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7/6/14: Wakamonotachi 2014 preview, promo poster

The spring 2014 jdrama season was pretty solid, so I definitely have high hopes that it will continue onwards into the summer!  There are a few really anticipated dramas that I’m definitely looking forward to–Mozu Season 2 & Wakamonotachi–as well as some dramas with an interesting synopsis.  Not many trailers or promo posters are out yet, but I will update my post as they are released. 😉


For the cast


Wakamonotachi 2014

(English Title: Young People 2014)

Notable Cast:

Mitsushima Hikari, Eita, Aoi Yu, Hashimoto Ai, Tsumabuki Satoshi



Short Summary:

5 young siblings are left to survive on their own when both of their parents die.  As they grew up, they had conflicts with each other and struggled with problems in their love lives, jobs, and coming of age.  A remake of the 1966 drama Wakamono Tachi.


Just look at the cast!!!!!! OMG!!!!   *in shock*  Just to break it down for you:

  • Mitsushima Hikari–one of my most favorite Japanese actresses.  I have no doubts at all that she can nail this role.
  • Eita–His acting has been improving over the years, but I’m mainly glad to see him and Mitsushima Hikari working together again since their last collaboration in Soredemo Ikite Yuku.
  • Aoi Yu & Hashimoto Ai–Both are great young actresses.  They mainly star in movies, not so much in dramas, so I’m looking forward to seeing them in Wakamonotachi.
  • Tsumabuki Satoshi–I admit it, I never got around to finishing Orange Days yet.  But Tsumabuki is a rather popular actor due to his roles in Orange Days, Waterboys, etc.

All in all, Wakamonotachi is definitely my most anticipated summer jdrama of the year.  I don’t know how faithful it will be to the original Wakamonotachi (1966), but I think it has a lot of potential just from the acting power of the cast alone.  The preview also has some great slice-of-life vibes going on, which is just up my alley!




MOZU (Season 2) Maboroshi no Tsubasa

(English Title: Wings of Phantasia)

Notable Cast:

Maki Yoko, Nishijima Hidetoshi, Kagawa Teruyuki, Aoi Yu


Action, thriller, mystery

Short Summary:

A continuation of the mystery from Mozu Season 1.  Kuraki, Miki, and Ryota come together once again to find answers about the so-called legendary Daruma as well as the possible reappearance of an old adversary, Shingai.


The pilot episode actually already started airing on June 22, so I guess it’s no longer an upcoming jdrama, heh.  But it is one of my anticipated dramas of the summer since I enjoyed the first season.  Season 1 does have its flaws but overall it is a solid drama with a compelling enough story to keep me watching.  Hopefully the second season will still have enough suspense and intrigue to keep things suspenseful and interesting.  Also, Aoi Yu is joining the supporting cast of the 2nd season!  (She was also in the 2nd part of Double Face, so I guess it makes sense for her to show up in season 2.)  Can’t wait to see her character!





(English Title: Metamorphosis)

Notable Cast:

Kamiki Ryunosuke, Nikaido Fumi



Short Summary:

A man receives a full brain transplant.  He starts to experience extreme behavioral changes, such as an increase in violence and irritability.  There may be a mystery behind the brain transplant surgery..


I’m actually not all too interested in the plot, nor am I a super-fan of Kamiki Ryunosuke or Nikaido Fumi. But I think it is worth including this because I think it would be interesting to see the pairing of Kamiki Ryunosuke/Nikaido Fumi and I think both are exceptional actors.  The drama is also produced by WOWOW so I expect that the mystery holds potential.


For the story…


Owakon TV

Notable Cast:

Koizumi Kotaro, Katase Nana



Short Summary:

The drama tells about the struggles and inner workings of a TV company in the TV industry.


The synopsis sounds really interesting and I like that it’s something new!  Hopefully it won’t be too overexaggerated.  >_<



Yoshiwara Uradoshin

Notable Cast:

Kanjiya Shihori, Koide Keisuke



Short Summary:

A young samurai becomes a bodyguard in the red light district.  His childhood friend also accompanies him and helps teach the prostitutes how to read.  Together, the two of them try to help the prostitutes in the red light district.


I’m not sure if there are other period jdramas about the red light district, but this is the first one I’ve heard of that touches on this topic.  I think it will be an interesting watch as long as the two main characters do not become some heroic saviors that go around saving everyone they see. =_=  I’ve also seen Kanjiya Shihori in a few dramas but I haven’t watched any of her period roles before, so I’m looking forward to seeing how she tackles this role.


Aoi Honoo

Notable cast:

Yagira Yuya


Live action (shounen?)

Short Summary:

A university art student is determined to become a published mangaka.  He sets out to get his manga published, but he finds out it’s harder than he thought it would be.


I don’t recognize any of the cast members.  >_<  I think it is probably going to be an idol cast though.  I love manga so I think a drama about it would be just perfect for me, LOL.  At the same time though, I’m going to be cautious about this drama since it’s a live action–it may be a hit or miss.



That’s it for my anticipated jdramas of summer 2014!  Note that I didn’t include all of the upcoming jdramas; just the ones that stood out to me the most.  You can find a more complete list here.  Let me know if there are any other jdramas I didn’t mention that you’re looking forward to, or if you’re anticipating any dramas on my list!  😉

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I'm heisui, an Asian drama blogger and the creator of My Drama Tea. I love stories and writing, so I watch dramas and blog. I especially have a penchant for Japanese and Chinese dramas, and those hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered. Oh, and I'm Legend of Zhen Huan-obsessed!
MOZU (Season 1): Eps 3-6
MOZU (Season 1): Eps 7-10 (Finale)
  • AHHHHH WAKAMONOTACHI!!! My Eita and Mistushima ;_; will sob forever to that damned show
    Btw, did you manage to check out Sakamoto Yuji’s new drama Mosaic Japan? I’ve seen the raws but cant find subs :((((

    • I KNOWWW! I can’t wait to see it!

      No I didn’t, as far as I know it’s not being subbed. I’m trying to watch dramas that are actually being subbed this season, hehe.

    • Aw too bad none of the spring jdramas stuck with you >_< but yes I definitely have high hopes that Wakamonotachi will make me watch all the way through! :3

  • Wakamonotachi!!!! I mean, that cast…… I pretty much love every single one of those actors. Hashimoto Ai foremost (just because), but all the others too. Tsumabuki has lots of good stuff. Watch his movies.

    Henshin!!!! Kamiki, ’nuff said. What do you mean you are not a super-fan? (You’ve just lost some brownie points 😉 ). Okay, actually, I’m not anyone’s super fan because I object to being anyone’s fan, but everything Kamiki has done has been worth my time and he’s got such a wide range, from his Kirishima geek to the mysterious guy in SPEC to the mentally delayed kid he plays in Kaze no Garden (a very impressive performance, given he was ~ 14 years at the time). And his comic timing in 11 Nin mo Iru! All so gooood.

    Aoi Honoo sounds potentially interesting, but it will depend on the quality of the acting and directing. Names don’t ring a bell there, but I’ll give it a try because if that drama is in the right hands, it could be good fun.

      • You can watch him in Kazoku Game. That was one heck of a dark drama and really showcased…well Sakurai Sho’s deliciously dark acting ability. It was worth all the award nominations it got and Kamiki did a good job playing the two-faced student in that messed up family.

        I’m looking forward to ST which aired it’s first episode yesterday and Henshin. Not to sure yet what I’ll watch or won’t watch. Right now (besides the kdramas I’m currently recapping) I’m marathoning older series and SPs that I failed to finish earlier.

        • Kazoku Game was too much for me, heh. But I do remember he had a role in that drama, back when you were recapping it.

          I don’t think Henshin has been subbed yet. I am interested to see how his chemistry will be with Nikaido Fumi though!

        • Yes, I’ve been following Fated to Love You lately. :3 What about you?

          Hirugao is a cheating drama, which is usually a genre I stay far away from heh. I do think it is interesting that Ueto Aya has taken up that role though!

          • I absolutely love Fated to Love You. Gun is hilarious and his laugh is contagious. The coupling is absolutely adorbs. :). I’m also watching It’s Okay, That’s Love. Which, this most recent episode has blown my mind.

            I nearly just asked you what Hirugao was… I realized it was Love Affair in the Afternoon after looking it up. LOL. Anywho, this is my first time seeing Ueto Aya in a drama– she’s entertaining to watch. A lot of people usually stray from dramas with infidelity in them which is funny because they are so popular right now.

            • The casting for Fated to Love You is great! *W* I’ve heard of It’s Okay That’s Love but I haven’t really read up on it.

              I’m more familiar with the Japanese title of the drama, heh. Sometimes it gets confusing between the English & Japanese titles! Ueto Aya was very popular back in the day and as of late I think she is playing more housewife roles.

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