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^Koyuki as Aiko from the 2014 spring jdrama, The Long Goodbye.  Coincidentally, I’m having a writer’s block on my review for this drama.  Yippee.

If you read some of my Heisui’s Thoughts from the beginning of this year, you may have known that I encountered a major drama slump.  I just couldn’t find a drama that I could get emotionally invested in.  There was something missing from the dramas I tried to watch.  Even when I sort of emerged from the drama slump with the 2014 spring jdrama season, even then, there wasn’t really a show that I was completely enamored by.  (Although The Long Goodbye charmed me a lot!)  On top of that, I had school during the winter and spring drama seasons, so I didn’t have as much time to devote to blogging & watching dramas.  At that point, I never considered that I had a writer’s block since I didn’t have too many dramas to watch/write about anyways.

But now, it’s the summer 2014 season. I’m free to watch plenty of dramas and to write as much as I want.  And yet ironically, this is also when it hit me that I! HAVE! A WRITER’S!  BLOCK!  NUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It’s not that I’m not watching any dramas at all; in fact I have been catching up a lot and I even completed 3 jdramas in the spring season.  So it’s not that I don’t have anything to write about.  In fact lately I have been trying over and over again to write about a couple dramas that I MUST review.  These are dramas that I feel I need to do justice to because they were THAT good.  But the words are not coming out right.  I have written (and deleted) draft upon draft of reviews for these 2 dramas and I still don’t feel much closer to completing them.

Only this week did I realize, that this is a writer’s block.  X_X  I mentioned in my drama slump post that my drama slump actually wasn’t too bad.  I didn’t feel horrible about it because I figured I could wait it out.  On the other hand, this writer’s block is horrible.  *RUNS AWAY TO GO CRY IN THE CORNER*  (I’m just being overdramatic 😛 ) It’s frustrating for me because I really want to write, but something just isn’t working at the moment.  >_<


Symptoms of the drama blogger’s block

  • Writing several drafts and deleting all of them
  • Taking weeks to write one post
  • Not making much progress on drafts
  • Not having anything to say about a drama
  • Telling yourself you will finish a post TODAY but you end up not being able to
  • Wanting to write/having a general idea of what you want to say..but when you try to write it, it doesn’t work
  • Feeling like you can’t move on to other dramas until you finish the reviews for the dramas you completed
  • Distracting yourself by watching other dramas, etc.

Solutions to the drama blogger’s block

  • Don’t force yourself to write.  I need to take my own advice (LOL) because I’ve been trying to do exactly this the last couple weeks and it got me nowhere.
  • If you’re stuck on a post, wait until the next day to start working on it again.  A good night’s sleep will help you have a new perspective on things.
  • Try the brain-storm strategy.  I usually don’t brainstorm, I just visualize the general structure of my post and then I go from there. Sometimes a simple brain-storm can help though.
  • Write about new things instead.  i.e. Instead of forcing myself to write about those 2 dramas I want to review, I am writing this post about my writer’s block. 😉
  • Don’t get stuck rewatching scenes from the drama you’re trying to write about.  (I don’t know if other people do this, but sometimes I rewatch scenes to try to get ideas of what to write about. =_=  It’s not working at the moment.)  Move on to starting another drama instead.

So, are any of you experiencing the same writer’s block?  For those who aren’t bloggers, are you having trouble finding a drama that really makes you think & want to discuss?


I'm heisui, an Asian drama blogger and the creator of My Drama Tea. I love stories and writing, so I watch dramas and blog. I especially have a penchant for Japanese and Chinese dramas, and those hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered. Oh, and I'm Legend of Zhen Huan-obsessed!
MOZU (Season 1): Eps 7-10 (Finale)
Wakamonotachi 2014: Eps 1-2
  • For me, I had translation block after taking a week off from coming on with a terrible cold. >.> I did absoutely nothing for 2 weeks, instead I read novels and watched dramas. I think my mind was exhausted from translating…

    Give yourself a break <3

    • Translating must be really hard. You are a very consistent translator though. O:

      Yeah lately I have been rewatching some old dramas, so I guess it sort of counts as a break?

  • This is how I think that Recaps can be a more of an advantage than a review because when you do recaps, you’re just telling what happened while when you’re doing a review it can takes hours thinking of ideas to write.

  • Ahh Heisui, here’s a big *hug* for you! As normal as it is, writer’s block can be meddlesome and annoying, especially when you have the ideas and materials to work with, but you can’t seem to put the words together…sometimes the mood isn’t helping much either >.< I agree with your solution: don't force yourself to write! I did that several times and ended up crying like a baby (part of it because of hormones, I swear!). Writing when you feel like doing so will be more satisfying 🙂 I also jotted down brilliant (or maybe not-so-brilliant) ideas in my notebook when I thought of them but not in the mood for writing, just for future references.

    Enjoy blogging and relax! Take your time to sit back and perhaps, writing more of your Heisui's Thoughts while watching your comfort dramas 😉

    • Thanks, hug accepted! :3 I know, it’s hard when I am determined to write but I come up with nothing. =_= It must take a lot of patience when you write up your giant Korean history posts. O_O

  • Omg, I’ve had this countless of times. It sure is frustrating when you see that you’ve posted nothing for weeks and even when the drama you watched is ohsogood, you can’t bring yourself to write about it. I don’t really have a solution for this because I find it entirely dependant on my mood as well. Just enjoy summer and write when you feel like it. It doesn’t hurt for us to wait longer for you excellent reviews 😀

    • Sometimes it feels like I posted just yesterday…when it’s actually been a week or longer since I posted. =_= I wish I could post more frequently like I used to. I agree the mood is very important; it comes and goes.

  • Feeling like you can’t move on to other dramas until you finish the reviews for the dramas you completed
    — YESSSSS. And then eventually so much time would’ve past I feel like I’ve forgotten all the details to write about it properly.

    I think part of it is not feeling passionate enough about a drama to write about it… and then for the ones you love, you feel like you have to put down ALL those feeelssss so it takes forever to write a post. You had those ‘compilation’ posts of your thoughts written in the sidebar right? Maybe that’ll help in getting back to the ‘groove’…

    • I KNOW! I’ve waited so long on some of these posts that I feel like I’ll forget what I wanted to write about in the first place! I think it’s also harder to write a review for multiple episodes (or an entire drama) because then you have to stuff everything into one post. Yeah, I used to have those compilation posts but I gave up on them very quickly LOL. I felt like I wasn’t really accomplishing much with them..

      • It’s just like a snowball – for those multiple ep posts it’s hard to just focus on those 2/3 episodes when you’ve already continued watching, then instead the post will be about 5 / 6 eps which makes it even harder LOOOL. The joys of writing!!!!!

  • I used to be a “writer”. Not so much anymore. Haven’t tried my hand at anything creatively in a long time. I’m most inspired when I’m bored, lol. That’s when I got most of my writing done. My poor, long neglected book suffers from writer’s block…and the need to constantly change and redefine everything. So even though it’s been written, it’s never finished as I just can’t get a good feeling about it and trying to sit down and make it work just doesn’t happen. Thus I do something else. I have so many fragments scatted from computer to laptop to notebooks and pads and scraps of paper. I write in fragments that are never complete. And then I took up blogging thus my writers block is solved because now I only blog instead of write anything else.

    As for blogging? Not so much in my case. Hard to believe, but I’ve let the blog languish for several months at a time with tons of unfinished drama recaps and not really felt guilty. Now, looking back at all the unfinished recaps, I feel guilty about them, but I wasn’t at the time and didn’t feel the need to post something just to post something. I’m a bit of an anomaly on occasion. Of course, then there were times when I was like I must post every day and I started posting music videos if I had nothing else to do. I suppose that works. No need to write too much on music videos, just sharing MVs of favorite groups.

    • What about the new story you started a while back? I can only imagine how long it takes to write a whole book. O:

      I have some unfinished recaps and even dramas that I wrote recaps for random episodes. =_= They are just sitting there and I haven’t deleted them but I haven’t brought myself to complete them either, HEH. For me the guiltiness is more over dramas that I really WANT to finish writing about, but then the writing block kicks in..

      • It took me from January – May of my freshman year of college 😛 That story I was working on earlier in the year has stagnated. Writers block indeed. I am my worst critic, though. I was thinking the writing was rather weak and dull. I could be wrong on that.

        I have unfinished recaps…but they actually weren’t written by me. So now I need to decide if I’ll finish them for the person who started them or not.

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