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^top right pic: I love it whenever the boss dresses up like that!

There is something about River’s Edge that makes it really heartwarming to watch.  Each story leaves me feeling fulfilled because it makes me feel like the detective agency has done something to positively impact its clients’ lives, no matter how minor their work may seem.  It’s also really touching to see how the detective agency can help their client get somewhat of a happy ending once the case has been ‘solved’.  And yet, even if there is a positive tone, there is still a sense of lingering melancholy (<Someone used this word to describe it, I find it so fitting for the drama!) throughout the drama.  Most all of the clients are sort of outliers in society, many of whom are unhappy with their lives (at least, based on the last few episodes, they were).  Many of their requests have to do with their trying to find some kind of resolution to an unresolved issue in their past, or trying to improve their own lives.  Also, even with a happy ending, it’s like there is still some awareness that it is only one moment of the clients’ lives…that we won’t know anything about the clients beyond this one point in time in the story.  Chances are the detectives will never come into contact with their clients again.  Something about it just feels so short-lived…but it’s also part of the beauty of their work, because they get to come to such an intimate understanding of the clients’ most private sides in such a short amount of time.

And I just have to say..I’m totally loving the unconventional grouping of the three main characters.  Sure, it’s fun to see Muraki go off on his own investigating and all, but really, it’s even better whenever he is with the boss & Megumi.  Something about the three of them just clicks…even though they are all from different generations–the boss being the old-timer, Megumi the youngest, and Muraki being in-between–and they are all so different from each other.  I especially love it when all three of them join forces to work on a case! 😉


In the beginning, Megumi seemed like just a sidekick character as she was ‘just’ the secretary and she didn’t play a big role in helping with any of the cases.  She was also portrayed as superficial and frivolous, and not really interested in detective work.  In eps 4-5 though, we see that she is not just some sidekick or a minor character, nor is she all that superficial.  She actually sees the charm in every man no matter what their appearance, and she can be very motivated to contribute to a case if she feels that the client really needs her help.  I thought it was really sweet of her when she urged Muraki and the boss to try to help the client in ep5, because she knew how talented he was and that he was a good person despite his scary looks.  It’s also eye-opening to see how Megumi approaches her work…even though she caters to older men through her night jobs, she doesn’t seem to view them as guys that she has to get money out of, but rather, men who are perhaps a bit lonely and are still charming in their own ways.  The other great thing about Megumi is that she is totally hilarious especially when she is paired with Muraki & the boss.  I really hope she gets to participate in the cases in the future episodes!


As for Muraki and the boss, I wish there was more I could say about them but my views on these 2 characters haven’t really changed much.  Muraki is still his usual sort of lazy and cool self, while the boss is still classy and wise.  The two of them are still going strong on the bromance and I find it really funny especially when they are both so bemused by Megumi’s antics.  Also, Odagiri Joe has totally mastered Muraki’s WTF expression that he wears whenever he encounters a strange client/case!   And lastly, here’s just a few brief thoughts on the cases:

  • Case 4–I actually thought this one of the funniest and most touching cases yet.  There were so many laughable moments such as when the client wants to shake the boss’ hand (note that the client has not washed his hand in several years because he doesn’t want to wash the hand that touched his idol….), when Muraki & the boss see the client doing all of the motions to an idol song, etc.  But despite the humor, the ending was also very sweet with two strangers being reunited as new-found friends!  This is probably my favorite case.
  • Case 5–This isn’t my favorite case, but rather, my favorite episode.  It was so much fun to see Megumi, the boss, and Muraki all working together and seeing the results of their work.


River’s Edge is still a very breezy and enjoyable watch that makes me get into a summery mood, hehe.  Really I’m surprised it wasn’t aired during the summer season because it reminds me of the summer.  Really, part of what I love about River’s Edge is its simplicity…not many dramas have the same ‘clean and simple’ kind of feel that River’s Edge does.  Each episode leaves me feeling refreshed, hehe!

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  • Megumi grows on me overtime, she and Muraki together working on that motel case are just so funny together. She got a hot body, I’m envious :p. The case that I love the most would probably that cosplay call girl’s case, their wedding is so heartwarming, even though there’s a funny twist at the end of the wedding. One of the things I like about this drama is when the clients come, their request seems so ridiculous and illogical but when they’re fulfilled, then I’ll understand the reasons behind the case and some of it are pretty poignant.

    • I also like how the boss & Muraki react to some of the requests when the clients are explaining it, heheh. Even though it seems like they’ve seen it all and done it all, I guess every client is a surprise.

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