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Well obviously I wrote a raving review for episodes 1-3 but took forever to write up my follow-up review for episodes 4-6.  In case any of you were wondering, no, Nazo no Tenkousei did not go downhill or anything like that..and no, I didn’t drop it.  I actually had a lot of time constraints the past month or so, and even when I tried to write this review during my free time, I ended up with a writer’s block!  I tried many times to write the review but ended up having to restart it from scratch each time.  I take this as a good sign, because usually when a drama this good,  it is harder for me to come up with an analysis for it.  😉  (In other words spazzy dramas are easy to talk about because it is fluff.  Deeper dramas are harder to talk about because there is so much to analyze.)  Anyways, episode 4 is actually a very slow-paced episode, seemingly moreso than even eps 1-3.  I view it as a transition episode leading up to the events in eps 5-6.  But even if you found episode 4 to be slow, (or maybe it was just me.. O_O) don’t worry because it is totally worth it.  Episodes 5-6 are just EPIC, there is no other word to describe it! *W*


^top right pic: LOVE that scene, such an ominous feeling to it!

Obviously Norio/Hongo Kanata is one of the main attractions of the drama so let’s start with him.  Considering Hongo Kanata’s popularity, I think it’d be really easy for the drama to make his role into a super perfect idealized male lead that all the fangirls can swoon over.  If this were a normal idol rom-com drama, I think that that is exactly what would happen.  But thankfully Nazo no Tenkousei does not make Norio out to be a perfect hero.  In fact, Nazo goes much deeper with Norio’s character development by giving him flaws and both human & android/cyborg characteristics.  It’s his flaws and his way of thinking that makes him an interesting character, not so much his *cough* beautiful face *cough*.  😛

Norio’s full identity & motives still are not revealed, but I’m still convinced that he is a cyborg.  There are just too many hints that he is not human!! i.e. He falls off of a building and walks away unscathed.  He can’t eat. He can’t play certain instruments.  He has those scanner thingys in his eyes.  He loaded data files in his head when he first came to earth.  He seems to have super memory.  THE LIST GOES ON!  Anyways I think Norio’s possible identity as a cyborg makes him really interesting because it determines the way he interacts with the people around him.  Norio seems to have morals as well rational decision making capabilities.  In all of eps 4-6, Norio goes around making calls on who is good or bad, and who deserves to be ‘punished’ aka brainwashed and possibly killed.  He also seems to understand the implications of his actions; i.e. He brainwashes a delinquent whom he judges to be bad, but then realizes that this action also affected the delinquent’s girlfriend, who he thinks is good.  The thing is that Norio has moral boundaries and he doesn’t want to kill anyone, but he also goes to extreme lengths to achieve his ends.  So sure, he may seem harmless and even charming  (I love all the scenes where he is so clueless with his buddies at school, ahaha!) but let’s not forget that he also brainwashes and manipulates people, erases people’s memories, forcefully teleports people, and does dangerous stuff with his gadget that could possibly lead to accidental death.  YUP………

Anyways, just wanted to say that I am much more impressed with Kanata Hongo’s acting and screen presence after these episodes!  I love the way he portrays his character; there are so many little quirks that he adds in that makes just the slightest of gestures amusing to me.  There is just something about how he carries his character that makes Norio both funny (because he’s like a fish out of water), mysterious and kinda fearsome at the same time.  There were so many moments throughout these episodes where I started laughing out loud because of some little expression/gesture/funny line from Norio, hehehe.


As for Koichi and Midori, the two of them are still holding their own but I feel like their character development is not as interesting as Norio’s.  Granted, Norio IS the one who’s the ‘mysterious transfer student’ from another world so I guess that’s to be expected.  Anyways Koichi starts getting jealous of Norio and he also becomes more suspicious of all of his odd ways.  Midori on the other hand just wants to support Norio since they are his classmates and his only friends.  She seems to care almost too much about Norio (or so Koichi thinks) but I don’t think she has had ANY signs of romantic interest in him whatsoever.  So I was pretty surprised when Koichi finally confesses to Midori but she sorta rejects him and says that she doesn’t even know what her feelings are anymore.  In drama talk that basically means that she doesn’t really like Koichi anymore because her heart is shifting towards the OTHER MAN!  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE this scene but I think it could’ve been better if Midori’s feelings for Norio hadn’t come out of the blue.  So far she has only been taking care of Norio as a dutiful classmate, not as a close friend that she might have feelings for.  I also don’t see how Midori still thinks that Norio is normal. T_T””  She somehow comes up with a justification for all of Norio’s behavior even though there is clearly something sketchy about him.  i.e. Koichi mentions that it’s odd that Norio only decided to come to this school after meeting him & how he got in during the middle of the year.  Midori comes up with the brilliant idea that Norio has amnesia and that Koichi is the missing link to his memories.  I feel like this kinda contradicts Midori’s perceptiveness that she had before in eps 1-3 (at least, I thought she was perceptive) because she notices people’s reactions and feelings but she also makes up these irrational explanations for Norio’s behavior…


I’m not gonna go over all the epic stuff from eps 5-6 but basically, Norio accidentally almost kills 2 people and brainwashes about 5 other people to turn them into his minions.  To make things worse, Saizo and Sawako (new characters) both witness Norio’s scary device’s powers!  Also at the end of episode 6 Norio’s princess, queen, and 2 other comrades travel over to earth through some dimension portal or something.   I was surprised that the princess/queen got to come over to earth so early on in the drama!  Plus I think there will be some trippy alternate-dimensions stuff going on since it is pretty obvious that the princess is probably the alternate version of Koichi’s deceased sister! *gasp*


I was worried that maybe Nazo would not fulfill its full potential, but eps 4-6 definitely proved me wrong.  The impressive thing about this drama is that it actually takes risks with its story development and even its CG effects rather than just playing it safe.  There are lots of questions to be answered in the upcoming episodes and I can’t wait to watch more! 😀  And to those of you who already watched ahead, I am still behind on catching up to the latest episodes so please no spoilers!

**NOTE: I watched episodes 5-6 raw, so some of my plot summary may be incorrect.  If I got anything wrong please let me know.  Do not ask me about the subs because the simple answer is, I don’t know when or even if subs will be released for the upcoming episodes.**



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  • This drama is like SPEC, bizarre yet addictive, I’ve only watched until ep9. I do like the whole alien setting and mysterious vibe it gives. The CGs look great and I LOVE LOVE the two male leads (Nakamura Aoi and Hongo Kanata are delicious), the female lead is boring though, I much prefer the alien girl, the girl who look like Koichi’s sister because she’s sassy (is this a spoiler? LOL).

    Koichi’s character become more involved with the whole alien group as the plot moves along but MIdori is slowly fading, I hardly even feel her presence in later episodes.

    • Oooooo good comparison! It’s not quite as snarky as SPEC but it is similar to it with its bizarre feeling. I liked Midori in the beginning episodes but am kinda neutral about her in eps 4-6. I’m surprised that she doesn’t have as major of a role in the later episodes though. O_O

  • I’ve only watched up to ep 3 – holding off until all the episodes are released and subbed. It’s too frustrating otherwise, going weeks (more?) between one episode and another.


  • i just finished the whole drama in chinese sub XD its freaking awesome
    so the brainwashing is done in preparation for bringing the princess and queen
    it can only be used on evil ppl since it has restrictions n side effects so norio is looking for ppl he deem evil
    also with regards to koichi’s confession scene, midori actually reveals the her wish upon the shooting star in ep 1 is for the person she like to like her back n shes refering to koichi but now shes not so sure cos koichi took too long to confess n norio came in
    BTW the OP is sung by sakurai ninami i.e midori
    she can sing n act so well shes so talented >_<

    • Lucky you already got to watch it entirely subbed! Yeah I guess Norio only wanted to risk the negative side effects on the ‘bad’ guys..but even so he still saved one of them (Saizou’s dad) so..hmm..

      I also liked how the confession scene tied back to the opening scene with the shooting star. I still don’t see how Midori started developing feelings for Norio though, considering they barely even know each other. O_O

      • about Saizou’s dad, what happened was saizou’s dad actually tried to take control of the monolith when norio tried to control him using the monolith
        norio commented that its probably enemies with similar level of abilities

        • Oh!!! So there are other enemies out to get them? That would make the plot even more interesting. O: Thanks for the explanations, it clears a lot up for me hehe.

  • Did you get to finish this drama?
    I watched this till episode 11, didn’t watch the last one cos there’s no subs available. IMO, the overall plot was boring and anticlimatic. There was beautiful cinematography in some scenes which is perhaps the only saving grace. That and the character Kanata Hongo plays. IDK what was the purpose of the Midori character, if they needed a female lead I think the Princess would have been enough to fulfill that role. She was far more memorable and interesting.

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