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After the long wait for the sequel to Bu Bu Jing Xin, the air date for Bu Bu Jing Qing has finally been released!  It is planned to air on April 22, 2014. A part of me feels happy that it is finally going to air, but another part of me also feels apprehensive and hesitant about the sequel.  There has been plenty of debate over whether BBJQ will live up to its predecessor, whether it is wise to even have a second season, etc. etc.  I think I have already speculated enough over the stills, promo posters, and MV’s–now we can watch the real thing to see for ourselves!  😉  As you all know, I am not very hyped up over BBJQ despite my love for the first season.  Now though I will try to hold off my judgment until I can start watching the drama.  :3  One thing I am wondering though, I wonder if everyone will constantly be shipping Zhang Xiao (Ruo Xi) x  Yin Zhen (4th prince)?  Or will we be swayed by the newly introduced characters?  (I was totally second lead shipping throughout BBJX, hehehe!)  I’m also wondering how the chemistry between Liu Shi Shi & Nicky has changed since they are now officially dating?  *W*

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  • So it approaches.. Any idea how fast or easily subbed it will be? Not that I’d even want to live-watch it if that were possible. Too scared about it honestly.

    • Considering the amount of fans, it will probably be fan-subbed. But usually c-dramas release the episodes in massive amounts. So fan-subbers take longer to catch up on subbing all the episodes. Live watching doesn’t really work the way with kdramas/cdramas/twdramas where there are 1-2 episodes released & subbed within a week. >_<

  • I’m glad LSS is back finally, I don’t even remember the last time I watched her in Xuan Yuan Sword, but I don’t think I have any expectations nor am I that excited over this series. BBJX had a good enough ending, I mean you don’t have to have the otp walking into the sunset for it to be a memorable piece, I have a sad feeling this will be so detached from the original it won’t really be worth it unless you’re a huge LongShi shipper. I do wish some of her other projects would see the light of day though.

    • Aehyu! You changed your avatar! It’s so pretty! 😀

      I also think BBJX was strong enough to stand alone & doesn’t require a second season. I am curious to see how BBJQ will turn out though.

      • Thanks! Glad you like it 🙂

        I think I’ll be less annoyed if there’s pretty and cute BTS coming out from this, that’s the one thing I’m looking forward to 😀

  • Second seasons sometimes tend to be a disappointment. BBJX was so big that the actors and production team need to do their best. Viewers are expecting so much. In order not to be disappointed, I’ll keep my expectations low. Definitely excited to watch it though!!! Thanks for the good news ~

  • They already have that fan channel on Viki with the subbed trailers and fanmade MVs, so I’m thinking we’ll see subs as fast as they can be done. I’ll watch. I won’t hold any high hopes as it is very rare for a sequel of an type, be it movie, drama, a series of SPs, to really live up in any way shape or form of the original. Same with remakes. Although…there actually is one remake I like better than the original. I dislike the original movie Dune and totally LOVE the mini series. But how can you take an epic book and squeeze it into a 2 hour movie anyways?

      • There are tons of remakes all over. From Korea doing remakes of Japanese dramas to Cdramas rebooting and remaking the older wu xia dramas…it’s something we’ve complained about in American TV and movies…nothing really new and different and remakes rarely make the grade depending on the original. I’m not really looking forward to the kdrama take on Nodame Cantible. How can it compare to the epic awesomeness of the jdrama?

  • I’m keen for this one even though most of my faves from the original did not come back. Really, I’m just looking forward to a romantic reunion between the 4th prince and Ruo Xi. Also… all the pretty <3

  • I’m a little excited about this since Liu Shi Shi has some good chemistry with Nicky Wu but I wish at least the guy who acted the 14th made the case 😛 I won’t have any expectations for this drama so I won’t be disappointed too much if it flops.

  • ow…. My early birthday present is finally here….. Heisui, do u usually watch it in viki? I dont usually watch drama via online since i cant stand to wait for another episode to come out… However, will definetly make an exception for this one…
    Also, i sincerely hope that you will do recaps for BBJQ… (I know the chance is pretty low but one can only hope :p)

    • Haha I figured you’d be happy about the news! Yeah it will probably be on viki. I doubt I will be reviewing the whole series but maybe I will do a first impressions post. 😉

  • I’ll just consider BBJQ as a different drama and not a sequel, the settings are different afterall. I doubt it can surpass BBJX since that was one well-written novel adaptation, while BBJQ is an original drama by Tangren… so I won’t have much expectations about it. I’ll just watch it for LSS… and Nicky. As long as it don’t suck so bad, I guess I’m fine with it.

    • *edit* ignore my previous comment… >_> Now I am also skeptical because it is not even based on Tong Hua’s writings…let’s hope that the script-writer was good.

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