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It’s been a couple years since Bu Bu Jing Xin aired.  I remember this drama very fondly as a bittersweet story that drew me in with each and every episode.  I think we can all agree that the costumes, the acting, the characters and of course, the story all came together to form one very solid and memorable drama.  Bu Bu Jing Xin was also a special drama to me because it was actually the first drama that I recapped completely!

So of course, I was very skeptical when I heard that BBJX would have a sequel in the modern day, Bu Bu Jing Qing.  Like most fans, I had the fear that things would go drastically wrong and that it would not do the first season justice, especially considering that it doesn’t even have half of the old cast from BBJX!  I mean, what is BBJX & BBJQ without our 13th, 8th, and 14th princes!?!?  EH!?!?!  All we have now are Kang Xi, 10th, 4th, Ruo Lan, and Yu Tan!!!!!!  *facepalms already* Even if we still have Ruo Xi & 4th, it’s not the same without everyone else! 😛

But despite my skepticism, there was also a lot that I could envision in what I think would be the ideal sequel to BBJX.  I think that if the drama had gotten it right, it could’ve gone much deeper into the time paradoxes/parallel worlds, Zhang Xiao/Ruo Xi’s psychological struggle between the past and the present, and maybe an identity crisis for Ruo Xi (IMO, it’s inevitable.  She’s pretty much lived 3 lives.) And of course, there would have to be a conflict between whether she sees 4th’s reincarnation for who he really is, or whether she sees him as a replacement for 4th prince.  Unfortunately considering the crazy previews and the current episodes so far, I highly doubt that the drama would explore all of these issues, so I kept my expectations low for the pilot episode and I’m continuing to keep them at bay for the future episodes.  >__<


…AND I’m gonna be totally contradictory here and say that although the beginning episodes of BBJQ didn’t really raise my expectations for it any higher, I actually really enjoyed episodes 1-2.  I think they did a pretty good job of transitioning Zhang Xiao back into the modern day world and portraying her inner conflict over her two identities & all of her old ghosts that she just can’t get rid of.  I really like how in the beginning, she mentions that for 3 months since she woke up, she’s been revisiting the Qing Dynasty museum over and over again just to gaze at the old painting that shows her with all the princes.  This kind of coping mechanism is really suitable for her situation, considering she lived in the past for so many years, then suffered heartbreak & death, and is now having another culture shock/paradigm shift as she reenters the modern world.  She needs something to keep her grounded, something that can give her comfort, and for now, this painting that is her only connection to her past world is just what she needs to cope.  Really, I wish the first episode had given more depth to Zhang Xiao’s inner turmoil considering all she has been through.  Ruo Xi/Zhang Xiao has always been a very resilient person; as we saw in BBJX she was saddened to be separated from her family in the modern day but eventually she sucked it up and did what she could to get used to her life in the Qing Dynasty.  Now though, could she even have the same determination  considering all she went through in the past?  IMO I think Zhang Xiao would’ve returned to the present as a much more jaded and bitter person.  Really, how could she not have some kind of bitterness or resentment over all she lived through?  How can she have the strength to live now that she died once, only to find that she still has to live on with all of these painful memories?

Anyways this (to me) is kind of a trivial point but…I have to say that although a lot of people complained about Zhang Xiao’s ‘maternal-looking hairstyle’ and bland wardrobe, her lifeless expressions, etc….(Ok ADMITTEDLY I’m pretty sure I was one of the people who complained as well. 😛 )  now that I’m viewing Zhang Xiao from this perspective..–that is, someone who must be very confused about her standing in the world, someone who’s still grieving over all that she lost– it totally makes sense to me that she is not going around wearing super bright colors and acting all cheerful.  Zhang Xiao is not a happy person, nor is she the young Ruo Xi of the past who used to be carefree and youthful.

Case in point: Zhang Xiao would not be wearing all of these bright colors that she used to wear back when she was young & in love:


So yeah, we all know that Liu Shi Shi can look even more attractive with different hairstyles (side bangs!!!!) and it might be nice to see her wearing some brighter colors but really, at this point of time, I don’t think it would suit Zhang Xiao’s character.  >_<


“I can still feel their [the princes’] presence. What am I seeking? Am I seeking those familiar faces, and reliving what they have said?

Having been through the pain of separation in life and by death, could it be that I still don’t understand that the pain of having loved is even more intolerable than death?

…Am I afraid that I’ll lose those memories, or that I just can’t let go?”

(Translation credit to mJ01991, with some of my own revisions.)

Well episode 1 definitely plays the nostalgia card A LOT especially with the classic museum scene, which picks up where the last episode of BBJX left off.  Admittedly, this scene got me right in the heart because of Zhang Xiao’s narrated thoughts (quoted above)…just the way she is questioning herself so much and how she is still dwelling on her past memories and loved ones…it’s all so like Ruo Xi.  In this sense I feel like Zhang Xiao is undeniably Ruo Xi; although some may think she just had that long dream or whatever to get Ruo Xi’s reincarnation to get with 4th’s reincarnation..I think not.  Zhang Xiao is still Ruo Xi, although she may have traveled back to her original time and body.  Although I have some issues with Liu Shi Shi’s portrayal of Zhang Xiao later on, I think that she really nailed this scene and she definitely did a great job of showing her conflicting feelings over her lost past.

And of course, Zhang Xiao sees 4th prince’s reincarnation, now known as Yin Zheng!  *gasp*  I really liked the moment when she paused a bit as though she sensed his presence behind her, as well as the look on her face once she turned around and realized it was him.  (Note that this was refilmed, so there wasn’t the dramatic taking-off-glasses part that was in BBJX ep35.)  From that point forth she becomes a total mess as she starts silently sobbing and can barely utter a word.  AND OF COURSE, the thing we all probably wished had happened at the end of ep35 HAPPENS–she runs after him!!

Not to say I didn’t want her to run after Yin Zheng, I mean where would our story be if she didn’t….but I think this part of the scene could’ve been a lot better. I felt like the filming location could’ve been better (read: prettier!) and it could’ve been filmed in a more dramatic way for maximum impact.  (read: SLO-MO! With Zhang Xiao desperately running for her life after 4th’s reincarnation!)  Instead I felt like I was just watching Zhang Xiao jog down the stairs and then awkwardly receive a balloon from Yin Zheng.  >__>””  I guess it just lacked the feeling that it was ‘THE’ moment of reunion that I was waiting for?


^bottom left pic: IT’S NOT RUO XI! IT’S NOT ZHANG XIAO! IT’S LAN LAN!!!!!

“You can’t come to my world to look for me.  I shall go to yours to find you.”

Long story short, 4th’s reincarnation is Yin Zheng, the stepson of a rich guy who is the CEO of a corporation.  And guess what, the CEO is actually Kang Xi’s reincarnation!  Aside from that, there’s only 10th prince who’s back from the BBJX family but he’s not Yin Zheng’s brother, darn it!  Well obviously Yin Zheng never time traveled back to 4th’s time and he has no memories of Zhang Xiao/Ruo Xi.  But, he has a fated connection towards mongolias.  😉  So far it seems like Yin Zheng is much softer than 4th prince and he opens up a lot more easily.  He still has a commanding presence as vice president of his dad’s corporation, but he does not seem to be all calculating and secretive like 4th prince was in the past.  Of course we can’t expect Yin Zheng to be a carbon copy of 4th, so I guess some of 4th’s traits remained but overall Yin Zheng turned out a bit differently.  O_O   The problem though, is that I don’t really feel a big spark between him & Zhang Xiao yet!  On top of that BBJQ is riding on their chemistry, but so far..nada…the only thing I am feeling for right now is Zhang Xiao’s memories with 4th and her current pain in the present.

Also Yin Zheng seems to fall for women very easily?  As in…….he falls head over heels for Zhang Xiao’s TWIN by episode 3!?!??!!  Yes everyone, it’s as I feared from the previews, there is a Ruo Xi/Zhang Xiao ‘twin’ or ‘doppelganger’ or whatever you want to call her.  Her name is Lan Lan, apparently a top model/celebrity who is sophisticated, kinda suspicious (does she have ulterior motives!?!?), and also has a dark past.  If you thought that the picture of Nicky & LSS on the carousel was of Yin Zheng and Zhang Xiao, you thought wrong!!!!!!!!  IT’S HIM AND LAN LAN!!!!!!  It seems like the drama MIGHT be trying to do the whole “OH NO HE’S FALLING FOR THE WRONG ONE!” trope but….I don’t really feel anything for them in the first place either so..erm…

At first while watching the 15-minute long previews (they had them for up to episode 5-8 or so?) I was actually enjoying watching LSS play Lan Lan’s character more because she had more variation and at least LSS was not crying and tearing up every other scene.  >_<  But I take it back, after watching episode 3 which is pretty much all about Lan Lan & Yin Zheng’s blossoming romance, I just got bored with these two.  I feel like Lan Lan was just added into the drama as an excuse to show us a Ruo Xi-look-alike back in the Qing Dynasty clothes for fan service. =_=  The other thing I’m very iffy about is the plot twist up ahead (SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!)  that Lan Lan will somehow get plastic surgery and come back with a different appearance…this time played as Annie Liu.  UMMM….I really don’t get why they went through all this trouble to get LSS to play twins, then get the twin to get plastic surgery just so Annie Liu could take her place?  Could they not think of a better character for Annie to play?  *facepalm*


So far, I feel like Liu Shi Shi’s acting has not really improved much from her BBJX days.  She nails the nostalgic, teary scenes but aside from that something about her acting just feels bland to me.  It’s not even that she is really depressed and conflicted over her coming back to modern day, it’s more like the ONLY way she can convey it is by tearing up and furrowing her eyebrows all the time.  >_>”  Even for Lan Lan, where she is playing a totally different character, it’s just kinda meh. That being said, as of episodes 1-2 my two other favorite scenes are when she first sees Lan Lan & when she revisits the Forbidden City.  I love the Lan Lan-encounter scene (even though she is not convincingly lipsyncing AT ALL) because this is where Zhang Xiao is pretty much looking at her past self and letting Lan Lan’s likeness to Ruo Xi bring her back to all of her great memories from the past.  :'(  If it were me though, I’d probably be more freaked out that there’s a doppelganger right in front of me? Of course I also loved the ‘wall scene’ at the Forbidden City where she stands outside the walls and reflects on how she is separated forever from 4th.  ARGHH!!!!!!!!  Why can’t the drama’s scenes ALL be good like this one!?!??!


^Love this set of character posters from BBJX (there is one for each main character; this is the cropped version) because they are so much more natural than the other super heavily processed ones.

“Is it my existence that changed everyone else’s story?”

The other thing I wanted to mention is that hey, at least the drama attempted to explain the parallel universes thing!  I was really scared that they would literally pass off Lan Lan as Zhang Xiao’s blood-twin (if they do that in the future then I don’t know what to think T_T”) BUT thankfully they don’t.  Zhang Xiao’s good-for-nothing ex-boyfriend who cheated on her (I believe this is why she got in the car accident & was sent back to the past, not sure if my memory is correct?) is STILL hanging around and is ever so annoying…BUT his one redeeming quality is that he is smart enough to explain the parallel universes to Zhang Xiao.  I myself cannot understand and remember it all (HEHEHEH) but basically, by going back in time, Zhang Xiao altered history and thus created 2 parallel universes.  This could result in maybe having a double copy of Zhang Xiao because of all those time paradoxes, etc.  It does not go as in depth as say…the time-traveling parallel universes explanations in the jdrama JIN, but I WILL TAKE WHATEVER I CAN GET NOW!  😛


…I feel like I actually surprised myself with how positive this review sounds. O_O  I wouldn’t say that BBJQ does BBJX justice at all and I don’t even think it amounts to half of what BBJX was.  Of course I have plenty of criticisms about the opening episodes as well, but I ended up focusing on the good rather than focusing on the negatives.  I would say episodes 1-2 are worth watching primarily for the major scenes that I mentioned (museum scene, wall scene), but episode 3 was a bore.  Also, BEWARNED!  The A-M-N-E-S-I-A happens at the end of ep2! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!  On one hand, I feel like it might be what Zhang Xiao needed because she probably would not have been able to cope with her memories of the past.  Also I do not want to see her go around weeping every single scene.  But, I do wish it had been more plausible than her getting amnesia after getting electrocuted. I get that they wanted to connect it to how she was electrocuted in BBJX but instead it felt like a bit of a stretch.  Ep3 also introduces the 2nd male lead but I didn’t really feel like talking about him for now. =_=



The other thing I just had to mention is that there are actually 2 versions of BBJQ!  It’s really confusing but basically there is the version that’s airing on the TV (cut version) and the version that’s not (uncut version).  Don’t bother with the cut version because it is incredibly confusing.  I mean, the first episode shows Zhang Xiao watching Bu Bu Jing Xin ON HER TV.  I MEAN IT LITERALLY!  Don’t even ask, it’s a big controversy and ewjtoaewjgosaiejg.  Just watch the uncut version, it will spare you the frustration!  You can read more on the issue on JayneStars.

And I just wanted to clarify to any of you who might be returning readers who used to follow along with my Bu Bu Jing Xin recaps…first of all, thanks for returning, if anyone remembered me when they started watching BBJQ, I am very glad and flattered hehe.  If you’re returning after maybe not following along with my blog since the BBJX days, you may have already noticed some changes.  First of all I am NOT recapping anymore.  I am only writing reviews for dramas.  Also if you remember….back in the day I was a total SPAZZ while I was recapping BBJX (FOR GOOD REASONS 😛 ) but now I am not as hyper as back then.  I like trying to have a more analytical approach now.  What can I say, time flies!

Last but not least, am I the only one totally addicted to the opening theme song?!?!  I think when I first heard it back when BBJQ wasn’t out yet, I wasn’t too impressed by it.  But now that I’ve associated it with the drama and listened to the lyrics, I totally love it!

Dust (Opening Theme Song) by Jia Jia


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  • I haven’t get to watch BBJQ and I don’t think it’ll ever be a match to BBJX but I’ll be watching this with an open-mind, seeing this as a spin-off/new drama, rather than a direct sequel, it will make me appreciate it more. Speaking of c-dramas, I’ve been casually following Wallace Huo & Tang Yan’s Perfect Couple, i think it’s fun, enjoyable and easy to watch. I’ll probably marathon BBJQ once it finished airing but so far Perfect Couple (which is airing the same time with BBJQ) is getting better reviews than BBJQ. It reminds me of Guai Xia Yi Zhi Mei, which stars Wallace and Liu Shi Shi somehow for its pacing and comedic tone.

    Anyways, Jia Jia’s voice is incredible, she always make OST sounds so good!

    • I agree it is best to view it as a spin off especially since Tong Hua didn’t write a sequel.

      I’ve heard a lot about Perfect Couple, I’m still undecided over when I’m gonna check it out..

  • I love Jia Jia’s voice! Dust was the reason I looked for her album and fell in love with her songs…. since I never watched Lan Ling Wang / BBJQ lol.

    • Oh I’m surprised it’s the first time you’ve heard of her… But since you didn’t watch LLW it makes sense. Her theme song for that drama was very popular!

  • Hi Heisui…
    I cant seem to leave your BBJQ first impression without saying something…
    I just finished watching ep 29 and totally got hooked and addicted…
    I wont say much because i dont want to tell so manu spoilers but all in my opinion;
    Ep 1-10 : i totally hate it
    Ep 11-20: i totally have a 2nd male lead syndrome.. Especially on ep 12… Omg omg… U just have to watch it… It is very sweeettt..
    Ep 20-24: got my heart broken and broken..
    Ep 25-29: my BBJX is totally back… Yeay o yeay… What i have been waiting for… The darkness, the struggles, the love… Fav ep would be on ep 27… It got my eye teary…

    Anyway, let me know if u want me to tell you some spoilers.. 🙂 🙂

    • LOL Anne I am not surprised you are already all the way at episode 29!! 😛 No spoilers please, thanks for not spoiling it!

      Hmmm about the second lead though, I heard he’s supposed to change later on. Also from the previews it looks like he changes into a really vengeful and volatile person. O_o

      I actually don’t really miss 8th because I was more wanting to see 13th and 14th again. >__<

      • Yes… Actually, what this series has missed is the friendship between 13th prince amd ruo xi…
        Zhang xiao has no one to lean on in this movie…
        Even her ex bf, Huang Di is playing a weird role…

        Btw Heisui, from your writing i just found out that there is an uncut VS cut version?
        What is the difference?

        • I also feel like it is weird that Zhang Xiao had to confide about her troubles in…her ex-boyfriend that cheated on her. =_=

          Yes there is an uncut vs cut version. The cut version is the one that is broadcast on the TV. The uncut version has a few different scenes whereas the cut version left out those scenes.

  • I think it would’ve been interesting had the drama went in the direction of your ideal sequel for BBJQ (a more thoughtful, deep exploration of post-time traveling) but there’s still much space for improvement. I didn’t read what you wrote about the episodes since I don’t want the first episodes to be spoiled for me but will come back here after watching the drama.

    I guess being the son of a rich family sort of equates to being a prince in modern times. XD It’s still a little cliche.

    • Yeah I wish it could’ve tried something more..meaningful? I mean, I don’t just want LongShi fan service. T_T Which unfortunately is what the drama is depending a lot on.

      If you’ve seen the previews they probably already spoiled it for you anyways. :P. Let me know what you think of the beginning after you watch it!

      *edit* I realized I wrote ‘HongShi’ instead of ‘LongShi’. OOPS..

  • argh. I think i streamed the TV version then. That WTH didnt bother me any morr than everything WTH going on plotwise other than the expected museum scene. I actually think SS was slightly better in her LanLan scenes, her ZhangXiao was very monotonous perpetually leaking tears like a factory for eyedrops but there was no gradiation, just a flatline of here i am ZX and when playing her I cant emote but cry. Not even sobs, just tears leaking off eyes…and as a result i felt nothing of the sadness from BBJX’s ending which I expected could carry over in the very least

    • I feel like a lot of my feelings for the first couple episodes were based off of my BBJX nostalgia, not so much on the quality of acting. LSS’ first few tearing-up scenes were good IMO but….when I realized she is tearing up CONSTANTLY I felt it was too much. I think it would’ve been better if they had just let Annie play as the character in the first place? O_O”

  • I’m glad that you were able to find some positives about the first few episodes! I watched the TV broadcast version, so I was seriously lost at the very first second. >_> Not a good way to start, BBJQ.

    I liked how Liu Shishi acted out Lan Lan, but OMG I hate the character. Actually, I don’t think I really like any of the characters, not even Yin Zheng. They’re either so boring that I can’t bring myself to care about them, or so dumb that I just can’t root for them. And I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m 27 episodes in and Zhang Xiao’s cheating ex-boyfriend might be my favorite character. e_e;

    • Since you cannot empathize with the characters, how did you watch all the way to episode 27? O_O What is keeping you watching?

      About Lan Lan, I can’t tell if she has ulterior motives yet but I am very suspicious of her for now. Also for Huang Di, I wanted him gone the moment he first appeared, LOL. But it sounds like a lot of people like his character, so I assume he gets better later on?

      • Honestly, right now the only reason I’m watching is because of Nicky Wu and Longshi. Only problem is, the Yin Zheng/Zhang Xiao relationship isn’t handled very well. *sigh*

        I admit I’m biased toward Huang Di because I like the actor (when he’s a singer), but it’s nice to see a cheery sort of character when everyone else is being all weepy and depressing. Anyhow, looking forward to more of your thoughts on BBJQ. n_n

        • I was expecting more sparks between Nicky & LSS especially considering they are going out in reality. But….I feel like there’s less sparks than there were in BBJX!?!? Is it just me?

          Huang Di may be kinda like a balancing force in Zhang Xiao’s life (like he offered an explanation for her time travel, listens to her worries, etc.) but I also felt like he was just mooching off of her.

          • No, it’s definitely not just you. There are some cute Longshi moments in BBJQ, but on the whole, their characters’ relationship is written sooo unconvincingly. Whenever I watch Zhang Xiao and Yin Zheng together, I’m thinking, “Well, here’s the Longshi I was watching for, but where on earth did the relationship come from?”

            lol Huang Di is definitely mooching off of her. I was shocked to find out that he actually had a job. But he’s definitely a secondary, maybe even tertiary, character, so I don’t think they put much effort into developing him.

            And hahaha, I don’t really update my LJ that much, so it’s not surprising that you didn’t know! I feel bad that I don’t post frequent updates about the dramas I’m watching (especially looking at your wonderful BBJQ post here), but lately it’s been hard enough keeping up with dramas as it is. 😛

  • Haha hi heisui!! Honestly I watched the 15 min previews and got scared off lol :S the plot seemed kinda ridic and the editing/directing is choppy and ugly 🙁 also I wasnt feeling Ruo Xi at all sigh I dunno maybe I should give the full episodes a shot but looking from here, I’m wishing they really shouldnt have made this sequel

    • the fanservice though, I do appreciate a little, mostly through all the shippy gifs on tumblr xD especially on linggluu.tumblr.com you should check it out hehehe

    • LOL yes I saw the ‘fanservice’ gif’s on your page. 😉 I figure LongShi fans are having a playday with all of the LongShi moments…after all it feels like this drama is basically just for that OTP. =_=

      And yeahh I also watched the 15-min previews. By the time I got to the ep5 preview I was so confused! O_O”” Did you see the long preview with Si Han emerging from the mud?? I was all what the heck?

  • I’m glad you watched the uncut version and avoided the TV fan girl version of Zhang Xiao! The first episode really did bring back memories about BBJQ and I was pleasantly surprised by the flow. However, the LanLan-YZ plot really turns me off, I don’t like the “fall for the wrong girl thing” because I don’t think it’s fair to both girls. If YZ really did fall in love with LanLan first and then go for ZX later, I can’t really view their relationship as genuine because LL and ZX both shared the same face. How can ZX ever be sure that YZ is not looking for a LanLan replacement? Anyways, I might be judging too early because I really haven’t been watching BBJQ regularly. I have opted to go for the lighter mood (in the beginning anyways) drama, Perfect Couples. I must say the female (Tang Yan) and male lead (Wallace Huo) are exceptionally pleasing to the eyes and they would make an awesome couple on screen and off screen!! It also has a great Ending Theme like BBJQ and I’ve been letting it loops for days.

    • It’s hard to tell if BBJQ is actually trying to do the falling-for-the-wrong-one story or if it was just an unintended coincidence? O_O Well on the flip side, if ZX gets her memories back and gets together in YZ, wouldn’t she also just be using him as a replacement for 4th prince?

      • Yep. I think so too. IMO, cumulative life experience is what defines a person, so no matter how much 4th prince and YZ look a like, they are not the same person. For example, do you think Kagome and Kikyo are the same person?
        I think it’s a good thing ZX lost her memories early in the series, now she can get a refresh start without all the burdens of her very tragic past.

        • I think it would’ve made more sense if she lost her memory as a coping mechanism and not just from randomly tripping on the wire and getting electrocuted. T_T” But yeah, I do think ZX probably wouldn’t have been able to function if she kept her memories.

          And it is pretty obvious that YZ is not 4th–he is only bearing his resemblance and is influenced by some of 4th’s tastes (i.e. preference for magnolia)..but he is in no way a 4th-copy or anything. Even if he had some of 4th’s main personality traits (is that how it would work if he’s reincarnated? O_O) his environment probably shaped him differently.

  • I normally stay away from long ep dramas because I get very impatient (I almost didn’t finish LLW or ISWAK haha), but I’ve heard so many good things about BBJQ and I absolutely love Jia Jia’s voice. Maybe I’ll follow your recap/reviews and then dip a toe or two in 😛

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