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Social media is something both drama bloggers and drama fans use to interact with each other & to get the latest drama updates.  Many drama bloggers & fans have Twitter accounts, FB pages/accounts, Google+ pages/accounts, tumblrs etc.  In my experience the majority has a Twitter account, and a good handful of them have a tumblr.   There are some obvious reasons for having extra social media platforms aside from your blog:

  • Promoting your blog’s content–Connecting to other platforms is often seen as a way of creating new networks and drawing in new readers to your blog.  Having other platforms shows that you are making the effort to promote your blog.  Many people post updates with links to their latest posts to promote their content and sometimes they share fellow bloggers’ content.
  • Having alternate ways of writing about dramas and other interests–Each website/platform has a different experience attached to it.  While WordPress is a satisfactory means of writing for me, many bloggers prefer to have both a main blog along with a Tumblr.  Their Tumblrs are usually more picture-heavy and can also include other interests aside from dramas.
  • Communication and accessibility
  • To get lurkers to come out from the shadows–Just kidding.  But no really, I searched (I ADMIT IT sometimes I search my blog to see what comes up 😉 ) #Mydramatea on Twitter and found some tweets sharing a link to my posts & comments relating to my blog.  The thing that was surprising is that a lot of these tweets were by people that I’m pretty sure have never commented on my blog, AKA lurkers.  That’s right, I know you lurkers are there BWAHAHA.


As you may have noticed, I never really got into social media despite all of its potential & functionality for drama bloggers.  The thing is that I think the main point of social media is for communication, not just promotion.  The social media accounts should primarily be used to encourage contact/discussion with other drama fans, which would then in turn promote your blog as well.  But for me, my WordPress comment box is just as good as any other means of liking/commenting.  I also feel like having too much social media accounts only makes things more complicated than they should be.  I like to keep it simple.

BUT, long story short……..I caved in and ended up getting a Twitter account for my blog.  O___O”  I decided to just go for it and give it a try, although prior to this I had been scoffing at hashtags & was convinced Twitter was not my thing.  If I end up not liking it, I could always stop using it or delete the account.  We’ll have to see how it goes!  At first I tried to make my username “heisui” only to find out that it’s already taken, darn it!  Instead I made my username “MyDramaTea”. It was kinda freaky when I was making my account because Twitter predicted all these other drama bloggers to follow.  IT KNEW ME………

So if you have a Twitter account, you can follow me @Mydramatea! Tweet tweet at me!  (Even you lurkers) Show me Twitter is worth it!  😉  And I would like to ask you all, do you use any social media for dramas?  If so, why do you use the platforms that you’re on?  Have you found many drama fans on them?


I'm heisui, an Asian drama blogger and the creator of My Drama Tea. I love stories and writing, so I watch dramas and blog. I especially have a penchant for Japanese and Chinese dramas, and those hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered. Oh, and I'm Legend of Zhen Huan-obsessed!
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  • Yay! Twitter and I have a bit of a love/hate relationship and I don’t use it very frequently to be honest, but I’m glad you joined! Can’t wait to read your tweets now 😉

      • I like it as a way of communication because it’s very different from comments on your blog. As I don’t mix up real life and blogging, I guess Twitter helps me talk to other bloggers more as a person than as a blogger (don’t know if I made myself clear O_O). I also quite like the idea to express yourself minimally. It makes some tweets really hilarious and witty.

        What I hate mostly about Twitter are…all the spoilers that I can’t choose not to read. On a blog, I can decide when I want to have spoilers, on twitter, not really. And even if I find the length creative, I don’t think it is made to be very social, so when you want to discuss with someone, you have to use several tweets and it can be pretty annoying at times.

        • I agree, in terms of discussing something in depth it is very limited. I do like the idea of minimalism and seeing a different side of people though. I will have to try to avoid spoilers, thanks for the warning! >_<

  • wow, welcome to the madness.

    (I had twitter back in 2008/9? and had to delete it, it was such an addicting timewarp that almost got me sacked from my job lol. though I admit it was mainly used for heated political discussions and following/spamming song joong-ki!^^)

  • I stopped posting frequently on my blog when I started posting more on Twitter. There are tons of us on there chatting about the dramas we’re watching, it’s great.

  • Welcome to the Twitter land! I will add you. I have been tweeting #kdrama since 2007 – one of the view who started promoting the hashtag actually ^^. So welcome dear… 😉

  • Funny that I had been thinking about deleting my blog twitter (which I only use for tweeting updates) and just use the ‘personal’ account for everything. Originally, I separated it because I used the personal one for random chats a lot… but now I hardly use twitter anymore… :S

    Welcome to Twitterland though!!!! Have fun :))))))

    • Oh no, you had it right the first time with smother. That thing will smother your life if you get too into it. Social media is some sort of crack/Satan combo from the bowels of hell.

  • I think twitter has its place, but for drama blogging it may have an adverse effect on what you hope to accomplish. Twitter lends itself to a more fragmented sound byte type of writing whereas your blog allows you to create and present cohesive pieces. I think you may find that what you write on twitter will be easier but it will be very shallow compared to your blog content.

    This can go one of two ways.

    1) You start posting on twitter revealing that you have new drama blog posts. Over time you start to include a line or two from the blog post. Eventually you find that because you’re busy it’s much easier just to toss up a few sentences about a drama than it is to do a pictorial review on your blog. Your reviews and insights devolve to just lame catch phrases that sound like everyone else’s. Your blog is left to die, leaving its followers weeping in the night. Your drama writing skills and ambition slump into nothing. One day, years later, you look in the mirror and wonder who/what you have become, causing your very psyche to implode upon itself. The world ends.

    That’s the bad way.

    Here’s the other option.

    2) You post only to draw attention to what’s on your blog, making more lurkers and first timers visit your real quality work. People see the brilliant pictorials that sync perfectly with the writing causing elation to all.Each person tells two more people who tell two three more people. The exposure spreads in accordance to the fibonacci sequence. World peace ensues.

    The choice is yours.

    • I would not be using twitter to make reviews or anything like that. Only to make some quick updates. It’s not to replace my blog, only to complement it. No need to worry Colin! 🙂 I hope #2 happens HEHE.

  • I have seen some people just constantly live tweet feelings on dramas instead of blogging…it’s faster and easier. I am guilty of having twitter, facebook, google+, and tumblr. I don’t use any like I should. I go in streaks with all of them. You’d think I’d know how to use them better considering I have to do social media for work, but nope.

    Not that I think anyone really pays attention or follows me, I like to post status updates for reviews/recaps on Facebook and twitter instead of making tiny little posts saying this should be up at this time and all of that. And I post random little things on social media accounts that I don’t really think I actually want to write blog posts about. Or I share things on social media so I can go back later and blog them because I don’t want to lose them…and then I completely forget to do that. lol.

    Hard to believe, but I can be rather anti-social, so sometimes I don’t post anything and sometimes I post a lot. I always have a hard time about commenting and sharing on occasion and now Facebook has become completely evil about who sees what posts and expects you to give them money to be heard. No thanks.

    • Yup you have them all!! I was impressed. Hm I don’t think I would live tweet while watching a drama, I would rather try to sum up the episode in something succinct. I like your idea of tweeting about things you can’t write a whole post on though. I haven’t tried linking any of my posts in a tweet yet.

      • I’m lazy, I use the publicize feature to autopost to twitter, facebook, google+, and tumblr. I admit to not updating really any accounts on any regular basis except for twitter and facebook.

  • I use Twitter, Tumblr and WordPress and, indirectly, Facebook (not my own, but a shared account between eight members of the London Asian Film Society… which is basically eight of us that just kept running into each other at Asian film screenings in London). I have Pinterest too but I use it mostly for drama/film unrelated stuff (recipes, photography inspirations, craft projects etc).

    I have them all because I think different people prefer different outlets and I want to give them the option of where to follow me. My WordPress blog is very film focused (reviews and some news updates) and I’ve linked Tumblr and Twitter so that everything I post on WP gets linked on Tumblr and Twitter (saves time). I don’t tweet much apart from that (occasionally I’ll have a conversation), but mostly I actually retweet – reviews others have written, screening events the world round, updates on future releases. Informational stuff really. I’m not a fan of people posting a gazillion tweets, it just clogs up the feed and I don’t have time to read that stuff. I also think people announcing that they will announcing something to announce on day x is stupid. I don’t quite get the #FF either, it just seems to be people patting each other on the back and I have yet to see anyone follow anyone from an #FF post (which are just lists of strange names after all!).

    Tumblr…. it’s great for lots of short posts. Posters and images from dramas. Trailers. Occasional pics of actors I like. etc – stuff that I wouldn’t put on my blog but that sometimes is fun to share. Plus, I post a lot of photography (my own included). I just love the visuality of Tumblr. You don’t interact much there, but I think it has its place.

    Generally, I see what I post on WP as ‘long-term’ – it’s an archive of articles that people can go back to (which is also why I put a lot of effort and time into every single post there and why there are fewer posts). Twitter and Tumblr are more fleeting. You can go back to old stuff, but it’s a bit more tedious to access.

    That’s how I use these platforms – some people use them differently. I just think you have to find out what works for you.

  • Well since I’ve learned e-mail doesn’t count as social media (yeah, go figure) and facebook gives me the creeps, I got a twitter account just to get people off my back, and since then I never looked back. What I like most about twitter is this feeling that you are just talking to yourself, you know, but then someone just answers you, and you’re like “oh, nice, someone else to share ideas/opinions”. And I don’t really mind if no one ever “talks” to me, because the mains idea is just to say things out out. At least for me.
    About the drama stuff, I tend to comment on things while watching. I actually met some drama watchers there too, and sometimes we ask one another’s opinion about a drama we’re (going to) watch(ing). It’s fun most of the times. Hope you like it!

    • Hm I didn’t think about twitter in that way before. I guess it’s because I am still tweeting for an audience (my followers). But it’s also a fun means of self-expression.

  • I have a lot of photos and graphic stuffs to post but I couldn’t find an appropriate space in wordpress as I would have to write an article along with it but I’m too lazy to do that so I’ll rather keep my graphics and magazine photoshoots posts on tumblr. I don’t really promote much on tumblr but I promote frequently on viki’s drama page, mydramalist drama page or soompi forum thread as it’s more relevant than social platform which is a bit too generic and not the most efficient way to promote to the right target audience (I’m starting to pull some marketing techniques here, LOL).

    Anyways, I also notice a lot of lurkers on my blog but I’ve never seen them commented on anything, I still appreciate their visits because at least I know someone is reading my posts. I, too am guilty of being a lurker of several blogs as I’m just pretty lazy to comment but will try to comment once in a while to let the blogger know I’m reading/following their blog. I know by commenting will boost the morale and motivation of those bloggers,

    • Yes I have seen your promotions here and there. So I think they’re working! That’s a good tip to promote on drama-specific sites rather than more general platforms.

      Well it’s hard to tell from the pageview stats which views are from frequent lurkers & which ones are from first-time visitors. It’s the frequent lurkers that I’m most curious about heh.

  • Hello! I just wanted to say that I am a long time lurker here, and I know you always like hearing from those! The thing is, I don’t have a drama blog, and I didn’t realize before that I could comment without one. To be honest, I don’t know how much I would have commented anyway though because just commenting on a blog kind of feels like a one way communication street. I would prefer to make drama-loving friends rather than just reacting to random posts. Any recommendations on how to make drama friends without a drama blog? 😉 Anyway, since I realized I could comment I at least wanted to say hi and that I enjoy your blog!

    • Hi Rin thanks for commenting and letting me know you’re around! :3 It’s great to here from you!

      Yes actually you don’t need a wordpress to comment, just your email. I believe the email is required so you can get a notification if someone replied to the comment. Also the chatbox doesn’t require an email or website to comment. 😉

      About whether commenting is one-way communication, that all depends on the blogger. I always try to reply to every comment. Some bloggers do not though. A lot of times other commenters will also reply to other comments which leads to an open discussion.

      I don’t think you need a drama blog to make friends/acquaintances that like dramas. However drama blogs are an easy way to find people that like dramas, heh. If you frequent a blog you may be able to become friends with the blogger. There are also other sites like MyDramaList and drama forums (Soompi, spcnet) where you could talk with drama fans. Also with social media, I heard that twitter is a good way to talk to drama fans. (A lot of twitters are by drama bloggers though)

      Hope that helps!

      • Yeah, it isn’t one-way communication in a true sense with bloggers like you who reply to comments. I meant it more in the sense that I find it hard to really get to know people that way or to discuss things other than the post that I am replying to. I find the forums to be similar. It is easy to talk to people with twitter but hard to meet them in the first place.

        Oh and I don’t have anything against drama blogs or drama bloggers of course! I just don’t have the energy to write up posts and such haha.

        • I guess for forums you could always start your own forum post and then hope someone replies to it. I think you do need a specific drama/actor/genre in mind though, since most drama fans prefer very specific dramas. Otherwise it’d be hard to find ones that share your interests.

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