances any more.

            Furukawa is a better actor than KHJ. I would have to see more of Furukawa to judge his full range of acting skills, but KHJ’s I find quite limited. As I’ve said before, I see him as the Yamapi of the K-world.

            • I think Taiwanese dramas are also good at casting some new faces as of late. (not talking about the idol dramas obviously)

              I think the thing is that a lot of Korean idol actors all look very similar because they conform to the ‘idol ideal’ whereas some new Japanese try to differentiate themselves more?

              • I have a very low tolerance level with TW dramas. Always similar stories, always the same kind of love rivals and exes, the lead females that seem promising but then become incapable of standing on their own feet (literally and figuratively). Exceptions (In a Good Way) are so rare. :-/

                Not just Korean idol actors look similar, I’d even make that argument about Korean actors in general. Not much deviation allowed from a very narrow norm…

  • I only watched the first season because I loved the Korean version so much and couldn’t get enough. I actually liked a lot about the Korean one better, but by the middle of the “love in Tokyo” version, I was just as invested and learned to love Kotoko and Irie too. In some ways, I found things to prefer about the Japanese version too. (Although the clothes on the little brother were enough to make me crazy) I really hope that I will be able to watch the SP and the new season where I live…fingers crossed.

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