Itazura na Kiss 2 ~ Love in Okinawa: Filming for the second season! (Updated)

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Updated: 6/17/14, 7/23/14


^Cute Itazura na Kiss banners released on the official drama FB page!

The first season of Itazura na Kiss was a hit, so it’s no surprise that the second season is currently in the makings.  The cast from season 1 is returning for Itazura na Kiss 2 ~ Love in Okinawa (a special episode) & Itazura na Kiss 2 ~ Love in Tokyo (the second season following the special episode) to continue Kotoko and Naoki’s love story; both Miki Honoka and Furukawa Yuki confirmed it with a quick post on their official sites!  According to mookiehyun, here is what the leading cast members had to say on season 2:

“After the filming of Itakiss, I feel like an Itakiss2 must happen.  I am so happy this is coming true.  After watching Itakiss, it is clear my life has changed a lot, it was a drama I put in a lot of heart in and I am very happy with.  (In the sequel) I want to portray a Kotoko growing up into an adult. I have a lot  of funny scenes with Irie, will cause you a lot of palpitation.  This is a drama that will make you cry and smile revisiting your teenage shoujo heart.  Please look forward to it.”  -Miki Honoka

“Hello!  I am back from another country.  I bet you all know by now.  We have started filming Itakiss2~Love in Okinawa~.  I will hop to Okinawa often.  This is too exciting to be Kotoko again, doing what only she can do!  Thank you so much for waiting and the anticipation, I can finally tell you about the happy news! 😀  I will try my very best for such a great production.  Please look forward to it.  Byebye~.” -Miki Honoka

“I will continue to be Irie in Itakiss2~ Love in Okinawa~.  This is what I want to do.  I am so happy to be able to revisit the role in my favorite work.  I will work harder than Itakiss1, please look forward to it!” -Furukawa Yuki

-Translation by Mookiehyun


Above are some of the BTS pictures, and some officially released stills, all of which are released through the drama and cast’s sites.  Miki Honoka periodically updated her blog with a picture or two and a comment about how she is filming INK 2.  The FB page updates with an occasional blurb about filming as well, sometimes with a cute picture or two!  Filming wrapped up in June.


And if you’ve been wondering what Furukawa Yuki & Miki Honoka have been up to since they last starred in Itazura na Kiss–aside from filming the second season–well, both of them have been very busy.  I most recently saw Furukawa Yuki make appearances in a couple spring 2014 dramas.  He plays a side character in Bitter Blood, and has a brief cameo in MOZU Season 1.  He also starred in the 2013 drama Otto no Kanojo as part of the supporting cast.  Yuki continues to be popular in China and did many photoshoots! Miki Honoka also had her hands full with filming for the summer 2014 movie, Shishunki Gokko (lead character; scheduled to air in August 2014) and the 2013 movie Suzuki Sensei (supporting cast member).

And lastly, here’s Honoka & Yuki’s quick message about the second season:  😉

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Credits: Itazura na Kiss FB, Miki Honoka Official Site, Furukawa Yuki Official Site, mookiehyun, Furukawa Yuki Official FB

*All image credits goes to the official sites.


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