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^If only the trailers were as good as these stills…

I’ve long given up on interpreting what is going on in all of Bu Bu Jing Qing’s trailers.  T_T”  Even the translated synopses from various sources are confusing to me!  So it is not a very big surprise that the latest 1-min 30-second trailer for BBJQ only makes things more confusing with the Liu Shi Shi-twins, tons of overdramatic rain scenes, etc. etc.  The trailer tries hard to be very serious and shocking but it only came off as cheesy and melodramatic. T_T”  Anyways, it’s now April meaning that all BBJX fans only have to wait a couple weeks ’til BBJQ starts airing on April 22, 2014.  😉

More on BBJQ here:

*Update: You can read my review for Bu Bu Jing Qing episodes 1-3 here.


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  • Confusing indeed. Can someone explain why Sun Yizhou is a mud zombie in that one scene??????

    Let’s hope the quality of the trailers is not indicative of the quality of the actual drama… *sweatdrop*

    • I KNOW, that part was just so confusing!!! I also hope that the drama will not be totally melodramatic as the trailers are. I miss the light-hearted moments from BBJX!

  • Hmmm… frankly, I’m not that excited for BBJQ but I’m watching for the sake of LSS, the plot seems like a mess. I heard news that she’ll be playing 2 characters who look identical but differnet characters, which explain why she’s sporting short hair in one scene, that’s SO weird. The whole “people who look alike or twins” setting never appeal to me, it just confuses me.

  • It’s not supposed to, but it makes you laugh as it’s trying epically hard but it’s a hot mess. I’ll check this out still but each trailer makes everything that much more confusing.

  • Ow Heisui, i gotta to admit… This trailer is aweful… 🙁
    I like the MVs and previous trailer very much…
    This looks like… “What’s the phrase….”
    Hm… This looks like a power point presentation with lots of noise and screen captures…. 🙁
    However, i am still excited to see BBJQ..

  • Whoa, just what the hell…? So now I don’t know if they’re going for the zombie apocalypse, crime and mystery genre, an office romance, or a re-incarnation drama. This does not bode well for the new drama if the plot is scattered all over.

    And what’s wrong with the music? That kind of epic music you’d expect to suit a trailer for an action movie better, not a drama like Bu Bu Jing Qing. Yeesh.

  • it never made sense that when she was in the past, she never found the incarnation of her actual self then. It doesn’t make sense now to find a twin “face” in the present time where she originally belongs. this show has all the signs of a very possible flop.

    pity because though we stopped watching the prequel before things went to hell in a handbasket (“why four, why??”), was ready to watch more of the same cute quirky that is the “earlier episodes”. seems there’s nothing so forthcoming here. not even as an “earlier episode”. bah.

    Another thing: why is the beloved (dignified!) sister apparently playing the role of “the other girl”?
    Mud zombie probably means the man was buried alive. aka, mafia doings being the latest form of four-style cruelty. and humility. that no bother me. nor does the random desert storm and girl smirking at scars all over another girl. a man gotta have business in every reach of the countries for it to be big business, right? Lol for compulsory “contradictory glass punching moment”.

    And women can be so fascist-ly evil. a confirmation of nine’s “you’re just the same as him.” rearing its head would be a sensible watch given the history of the characters so far. ten becoming the “reliable resident brother you’d rather have as someone more” is..cute. Haha. It’s quite common to modern day melodramatic c-dramas really, all this forbidding “dun dun dun” air with next to no space to breathe. Stories of the same mold set in ancient day usually have more of a comical padding beforehand. (which is a real shame for more onesided viewers like myself).

    Really, it’s just the sister and stupid stripping of all that is “chemistry”, bit. This now, is no longer a “sequel” or even a “remake”. It’s a, what do you call it. A one-way delivery bandwagon cruising on past successes, milking its occupants for what its worth while depending solely on only those occupants’ popularity. Case in point, the thoroughly unromantic scene that was billed as otherwise..And the levels of bromance that sparked a year of more or less the same? Not a trace.

    It’s stuff like this that makes former stars a “has been”. I sorely look forward and anticipate a better project for these two. whether apart or together.

    • Hm you’re right about the inconsistency with her not finding a doppelganger in the past. My whole understanding of Zhang Xiao’s time traveling is that her soul actually went into Ruo Xi’s body, not that she physically time traveled into the Qing Dynasty. If she had physically time traveled, then it would’ve made sense for there to be 2 of her. But she didn’t. O_O”

      And not to spoil anything, but IMO this drama was a flop. I now consider it a spin-off, not really a sequel.

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